List 3 Wishes and Resolve to Make Them Come True

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One of our daughter's favorite songs when she was little was from the Disney movie Cinderella. In her three year old voice, she would walk around singing, a dream is a wish your heart makes, when you're fast asleep. Many of us make New Year's wishes instead of New Year's resolutions. What about you?

A wish and a resolution are two very different things. A wish can be defined as a specific feeling of desire you want to come true. As the song expresses, a dream is a wish your heart makes and many times dreams don't come true. A resolution on the other hand is the decision to do something differently or to behave in a certain manner. A wish is nothing more than a dream without the resolution to make it come true. It requires a concrete decision regarding what you need to do differently and a plan to help you behave in a specific manner. You have to know what you want to do differently or how you need to behave if you want to achieve a specific goal or outcome. Identifying what needs to change is your first step to establishing a resolution that will allow your wish to come true. Confusing?

Perhaps looking at an example will help.

One popular New Year's resolution is to lose weight. Many times these 'wishes' don't come true because there is no actual resolution to make that wish of weight loss come true. No concrete decision to change or commitment to behave in a different manner. So if your "wish" for 2009 is to lose weight, what do you need to resolve to make it come true? Do you need to focus on portion sizes at meals and snacks? Perhaps you need to know what the right calorie intake range is for you. Maybe you know the right level you should be eating but need to learn how to stay within the range. Perhaps you need to increase your activity level. You can't commit to a change if you don't know what needs to be changed. Likewise, if you know what needs to change but make no concrete decision to behave in a different manner, your wish will stay just that.

Decide what two to three wishes your heart desires for 2009 and write them down. Now look at what you specifically need to do differently to make each of those wishes come true. Finally, resolve to the specific action steps and behaviors necessary to make the changes you have identified which will make your wishes come true. Don't avoid setting a New Year's resolution or making your resolution simply a wish that you don't expect to come true. Instead, resolve to make several of your wishes come true in 2009. List your 3 wishes and how you resolve to make them come true. Then do it!

My wishes for 2009 are to 1) redecorate my dining room, 2) take the family to New York City and 3) run in at least one race. To make my wishes come true, I resolve to 1) set time and money aside each month for the dining room project until it is complete, 2) change my weekly/monthly budget as necessary to save money for our trip while planning a trip based on the money saved, and 3) eat, exercise and live a Spark life that allows me to be at the fitness level necessary to run in a race.

How about you? What are your 3 wishes for 2009? What do you resolve to make them come true?

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YMWONG22 8/19/2020
I will think about it. Report
1. Loose 25 lbs. by eating healthier and exercising at least 30 minutes, 5 days a week and changing my mindset thru hypnosis/visualization.
2. Organize my home by setting and keeping to a cleaning schedule.
3. Build potting bench/patio set by having my husband help me become more comfortable with power tools. Report
Unfortunately, the thing I wish for most isn't really within my control. I am resolved this year to do an open water race with my sister, which means I need to log a mile in the water at least twice a week between now and September and that some of that swimming needs to be in open water so I can learn to swim straight without the lane lines on the bottom of the pool. I am resolved to sell my house, which means I need to do a bunch of repairs, make a habit of cleaning just all the time, and actually meet with the realtor. Um, and I am resolved to grow mushrooms, which means right now I'm going to stop with the screen time and go water my heap of innoculated sawdust. Report
1. to raise money for my daughters project. so i need to as sponsors.

2. meet the little girl in Brazil that i sponsor for school and a hot meal. plan the trip.

3. continue to be healthier each day/week. track my daily actions and progress. Report
1. Learn to be a better parent by taking control rather than allowing the kids to take control. Instead of picking and choosing battles, don't let the battles begin by taking ownership of the family (I'm a single mom).
2. Set the pace and lead by example. I need to lead a healthier life so my children will know how to eat, exercise and live properly. Introduce more veggies, less processed foods. Ditch the video games and get outside. There will be other positive results from these -- spending more family time together, weight loss as a result of better food choices, etc.
3. Bring more balance to my life by giving proper focus to important things and less to distractions. I'm looking for a job now after taking care of my mom who passed away. Spend more time with the kids doing homework rather than sitting in front of the TV. Try to make chore time fun instead of a battle (if you have any ideas on how to do this, I'd appreciate it!). Report
My 3 Wishes for 2011 are:

1) Lose 100 pounds by 12/31/2011 by Sparking daily, learning to eat within my calorie range, eat smaller portion sizes, reduce salt intake, eat whole foods and limit or eliminate creamy sauces and butter.

