Long John Silver's Debuts Healthier Menu

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Long John Silver's, a fast food restaurant known for seafood that's batter dipped and deep fried, has debuted a healthier menu.

The company's new Freshside Grille Menu is significantly lower in calories and fat than its standard menu, some highlights of which are Crumblies (bits of deep fried batter that weighs in with 170 calories and 13 g fat) and buttered lobster bites (250 calories and 9 g fat).

All items on the Freshside Grille menu have 10 grams of fat or fewer, with zero trans fats.

According to Long John Silver's:
"The Freshside Grille menu will initially offer three entrées featuring premium grilled or steamed seafood, each served with herbs and seasonings or succulent sauces. Customers can enjoy Shrimp Scampi in a rich garlic butter sauce (110 calories, 5 fat grams); Grilled Tilapia in a garlic and herb sauce (110 calories, 2.5 fat grams); and Grilled Pacific Salmon in a sumptuous sauce of red bell peppers, black pepper, garlic and olive oil (150 calories, 5 fat grams). Each entrée is served atop a bed of seasoned rice with a breadstick.
Long John Silver’s is also presenting new Freshside Grille side options, all a good source of dietary fiber, which include:
  • Vegetable Medley — Green beans, orange and yellow carrots (50 calories, 2 fat grams, 3 g fiber)
  • Seasoned Rice — Long grain rice with garlic and vegetable seasonings (270 calories, 4.5 fat grams, 4 g fiber)
  • Corn on the Cob (150 calories, 10 fat grams, 3 g fiber)

Entrées include seafood served over a bed of Seasoned Rice with a breadstick, and full meals also include the new Vegetable Medley and corn on the cob. Prices vary by store. Rice has 270 calories and 4.5 fat grams, and a breadstick has 170 calories and 3.5 grams of fat.

According to the Nation's Restaurant News publication, Yum! Brands--Long John Silver's parent company and the owner of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and A&W All American Grills--has been taking steps to offer healthier foods at some of its restaurants. The company is expected to launch Kentucky Grilled Chicken next year. Taco Bell has a Fresco Menu, with items that have 9 grams of fat or less. Pizza Hut introduced a Fit & Delicious lower-fat pizza and "The Natural," a pizza made with all-natural toppings and a multigrain crust. Yum! will also start posting calorie counts in its restaurants.

While it's great that Long John Silver's is taking steps toward making restaurant food healthier, take a closer look at those new options:

The meals come with more than just grilled seafood.

Grilled Pacific salmon (150 calories, 5 fat grams)
Rice (270 calories, 4.5 fat grams)
Breadstick (170 calories, 3.5 fat grams)

That meal would eventually have: 590 calories and 13 grams of fat. That's far better than a deep-fried Long John Silver's platter meal:
1 piece battered fish, cole slaw, Crumblies, French fries and tartar sauce
980 calories, 61 g fat!

Note: The corn on the cob was already on the menu. Those 10 fat grams come from something called "butter oil," which adds 60 calories and 7 grams of fat.

What do you think about the new offerings at Long John Silver's? Will you try the new menu?

