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On TV: Oprah's Olympics Party

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Having Olympics withdrawal? Yeah, me, too. I could watch athletes like Michael Phelps, Jennie Finch, Aaron Peirsol, Nastia Liukin and Dara Torres all day long!
For those of you who, like me, wish you'd had more time to watch the Olympics, there's hope: Oprah will open the 23rd season of her daytime talk show with more than 150 Olympians!
They gathered in Chicago's Millennium Park for a chat with about 5,000 fans, in an attempt to draw attention to Chicago's bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics.

The show airs today! Check local listings to find out what time you can catch Oprah and her welcome-home party for the Olympians.

Be sure to report back on any secrets of success and tips for staying in tip-top shape shared by our favorite Olympians.

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Its good to find good points in people and as far as women are concerned Oprah has done some amazing things.. say something good is a good motto.

You not going to be happy with everything she says.... the good things are gold. Report
LOVE OPRAH........OPRAH ..4EVER.... Report
I do not agree with Oprah in politics or religion - she has "come a long way baby" but still has far to go! Report
It did not air-tennis finals were on in it's place. Anyone else have this happen? Report
I wonder what people will think when OPRAH has Obama in the White House? She didn't have time to run for President herself, so she trained him. Report
September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month - the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition tries every year to have Oprah even mention Ovarian Cancer on her show... it is the deadliest of all gynecological cancers and there is no early detection test. She hasn't ever mentioned it. I stopped watching her show... it's too self absorbing now. Report
I agree with some of the other comments. Too many people watch her show, and take her word for gospel. I don't agree with her pushing her religious views or her political views on television. Report
No more Oprah for me either! Report
I stopped watching the Olympics years ago and Oprah is just plain too preachy nowadays. There are two main reasons I stopped watching the Olympics.

One is when they stopped requiring athletes to be amateurs. I realize that many countries didn't abide by the amateur rules, Iím not naÔve, but that made me root all the harder for the American teams and other countries that did follow the rules. Now, it's boring. If I want to watch professionals compete, I can catch most of them on any sports channel 24/7. I can watch basketball, ice-skating, cycling (my favorite), and all of those people pretty much any time I want, simply by tuning on ESPN or other sports channels. The Amateurs were ordinary folks that no one had ever heard of, like Dorothy Hamill and Mark Spitz. They were virtual unknowns until they accomplished their feats of athletic prowess. Today, Jim Thorpe wouldnít have had his medals revoked because he earned some money playing baseball (a very small amount), never mind that the medals he earned werenít in baseball, they were for the pentathalon and the decathalon.

The amateurs did it for the LOVE of the sport, that's the definition of amateur and it was the way most of the athletes competed. It was called the Olympic Spirit. It made it all the more inspiring to watch the 1980 hockey team defeat the Russians because these people gave up big contracts, put out their own money, did odd jobs/crazy hours so they could train and worked really hard to earn a spot on the team. AND, to top that all off, they beat a bunch of PRO hockey players.

I'm not disparaging the current athletes. What they do is remarkable and I admire them greatly. I couldnít compete with a single one by any stretch of the imagination. Michael Phelps is incredible. Although, I must admit a little sorrow that he broke Mark Spitzís record, he was a hero of mine as a kid. But, the spirit of the Olympic Games is dead and I refuse to watch.

The second reason is the way NBC has taken over the games and made them much less interesting. I grew up watching ABCís coverage. It was wonderful. They showed a great many events that I had never heard of, but they were fun to watch because they were sports that no one played here in the States. Like an event that was a combination of cross-country skiing and marksmanship. It was fascinating. They would show that unusual game played in Canada on ice with this big, heavy thing with a handle, kind of like shuffle board. Yeah, it may seem silly to you, but to some people itís serious competition.

Now itís all about ratings and as Americans, we are losing out by not exposing ourselves to other events that we might like and we miss out learning something about other countries. We just arenít interested in sports we donít play. Soccer was almost unheard of just 25 years ago as a conference sport in most high schools. Now, how many of us have kids that play soccer or other family members that are heavily involved in it? If not for the Olympics and television coverage of that previously little known sport, it probably would never have happened.

Enough of my rant. Have a great day, folks! Report
No More Oprah in this household.

I remember watching her very first show and was a loyal viewer.

No More, She takes her multi millions $$ and uses it to manipulate whatever she wants. She has gotten too big for her britches and I will no longer watch her or purchase Anything that she has to offer, including her magazine, programs or anything.

