Meet One of SparkPeople's Newest Employees

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You said you'd love to know more about SparkPeople, so we launched a new series: Meet the SparkPeople Team. Over the coming weeks and months, we'll be interviewing various SparkPeople employees. The behind-the-scenes folks here are really excited to tell you a little about what they do at SparkPeople!

Paul kicked off "Meet the SparkPeople Team." Then our perky, generous and hilarious office manager, Kelly, continued it.

Now it's time to get to know the woman behind all things Local on SparkPeople! (Some of you probably met her at the Spark Your Life Convention!)

Name: Jenny Uhlmansiek

Position at SparkPeople: Category Brand Manager

Age: 27

Stats: 5í7" and athletic build. Lost 5 pounds since working at SparkPeople thanks to eating healthy and incorporating more workout bursts.

Family: I come from a large close family. A family party is never a small deal. Typically, a holiday celebration consists of 30+ people, ranging from age 1 to 80. I have a wonderful boyfriend, and we hope to add a new puppy to our family soon!

How long have you worked for SparkPeople? One of the newer employees, less than a year.

Tell us your proudest accomplishment at SparkPeople or a fun fact about your job:
Getting to work on the first-ever SparkPeople Spark Your Life Convention. It was so much fun to put together, and I loved working with members and our staff to pull it off. It was amazing to hear everyoneís stories and see the excitement the day of the Convention. I was definitely moved to tears and so were our members! It felt awesome to know that we touch everyoneís lives each and every day, and seeing it in person was so rewarding Ė I look forward to many more!

How do you stay in shape?
Sports and working out. I absolutely have to get a workout in daily! I usually try to squeeze them in at lunch and then four nights a week I play co-ed sports. I grew up being a soccer player and still try to get on the field for a great workout. I play soccer, volleyball and softball during the week.

I also love running but have recently switched to the elliptical to go a little easier on my knees--they're banged up from soccer. About a year ago, I began taking a weight lifting class two days a week, and it has changed my body. I feel more toned and fit. Nothing is better than walking out of the weight lifting class fatigued and sweaty but knowing the results are worth it.

What's your favorite food?
If I had to choose just one Ė pizza, but thatís really hard. I like pretty much anything except for seafood.

What's your favorite indulgence?
My favorite food indulgence--this may seem silly but sweet and sour chicken from Chinese restaurants. I know itís so unhealthy but itís sooooo good! If I know I have a night to myself sometimes I get carry out Chinese and curl up for a good chick flick.

How do you feel when you exercise?
Healthier. When I exercise I feel better about myself. The days when I have to skip or miss an exercise I donít feel as energized or motivated. Some days itís really hard to push myself to do it, but when itís all said and done with I feel amazing! I feel sexier going out all dressed up if I got a workout in prior.

What do you do to de-stress?
If I can, I go for a run and crank up my iTunes to some motivational music. I also love getting together with a good friend and chatting over a nice glass of wine.

What is your passion in life?
This is a tough questionÖI have a lot of them and Iím sure they will change as I grow. My passion is family and friends, because without them I wouldnít be who I am today. I love each and everyone one of them. They have been there in hard times and with me during the best of times. They are the people that make me laugh, and I look forward to seeing them each and every day.

How has working at SparkPeople affected your life?
I was always a healthy person, but I would say Iím even healthier working here. I am more conscious about what I eat, my exercise routine and more educated about myself and my health. It has been a really good thing.

Have you gained or lost weight since starting here?
I have probably lost about 5 pounds since working here. Nothing too crazy, but Iím happier with my definition. Adding the workout burst and lunch breaks into my usual cardio has given me more muscle and definition.

Have you started any new habits?
I used to skip breakfast if I was too busy or not eat if I wasnít hungry, but working here made me realize how important breakfast is. I make sure I eat breakfast every day, even if Iím not hungry. It starts my day off right and I feel better throughout the morning. Thanks to Nicole, I tried Spinning and actually do like itÖI just need to get the nerve to go to a class without her!