2) Enroll in college by adjusting my budget so that I have the money to pay for at least 2 classes by April 15, 2011. I will clip coupons, stick to my budget and resolve to save $50/wk to meet this goal.

3) Become a personal trainer by saving money each week that I can use towards buying the study materials necessary to be successful when I take the exam in October 2011. Resolve to save $40/wk to reach this goal. Report
Will give this some thought Report
my 3 wishes for 2011 to resolve issue with my childhood friend that grow to
like more than friend , andrecco give second chance make friendship
move up to next level of become couple , lost weight and pass all the test in my life and different situation of the new year 2011& more year to come
1. Quit smoking. I will do this by chewing nicorette gum and seeking help from my husband and friends.
2. Exercise regularly. Dedicate 30 minutes in the afternoon, 5 days a week, walking/running, exercising using Wii fit, or yoga.
3. Run a 5k marathon in the summer. Using the online proven "couch to 5k" training plan I will get into running shape. Report
1) lose weight by exercise and logging what I eat
2) be a better wife and person
3) save money Report
1) weigh 185 by August 24
2) be more calm and enlightened
3) get more sleep

1) Exercise 5-6 days a week at the gym for at least an hour, even if I have to get up a 5am and stick to my yummy healthy diet!
2) listen to Dr. Wayne Dyer audio books on my ipod
3) start getting ready for bed every night around 8pm and be in bed by 9pm Report
My 3 Wishes
1. To never get cancer
2. To become a famous singer.
3. To have the boy i like, like me. Report
For 2010:

1. Relearn to play the flute. Mine is missing so will need to purchase a new one.
2. Replace the kitchen flooring and start with that room first.
3. Go on a cruise with my husband and be happy in a swimsuit.

To accomplish:
1. Use birthday money and anniversary money for a new flute and music.
2. Research and plan the cost of new flooring.
3. Workout 5 times a week and account for my food.

My goals for 2010:

1. Lose 60 pounds. To do so, I'm following a sensible eating plan, logging into Spark each day, and working our regularly with a trainer and on my own.
2. Increase the number of clients in my career coaching business by at least two per month. To do so, I'm concentrating on writing regularly on my blog and networking.
3. Declutter our house. I'm going to tackle one small area ech week (for example, the master bedroom closet) and get it in shape. By the end of the year, I'll have the whole house done.

My wishes for 2010 are...
1. to continue to lose weight until I reach my goal
2. to organize and declutter my home
3. to pay down my debt and to increase my savings.

To meet my goals I will.....
1. exercise 4 to 5 days a week while eating healthy and within my calorie range.
2. Spend at least 30 minutes a day cleaning out closets, cabinets, etc., and discarding items that we no longer need or use by donating them to the Good Will.
3. I will spend my money thoughtfully while continuing to pay down debt while putting money aside each month into a savings account.

Yes, you did see this as someone elses, I had almost identical wording, so I just cut and pasted so I did not have to type it all out. We are also going to sell some of our stocks to try and pay off the house, car and credit card. What will life be like without those payments overhead? Report
1)Stop caring about what other people think of me
2)Have more confidence in myself
3)accomplish things I have never done before- like go kayaking Report
My wishes for 2010 are...
1. to continue to lose weight until I reach my goal
2. to organize and declutter my home
3. to pay down my debt and to increase my savings.

To meet my goals I will.....
1. exercise 4 to 5 days a week while eating healthy and within my calorie range.
2. Spend at least 30 minutes a day cleaning out closets, cabinets, etc., and discarding items that we no longer need or use by donating them to the Good Will.
3. I will spend my money thoughtfully while continuing to pay down debt while putting money aside each month into a savings account.
I accomplished most of my goals..... read the bible in a year ( I missed a few days when my daddy was so bad in the hospital)..... get closer to God..... be happy with me! Report
wishes to happen by Friday Morning
1.To Be Healthy and Happy in 2009. Be back on what I'm supposed to be on
2. To be debt free and to have my checking and saings account have good sums of Money in them and to be be billFree ! To do this I have to spen less Money!
3. To have a happy and Heatly Relationship and Marriage T do this I have to be a good loving Husband to my future Wife and respect her wishes!
4. To thrive at work as I was doing before and make enough money to pay bills ! to do this I have to Concentrate better at work! I wish all these would happen by the time I wake up on Friday Morning! So My Life can get bakc to normal Report
Wow! Where to begin!?