The fact that she will NOT have Sarah Palin on her show is outrageous. We all know that she wants Obama in, but more than half of the Americans who probably have watched her now and in the past want to see Sarah Palin and learn all that they can about her, whether they are Republicans or not!

And as long as we are on the subject, WHY does she put all of her money in Africa and NOT in the United States, a place that has given her the opportunity to make something out of her life that started out with Nothing!! Maybe she needs to remember where she came from and what she had - which was nothing!

She has forgotten about the beauty of America, the American dream and the American political system of elections, which she is trying to manipulate!!!

Goodby, Oprah. It was nice, but it is over for me!!! (and many thousands of others who think you are too full of yourself!!! ---

I would love to see that program, but I will not add to her the ratings by tuning in today....that is too bad.

One of many X-Oprah fans...... Report
I used to really enjy Oprah, but with her ideas about religion and polotics, I don't watch her anymore.
I'm sure the show with the athletes would have been enjoyable, but maybe I can see them somewhere else.
Also, she has said that she will not have Sarah Palin on her show. Report
I stopped watching Oprah years ago and this summer we cancelled TV altogether. Don't miss it a bit! Report
Since Oprah has started her "New Earth" and new religion she is not allowed in my house! Report
Sorry I didn't pay lots of attention to the olympics. I do appreciate the physical feats that are acheived. But I have been a little distracted by my new granddaughter. She is marvelous too. Report
I watched it for Micheal Phelps only. I love him LOL Report
Don't watch TV during the day, so missed it. I think that Dara Torres is my new hero, however! Way to go Dara--You showed the world what a 41 year old can do in the water! Report
i never watch oprah but i saw that mini clip of the audience crying and screaming for like 5 minutes because of something that's her soon as i saw that i just said"no wonder i don't watch it!" but i'm damn proud to have phelps as a marylander!! WOO!!!!! Report
I watched it. It was awsome. Report
I missed it. Gota try to record it on the other station tonight. Report
FYI Momoko - you do not pay for tickets to the Oprah show! Report
Don't care much for Oprah...but love to see the Olympians again so I'll try to watch it tonight. Report
That's exciting. Thanks for sharing. Report
Olympians are AMAZING people and deserved to be honored, but they're still people.... as with any hero I suppose.

Oprah is a driving force in America- and because she has that power (whether I like it or not) I am VERY pleased to see her honoring hard work and dedication as seen in this Summer's Olympics. What an awesome show of athletes... and as far as I am concerned, seeing them congratulated on shows only compounds the idea that hard work pays off; and that is a message I think America needs to see - - on Oprah or wherever. Report
I got tired of watching her give all those extravagant gifts to her audience members all the time. It just seemed like she was showing off how much money she had and the audience members were able to afford the high price of tickets to her show so why did they even need all that stuff? I also very much disagreed with her ratings stunt by putting the adult survivor of child sexual abuse with her perpetrator so they could "mend their relationship". That one turned me off Oprah big time. Report
all you oprah haters are just jealous Report
We are big Michael Phelps fans! My daughter, granddaughter and grandson showed their most interest in swimming this year compared to the rest of the Olympics. Report
I wanted to DVR this and I forgot! I will hope to catch it in the middle of the night!
I miss the Olympics!! Report
I'm also looking forward to watching it. I record it every day and watch when I have time. She's a very postive person and has impacted my life in many ways, from personal growth to striving to be a kinder and more compassionate person. She's done a lot to improve the lives of many. I disagree that she's idolized, she's admired by many for her great work in society. I don't believe her word is gospel. Report
I'm with you, Decker... bleh.

VERY proud of the Olympians, though! :D Report
Can't stand her anymore. She has gotten too big for her britches.
She is idolized and people take what she says and makes it gospel JUST BECAUSE SHE SAID IT!!! Too many think she can do no wrong - it is time for us to stop finding someone to follow and start leading!!!!! Report
I love Oprah!! I think the new season is going to be awesome and this is a great way to kick off the new season!!! I think she has done a wonderful job of helping so many people...she is so giving. Report
I used to watch Oprah all the time, but I am too busy most days to watch more than occasionally. I will watch this. Being an athlete at a high level has always been a fantasy, but reality was that I was always the brainie one that could not chew gum & walk at the same time. I have gotten better over the years. Oprah sure has changed over the years. I always wanted to be part of her audience to get the gifts, but not about that anymore. I will watch this show if I know when it is. Report
Oprah has become too sensationalist (for ratings). I stopped watching her years ago too. Report
I don't watch Oprah... I haven't for probably 10 years. Report
Shall try and atch it....unless I'm out walking....... Report
So excited about this!

Kelly Report
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