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Getting your daily dose of healthy lifestyle news just got easier. The dailySpark is excited to announce email subscriptions. Now you can be among the first to know about contests, new posts and product reviews on the dailySpark. By signing up to receive email notifications from the dailySpark, you'll never miss a motivating story by Coach Dean, one of Stepfanie's product reviews or Coach Nicole's fitness tips.
Great news, isn't it?

What are my subscription options?
Daily Digest
- You will get one email at the end of each day highlighting all of the entries from the day.

New Entry Alerts - You will get an email each time a new entry is made, so you will get a few emails each day.

How do I subscribe?
Subscribing to the dailySpark is easy. Click on the orange "Email" button near the top of the page (the email button is circled in the photo below; it's just to the right of "About Us"). Choose "Daily Digest" or "New Entry Alerts." Click "Save Email Options," and that's it. You'll start receiving emails from the dailySpark.

What if I change my mind?
You can edit your email preferences the same way you set them up. Just click on that "Email" button, select your preference, and you're all set. (You can also select not to receive emails from the dailySpark.)

Thanks for reading the dailySpark!

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Thank you. Report
Thanks for the Info. Report
THank You!!! Report
Thanks Report
Thanks. I'm sure I'll enjoy. Report
I'm already signed up and I just love it, I'm handicapped due to dial up, but view as much as I can Report
this is great....Thanks Report
Thank you for this! Report
Thank you for letting me sign up Report
This is great! I'm signing up. Report
I get them already and I enjoy them ! Keep up the good work ! Report
Sounds great! I'll sign up. Report
I'll sign up too. Report
This is great! and even more amazing is the fact that this is the first time sparkdaily has let me log into the site to leave a comment or subscribe to anything since it was created LOL......have had major log in issues here LOL Report
SHANNONSTILLS: I'm so happy you want both options. Unfortunately, that's not available right now. Let me check on that and get back to you. Report
Good idea Report
This is a GREAT idea! Report
Thanks for the info. Report
actually I meant ADD to my favorites.

*I'm watching the morning news as I'm typing. I guess I should be proofreading my screen* :op Report
oh ick - I'm not sure how that happened. That should have said SAVE to my favorites. I'm so embarrassed. Report
Yippee!! Report
Is it possible to allow the e-mail setting to be both new entries and daily digest? Report
Great! I'll sign up! Report