stop night-time eating
spend two months in New England
plant more and buy less Report
1. get more in shape (I will do this by attempting to get some physical activity in every day or at least 4 to 5 days a week).
2. organize my house, get rid of clutter. (I will do this in chunks by concentrating on one room every week)
3. serve and eat healthier meals for my family and myself. (I will do this gradually by trying to purchase more whole foods but still splurging occasionally) Report
I have already...
1. Quit smoking--for good!
2. Lost 20 more pounds

The other goal I would like to work on, more than anything else, is do whatever it takes to put God as #1 in my life, above everything and everyone else! Report
I'm picking 3 things that don't have to do with weight-loss:

1. Buy a CROWN and wear it :) as the reward for finally purging, decluttering, and organizing my stuff! I'm thinking 'classic Miss America-esque.' This is going to be a serious crown, not a lil cheapy :) LOL!

2. MOVE!!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MOVE OUT OF KENTUCKY THIS YEAR!!! I'm screaming in all caps because I have desired to "move" actively since 2003. So about six YEARS I've wanted to change locations, and due to various reasons, at the top being my weight, I haven't been successful in getting it together. But this year is the time :) I've chosen Austin, Texas because I've lived in Texas before and loved it...but I've been secretly flirting with Chicago on the side...shhhhhh! If you guys have been to Austin and/or Chicago, I'd LOVE to hear ur vote and thoughts for which way I should go!

3. Write the first copyright-able framework of my Oscar-winning screenplay "T.R.W." The title is top secret for now :) but if ur a "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"'ll love this movie! Report
1) Stop the middle of the night eating
2) Quit complaining-think positive
3) Do 1 thing I am afraid of this year Report
My three wishes would be:

1. Get as enthusiastic and close to God as I was when I first got saved.
2. Get healthy enough for the joy of the Lord to always shine thru my face.
3. Find a companion to love and share things with.

How I plan to accomplish all this is to keep myself motivated and on track so I will be at my goal weight before the end of 2009. To do this, I will definately have to do the first two and when or while I am doing this I'm convinced that God will send the answer for my third wish in time to go with me on the cruise that will be my reward for achieving my goal weight on time or before. Gonna start my cruise change jug today!
my 3 wishes are: to become healthier, keep exercising because it makes me feel better,think positive that i can do this !!
resolves: 1.writing a daily journal. 2 maker sure i exercise everyday !
3. know and put my mind to it that i will do it because anyone can !!

My goals:
1) Do my part to make the world a better place.
2) Be fit physically
3) Grow closer to God
1) Before I speak or act, think: What would Jesus have me do?
2) Adhere to my workout schedule. Controlled portions of anything that's not a fruit or vegetable
3) Study His word and commune with His people
My 3 Wishes for 2009:
1. Get back on track with my nutrition and workouts
2. Work on my Business Plan
3. Be consistent with following through with my goals
4. Start painting again

What I will do to accomplish them:
1. Wake up with a positive attitude
2. Learn to organize, prioitize, and follow through (Quit Procrastinating)
and 3. Allow myself to work on, and love me

1. Be a better wife to my husband
2. Be a better to myself emotionally
3. Reach my goal weight by my b.d. on 9.2.09!! Report
1. Be a better mom and wife. (more patience)
2. Keep saving. (this was last year goal and it is in place already)
3. Lose 20 lbs for my 40th bday (in Sept) Report
1. Compete in a Triathlon - I already registered and paid the entry fee - time to start training
2. Cut out processed foods completely - Do not buy them in the grocery store.
3. Make my organic garden larger - Plan early so that when time comes to plant I am ready with my designs. Report
1.) Get my home more organized
2.) Lose 10 pounds
3.) To perfect my indoor worm composting system this winter. That will give me the additional compost I need for my gardens and allow me to compost in my basement during the cold weather when my outside compost piles just sit inactive due to the cold temps. Report
My wishes for 2009 are:

1) Don't drop any of my college courses
2) Get back to how I looked and felt in the summer (around 140 lbs)
3) Improve my financial health

I plan to do this by:

1) Not skipping any classes and scheduling time to do my homework/study
2) Doing workouts I love at least 3 times a week
3) Not spending as much on going out (and putting that money towards paying off credit cards, yay!!) Report
My three wishes for 2009
1. Be healthier and more physically active as I lose the weight I needed to lose.
2. Keep my home in better shape...less clutter.
3. Be an encourager to my family...less criticism more kudos.

