Market Watch: Early Apples

By , Dana Angelo White, Food Networkís Healthy Eats
It’s only mid-October but I’ve been enjoying apples for months –thanks to these early varieties.
  • Delightfully crisp Gala are super crunchy and sweet with rosy skin. They’re good for applesauce or snacking.
  • Streaked pale green and red Honeycrisp are slightly tart and fabulous for baking or applesauce.
  • Red and shiny with a touch of green, MacCoun have the best of everything – sweet, tart, crunch. Fabulous for vegetable, chicken or tuna salads
  • Petite, Early McIntosh have the aroma of an orchard and are perfect for little hands (my kids gobble them up). They make a sweet and delicious pie, too. 
Top 5 Things to Do with Early Apples
  • Make a Waldorf Salad
  • Add fresh strawberries to homemade applesauce
  • Slice and drizzle with local honey and granola.
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I eat either a pink lady or honey crisp daily w/ peanut butter. But I love to get a variety of tart/sweet apples chop them up w/ cinnamon and make slow cooker applesauce which I use in my oatmeal daily as well. Report
"Itís only mid-September " Ummm, which year? Are you late for this year or early for next year? Report
I would rather just east them raw. i prefer Spartans or Macs most times. I tried a hybrid apple that a lady we knew had - they were really good (partial Mac and red delicious). Report
I Love baking with apples. My Grandmother use to make me Waldorf Salads all the time, they are so good. Living in the State of Washington we have quit a bit of apples. I have tried all types of apples. Love Gala, Cameo, Honeycrisp and Fuji. Just to name a few. I love home made apple sauce and apple pies. Love the aroma though the house. Thanks for the article! Report
I've never tried Honeycrisp apples baked or cooked in any way, but I must just put in a good word as to how good they are for eating raw! Not too tart, not too sweet, with a light texture and just the right crunch to satisfy. They have a short season, but my son and I wait eagerly for them every fall. Honeycrisps are just the best! Report
"It's only mid-September" yet this was posted October 17th? Either the article was written in September or someone got the month wrong.

Anyways, yay apples! I've gotten sick of Gala even though they have a nice small size. Pink Lady is great and Jazz too. There's a light green one out there that isn't tart like Granny Smth but I've gotten the name.

The only thing is that I can't stand cooked fruit. I can tolerate apple pies but that's about it! Report
Dennis took me to a farmers market and I got a bag of honey crisps. I had never eaten them before.....WOW they were so good........! I love using apples to make an apple salad or a low sugar apple crisp. I also love just eating them. I have been noted to put a cooked apple in my oatmeal. Yumm........apples Report
How about putting cored apples in your crock pot for a couple hours?/ Sprinkle with cinnamon,nutmeg, cloves.. spray crock with Pam, add about a half cup water and cover.. The smell will have you standing at the crock with a spoon in your hand!! Report
I love slicing apples and spooning peanut butter on the slices. It's a truly decadent pleasure! Report
I love apples. A couple years ago, I joined my hubby on his diet plan (Brand X) which discourages carbs and wasn't allowed to eat the yummy summer fruits..... I love that SP encourages fresh fruits and veggies. Report
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