What's your favorite breakfast cereal?
I love cereal. I could list about 20 I love, some good, some bad. I will list my top choices: Life, Kellogg's Berries and Yogurt, Pops & Honey Nut Cheerios.

What did you eat for dinner last night?
Turkey tacos. I love guacamole and recently discovered Wholly Guacamole makes 100 calorie packs. Itís great. My boyfriend and I will split it, and itís just enough to fill my guacamole craving.

Do you have any hidden talents?
Well, not necessarily hidden, but I donít showcase it as often since moving away from home. I can play the piano. I took lessons for 15 years! I always had an ear for music and reading music. I hope to someday own my own piano.

What are some of your goals?
My goal in life is to be happy with a healthy family. I would like to be well balanced in love, career, wealth, health, family and adventure. Kind of a vague answer, but it covers all the bases!

What's your favorite SparkPeople feature?
I could be biased and say SparkRallies since I work on local, but I use the Quick Track every day. No matter where I am I can log my minutes, water and veggies. Even if I only have a second I get it in, I gotta get those SparkPoints!

What do you think about our Behind the Scenes series? What sort of questions do you have for Jenny?

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Jenny, I too play piano. I have for 22 years now. I'm not a professional, but I enjoy what I do. I payed off a piano when I first started playing at the age of 18 - I'm 40 now. There are some places that will let you pay per month on a piano while you take it home and use it. Yes, there will be interest charges, but believe me when I say, it is one of the best stress relievers I have. To get on the piano and pound out frustration or sweetly brush my fingers over the keys when I'm mellow. You can afford a piano, you just have to pay interest. I bought one on a disability pension. :) Report
Thanks For all the Nice things you shared with us. I am not quite exactly sure it is what you do. But whatever it is,it seems to be working. I have only been on Spark a few months and have seen an incredible positive change with the lay-out of the site. Now I have only one suggestion to make. Spark up those walls in your office to match that incredibly Sparkling Smile of yours. Take Care& GodSpeed, Carlin5007 Report
I love the Spark behind the scenes series. SparkPeople is part of my life everyday and it is meaningful to learn about those on the SparkTeam. Report
I really enjoyed reading about Jenny. It's nice to know such nice people are working to keep us informed and up to date. Report
I love this blog. It's great to see ,and know a little about all of the spark team members. Nice to meet you. Report
Hi nice to meet you. I like these blogs they let us know that normal people are working on our health and fittness. Report
Happy almost Birthday, Jenny! It was nice to meet you in person and get to know your through the daily spark! Report
Hi Jenny, thank you for sharing with all of us. Report
Nice to meet you Jen! Report
Hi Jen, I'm with you, I love the quick track. I use it daily. Like you said, gotta get those SPpoints. Smile. Thanks for all you do. Merilyn Report
Congratulations Jen. Welcome to SP. Report
This was a cute little interview. But since you asked for suggestions for questions, I think actually explaining what the person does in their job function, i.e. daily, whatever, would be nice. I know this mentions she helped or organized the first sparkpeople convention, but what does she do on a daily basis as a "category brand manager"? I was really interested to find out because i've never heard of such a title before. :) Report
White walls in an office gives the illusion of SPACE and openness and is a good decorator choice for that setting. Colors at home give a feeling of a "nest" and enclosure. Report
Anyone else notice all the white walls at Spark headquarters? How come all the white? And it was nice to read about you. Report
Yay Jenny, we love you! Report
I was lucky to "meet" Jenny via e-mail when I e-mailed her about the Ohio Spark Rally, and within an hour I had a reply from her.....that is job dedication! Thanks Jenny!
It sounds like you're fitting in well. Thanks for letting us know a little about you. Report
Hi and thanks for giving us a glimpse into your life. Report
I LOVE the idea of putting faces to the names here on reading about the team that keeps this going Report
Welcome! Thanks for sharing a little about yourself.
Working for SP has to be a great job. I'm envious. ; ) Report
Hi, Jenny! You sound like a great addition to the SparkTeam! Welcome, and thanks for sharing. Report
Hi jenny! You seem healthy and happy here! Report
Nice to meet you Jenny! Thanks for all your hard work on the Spark Staff!!