I will accomplish these wishes by
1. Sticking to my nutritional and physical activity goal as well as my weight loss goals.
2. Spend 10 minutes a day picking up clutter.
3. Focus on what a wonderful family I have...let them know how terrific I think they are. Report
1. lose 1 lb a week minimum
2. Fiber, fiber, fiber!!!!
3. Get everyone in my family into a Dr. for a complete physical (1 seen, 4 to go!) Report
1. Have a house that I can entertain in
2. Run a race at my goal pace this year - contemplate marathon or triathalon
3. Plan a big trip out west to see family and several national parks

to accomplish this:
1. will start with 5 minutes daily (since 15 min goal seemed to falter)
2. use my new trainer and my training program
3. be active with my finances and vacation days Report
My three goals for 2009:
1. Return to logging in the meals I eat each day within my calorie range.
2. Finish rennovation on "new" house and move in.
3. Work on being more positive in my relationship with my elderly mother.

How I will attempt these goals:
1. Make time each morning during my "quiet" time to log in planned meals for the day. Edit each evening.
2. Put plan down on paper. Limit "off duty" weekends so that the plan can be accomplished.
3. During daily phone callls, be sure to say helpful things. Send her a card or note at least once a week. Be sure to do a "girls night out" once a week. Make her at least one meal a week. Report
1) Eat a heart healthy diet that will reduce risk for diabetes and cancer, log everything I put in my mouth and pay attention to portion sizes.
2) Walk on treadmill at least 5 times a week for 45 minutes at a rate of at least 3.4 MPH (or equivalent activity).
3) Live economically and apply all the money I avoid spending to reduce debt (eliminate all revolve debt within 24 months and then work on the installment billings...) Report
My 3 wishes are:
1) To eat properly.
2) exercise daily
3) Be a good Mom

To do this I will:
1) Measure my foods. Take it day by day.
2) Find small moments where I can fit in 10-15 minutes of cardio several times a day.
3) Focus on my girls playtime, needs and skills. Report
1. Make healthy eating habits. to lose 50lbs.
2. Excersize.
3. Get going back to church. Report
1. Lose 40 pounds
2. Go to church at least 3 times on weekdays
3. Produce at least 3 music tracks Report
1 - Make a lifestyle change to more healthy eating (not dieting) and exercise regularly.
2 - Continue to pay down bills and spend wisely.
3 - Make sure I work a reasonable number of hours weekly...make time for me! Report
My wishes for 2009:
1. Make a fresh start in our new home by learning from all the mistakes made from years past
2. Managing my stress, anxiety and depression without medication
3. Start saving money, even if its a few cents at a time Report
My three wishes are:
1. - reach my goal weight of 135
2. - improve relationships
3. - declutter my home Report
1. I want to loose 80 lbs
2. Get closer to God
3. Make time for myself, instead of everyone else
Pray more and worry less
Uncovers ways to be of service to others
Be kinder to myself and others
My 2009 goals
1. To finally focus on "ME"
2. To eat healthy
3. To use my gym membership! Report
My three wishes are:
1. Get my weight down to 115 or a little less and/or fit comfortably into my size 4 jeans again
2. Earn a steady income (either with one thing or a combination of things)
3. Be a good wife to my husband, mostly spend more time with him & give him more attention and keep the house cleaner (he's a neat freak & I am so not).

To accomplish this I will:
1. Do the bootcamp in January, continue with dance classes 2X/ week, continue walking for an hour 2X/week, start doing dance pratice at least one hour/week, do extra cardio & strength training at least one hour/week.
2. Finish learning skills to do litigation support for new business w/hubby & friend, look into teaching &/or tutoring at local CCs, continue making & selling my crafts & finding new venues to sell them at.
3. Make a point to spend time with hubby at least a little every day. Schedule "date nights" with him. Remember to say "I love you" every day. Reorganize my office so it's not so cluttered, find a place for everything.
wish: to wear my smile more minutes of the day
wish: to HANDWRITE my daily goal and summation... it sinks in better when I handwrite.
wish: to dream and actualize a travel event for the family
I totally love this activity... thanks Report
1) After almost 6 months of hunting finally get a job.
2) Move out of my brother’s basement.
3) Finalize my divorce and more into my new life.