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Great news-there is a location a few miles from my office-I am going to try the salmon. Report
I love LJS...The grilled talapia is great!!! Report
Yeah, I guess. I've never eaten there, but if given the opportunity at least I know that healthier alternatives are available there. Report
This is great news cause I do like fish and the only time I get it is when we go to LJS. Now I can eat and not feel guilty...Hurrah. Wahoo. Report
I am so glad LJS has decided to do this and will definitely try checking it out this weekend, as eating there is a favorite, yet rare, treat for us. Report
I had the salmon recently and I thought it was quite good! I wouldn't eat there frequently because the rice is white and there are very few veggies on the plate, but it would be a nice alternative to a burger if one was hungry and out shopping. Report
I have tried the shrimp scampi and it is very good. The vegetable medley was the best tasting of the LJS items that I tried. The salmon was not to my taste and the rice was undercooked. Report
We have eaten at LJS, or as we call it, "The Grease Pit" six times in five different locations over the course of ten years. We all got diarrhea, nausea and vomiting from anything we ate at any of their locations! SOmething is not right there. There is one two blocks from my home and I would estimate that about 90% of the people I see driving in and out of there, are senior citizens! All gray haired people!! Honest! How can they even tolerate all that funky grease? Everything tastes like seafood(UGH) or fish!! They must never filter their vats or fry everything in the same vats!!
Nothing could induce me to go near the place again...
My husband and I have gotten the tilapia and salmon twice. Both very good! Report
This is interesting. I like LJS but since I have not eaten there due to the changes I am trying to make. I may consider these new menu options Report
I am not a fan of LJS. Everything seems to taste like fish to me...even the chicken. I have considered trying the rice as long as it doesn't taste like fisth. Report
Thank you for the information. I've always been a fan of Long John Silver's, but stopped eating there when I started my weight loss journey. Now that I know they have healthier choices, I'll consider it as one of my options when dining out. Report
Good to know a seafood fast food place has some healthy options! Report
I'm glad to hear that Long John Silver's is offering some healthy entrees- it's almost impossible to find a reasonably priced and healthy fish entree in a fast food restaurant. I would eat the vegetable medley on the side, but I'd pass on the rice and the breadstick. Report
I want to try it, but I will see if I can get the meat ala carte and eat a carrot in the car. I hate the smell of frying oil in most of the fast food places. Always drink water instead. . . Report
You can ask them not to use the butter oil on the corn. Report
tried the shrimp and it was excellent but very disappointed in the veggies and corn, seemed to be soaked in butter, hopefully enough people will complain and they will stop adding it Report
MAGIC10FINGERS (#73) and ZZSUSAN (#74) according to OLDTOWNGYM (#48) there are 1,280 mg sodium! A real Buyers BEWARE for MAGIC10FINGERS! Bake salmon with NOTHING but garlic powder and pepper for seasoning and WOW- absolutely scrumptious! We're LOVERS of fish, so bake an inch thick piece (1/2 pound) for 10-15 minutes (flakes with fork when done) in a shallow non-stick pan at 350-450 degrees! That "The Natural," pizza made with all-natural toppings and a multi-grain crust sounds VERY yummy! Take Care... Report
I will most definitely try it. Report
This is really eye-opening! I knew that LJS's regular menu items weren't healthy, but the analysis presented in this article is alarming. It's even worse than I thought! This will help me to stay focused and "be good" when ordering something from their establishment. I love the fried stuff, but at 61 g of fat, I'm giving it up a lot more easily now. This is another great reason that SparkPeople is so great. I'm always learning something new. Report
Salt would be my concern too. I wonder if all places that serve corn on the cob have that butter oil? I never knew about that before but I never eat at LJS because of the fat and salt. I do love some fish though. Report
It all sounds good, but what's the sodium content of these meals?!?! That's where they really get U. Because I have high BP issues, sodium content is important, & no matter how healthy these restaurants lead U to believe they are, they pile on the salt!

I'm also with Gills62CA. I noticed that right away about the butter. Why do they have to put the butter on the corn? I don't like butter on my corn. But yes, it's better & this means they are trying. Report
This will make it much easier for an on-the-go person to eat out and still be halfway healthy!! Report
This is a step in the right direction. Report
There are CAPTAIN D's here in Pensacola, but no LJS, that I know of. I like to eat grilled Salmon at the Japanese restaurant when we do spend money to eat it. It is about $9 for a nice meal. Report
Not impressed with the fat content of those meals. Buttered this, buttered that... if that's an improvement, it must have been REALLY bad before! Report
As a vegetarian there still isn't much for me at Long John Silver's.

I do dig the Fresco bean burrito from the Taco Bell fresco menu mentioned in the article. It is quite tasty for the amount of fat and calories. Not my favorite meal but when I'm traveling or in a hurry it will do.

