McDonald's Posting Nutrition Info in All Restaurants

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Our daughter spent this past summer serving customers at our local McDonald's. She observed many patrons trying to make healthier choices by selecting oatmeal for breakfast or skipping the fries at dinner. During her work, she helped McDonald's highlight lower calories options as she promoted options from their new Favorites Under 400 menu.
To demonstrate their commitment to improved nutrition, McDonald's has published a nutrition progress report for the first time.  Now McDonald's has taken another step in information sharing. Learn about important tidbits of information that can help make nutrient wise selections even easier next time you are selecting Food on the Run.

No longer will customers have to plan before eating away from home by using the online database to find the healthiest options. Gone are the days that you have to use a nutrition app while waiting in line. New menu boards at McDonald's counters and drive-thru windows will display calories along with the price so customers can make informed decisions for their wallet and their waistline.
According to the International Food Information Council Foundation report, only three in 10 Americans understand that all sources of calories equally contribute to weight gain. Being able to compare calorie in a side-by-side manner at the point of purchase should help the other 70 percent of Americans begin to make wiser choices by simply reducing their calorie consumption.
McDonald's also shared that menu testing next year will help them continue to increase nutritious options available in their fast food lines. Who knows, maybe by this time next year you will be able to select an egg-white McMuffin instead of oatmeal for breakfast or seasonal favorites like cucumbers and blueberries on a hot summer day?

What do you think about all these changes? Do you believe more nutritious options are arriving at McDonald's? Will the calorie postings cause people to make wiser choices?