I'm glad someone else is really in to those spark points! I've got to get as many as I can - everyday! lol Report
It's nice to meet you. Report

OMG, I had no idea you have only been with the company for one year. You were so helpful in my getting to the convention. I am so glad I got to meet you in person but now I feel I know you even better reading your info.

Thanks for all you do for Spark. Keep up the good work and I hope to see you at the next convention!


Nice to meet you Jennifer.

QUESTION: What do you do with all of your Spark Points? :-) Report
Jenny - You are so vibrant and enthusiastic! I can't believe you have been with SP for such a short amount of time! Thanks for doing such a great job on the convention. Can't wait to see you at the next one!! Report
Jenny was AMAZING to work with! She is so cute and peppy and did an excellent job of coordinating the Spark Your Life Convention! :)

Yay Jenny!!!

Violet Report
Jenny, I admire your being honest and straight to the point!

Since I learned from Spark that it's important to have breakfast... now, I'm also taking breakfast each day like you.

It would be nice to hear more about you... as we all know that lots and lots of exciting things will happen your way as you join the family of SparkPeople.

God bless. Report
Congrats on the 1st 5-lb lost! I love cereals as well, probably too much and I wish I could play piano. Thanks for sharing! Report
Hey Jenny, nice article...I like your frankness. I too never used to eat breakfast til I started with SP. Thanks for sharing yourself with us. Report
way to go Jenny. I used to skip breakfast too until I joined sparks. It comes in handy now since I usually do my exercise in the morning. WOOHOO Report
Welcome to Sparks! I feel special cause we kinda met via email...I love your energy - it comes through in your writing, too! Report
I enjoyed reading your entry --- uplifting,encouraging and you exude energy, a positive outlook and enthusiasm for life. Way to go. Glad you're on the Spark team. Report
I used to skip breakfast, now I make a quick shake if I don't have time. Report
Thanks for telling us about your self,and thanks for the hard work, Report
Thanks Jen, That was great. All the best Report
I too use to skip breakfast.. but oatmeal is always great!.. And I want to try a Spinning class too..

Thanks for the great blog.. :) Report
welcome to the best online weight loss program! Report
You have a great job Jenny thanks for the great blog Report
Welcome to sparkpeople Jenny

allgodchildren leader of biggestloser-classof2008 Report
I think it is terrific to meet the behind the scenes people who work on our behalf and Jenny , it was nice to get to know you in a general sense. Keep up the good work. We appreciate you. Report
Hi Jenny!!!

I think you are absolutely AWESOME!!! Thank you for all your hard work in making the Convention such a success!! It was great meeting you and I look forward to working with you in the future with the "local" stuff!!! This team leader isn't going anywhere!!! hehe!!!

You rock!
Leah Report
I would like to know most what her job is and what she does. Report
Jenny is a gem! It was such a pleasure finally getting to meet her at the SparkPeople Convention last month! Since you have a ear for music Jenny, how about writing the SparkPeople theme song? ;-D! Report
Welcome to the team. I am fairly new to SparkPeople and am amazed by the sense of community. It takes folks like you to foster and maintain that culture. Also, I am pleased to hear that workout bursts are encouraged at SparkPeople - sounds like SP really supports its employees. I wish more companies would follow suit... Report
Welcome to SP and thank you for all your hard work. I greatly appreciate you and all the people that make SP so amazing. Thank You. Report
Jenny rocks! And, she's a fellow Ohio University graduate, which makes her even COOLER! ^^ Report
Woo Hoo go Jenny! Report
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