As people get more health conscious fast food chains will have to change their offerings. For the last 40 years the main change they have made is larger and larger portions of the same unhealthy foods. Report
grilled salmon that's only 150 calories? I'm in! Report
I love LJS! So, when I received the flyer that was advertising the healthier menu choices...I couldn't wait to try them. I've already tried their Shrimp Scampi Bowl combo, which includes, in the bowl--8 decent size shrimp, veggies and rice with sauce(530 calories; w/o sauce-400 calories); and it also includes a Breadstick(170). It was delicous. I'm so happy I tried it. Yeh, I can eat at LJS again!!! Jacquee Report
I tried the grilled salmon. It was pretty good, but the vegetables were swimming in an oily liquid. Portions are not balanced -- way too much rice. Report
To each his own, but I don't eat fast food or farmed fish. Besides I can think of a lot of foods I would rather "spend" 590 calories on. However I guess it's a step in the right direction for people who go to those places. Report
I'm glad to hear about the vegetable medley. Since I'm a vegetarian, I don't go to places like Long John Silver's, but now that will probably change. Report
I have never eaten at Long John Silvers...would be interested to try something that appears to be healthier for "fast food". Report
It is good to see these restaurants offering healthy food. I just wonder if it'll taste as good as their other items. I love pizza but most of the "healthy" pizza alternatives tastes awful! It sounds good and I am going to try it with the hope that it doesn't follow the trend of most healthy versions of restaurant favorites. Report
110 calories for shrimp scampi in garlic butter? In what world? How many shrimp? One? Report
I'd better pass on this. The food sounds good, but I've got a thing for deep fired chicken and hushpuppies. We all know the road to good intentions is paved with temptation, and I personally know that I've never met a hushpuppy I didn't like.

I'm glad they're offering healthier options. It's still not as healthy as preparing meals at home where you have complete control over what goes into your ffod, but if you've got to eat out and fast food is all that's available, at least you stand a chance of behaving somewhat. Report
Thanks for the post. I didn't know and it does look good. Report
Not really sure about this ... I stopped going to LJS because I stopped eating deep fried foods, and didn't want to be tempted.

BTW, has anyone actually ordered a Fit&Delicious pizza from Pizza Hut? I haven't seen in on the menus here in Atlanta. Report
I like to pull the breading off the fried chicken planks and eat them. I usually buy 3 planks. It's still full of flavor without the calories. Report
Not for me! I don't think I could go in to a LJS and not get hushpuppies or shrimp. There's got to be a law about that somewhere! Report
I agree with JazzerciseGenie-if I go in there it's gonna be the batter dipped fish, chicken or shrimp. Those have always been my favorite things in LJS. I may try the veggie medley and have some corn. I can also get green beans at the local locations so I'll do that too. Just don't like fish that isn't fried. Report
Sounds great but I don't think I can go into that restaurant and not order fish and fies. Love love that item Report
I am so glad to hear this. My husband is a big fish fan and wants to go often to places like this, and now I can say ok, there's food for me too. Thanks Long John Silvers Report
I treat myself to taco bell once a week (yes, I am a fast food junkie and proud of it!) And our taco bell has a LJS...I tried the grilled salmon bowl and it was good...a bit salty...rice on the bottom, veggies, and grilled salmon on top...it was good! Report
I've always been a fan of LJS...even managed to eat there and still lose weight on WW (it's all about the points!). Recently, I've been trying to eat healthier, and salmon has become a staple in my diet. I can't wait to try this and I'm so glad there's still a LJS relatively close to me. :-) Report
I would like to try this, but they closed the restuarant by our home. I will have to keep a look out for one when traveling. Report
The baked cod with a serving of vegetable medley and rice is 450 cal, 11g fat, 2.5g sat fat, 51g carb and 1280mg sodium.

Way too much salt!! Buyer beware! Report
Never been a huge fan of LJS, but I loooove seafood...this may actually get me to stop and try it sometime when I'm on a road trip and need some food! Good for them. Report
I love the idea of a healthy menu. Now all I have to do is find one of their resturants near where I live. Report
I love LJS but have been avoiding it because of the high calories. Thank you so much for sharing! Report
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