Learn How to Fill Your Plate--and Lose Weight!

By , Elizabeth Lowry, Staff Writer

We're here to give it to you straight: Losing weight can sometimes be hard work (okay, a lot of the time). You have to worry about portion sizes, eating the right mix of healthy foods, drinking enough water and keeping yourself accountable for what you eat.

What if we said we could serve up weight loss on a silver platter? While we can't exactly deliver it to your door--you still have to do the work--we did break down the facts in an easy-to-follow graphic that puts you on the path to weight loss success. 

Learn how to choose the appropriate plate size and what kinds of foods should fill up each section. If you're sick of the same old food choices, we have options for that, too. Choose from a list of healthy dairy, protein, fruits, vegetables and grain options that will inspire you to eat well and get healthy. 
Discover the secret to eyeballing portion sizes when you're on the go (a ping-pong ball dollop of peanut butter, anyone?) and ideas for swapping calorie- and sugar-laden beverages for water so you can make sure to drink your 64 ounces a day. 

Finally, learn to track your calories, water intake and exercise using the Nutrition Tracker on your desktop or mobile app

Ready to get started? Great! Give our silver platter a go, and let us know what you think! 

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MNABOY 6/17/2019
Good to know Report
Great information! Report
Just do mum’s or maybe for some gran’s meat and two veg meals and her portion sizes. Done and dusted easy if any of them were postwar brides Report
very good Report
TBUG0383 4/17/2019
Great article. Report
DRAGONFLY631 3/28/2019
Thanks for the info Report
Per this SparkPeople article https:// www.sparkpeople.com/resource/nutrit
a serving size of grains/cooked pasta/cooked rice is 1/2 cup, not one cup. Has SP revised its serving/portion size recommendations? Report
FRAN0426 2/21/2019
Love this article, great reminders of how much of some food we should be eating in reference to everyday things--thanks for the reminders Report
NETTY129 2/20/2019
Love the visual! Thanks!
KHALIA2 10/18/2018
Great info! Thanks! Report
NUOVA18 9/5/2018
Great information, thanks! Report
SPNGAL 8/19/2018
I loved the measurements guide, it helps a lot! Report
BABY_GIRL69 8/10/2018
I've given back in to drinking soda so I need to get back to water... Report
Lots of freggies, water, a bit of lean protein, a complex carb. Weight loss at its simplest. Report

Thanks for the great information. Report
great info Report
What lies behind us and what lies before us
are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson Report
Great article! Report
Great article. Even though I know this information, it is great to have a simplified "chart" to refer to in case you forget or need a quick reminder. Report
Love this article! Report
Awesome! Report
Interesting Report
You might be interested to learn that Canada recently revised their nutrition recommendations. For the first time, no food lobby representatives were part of the process. Guess what - Canada removed dairy from their recommendations completely. Report
and fats? Report
Wonderful article! Report
Thanks for a great article. Report
This is a great article! Report
Good basic reminders - thank you! Just an FYI - there is a typo on your 'Silver Platter' graphic - it says "How to fill YOU plate instead of YOUR plate". Report
Great article, thank you. Report
I measure at home (measuring cups, scale, etc...) but this is good knowledge for when we are not at home. Report
Great tips Report
This article is extremely important. Even though I learned all of this 8 years ago, I still review it from time to time. Report
I agree that using fist & thumb size is not a good idea for accurate measurements. My hand & thumb size would be close to being correct but my husband's hands & thumbs are more than double the size of mine so his would be way off. Report
Measuring cups or a scale take out quite a bit of guess work though. Fist & thumb sizes are not created equal. :-)
great info - thank you!
Measuring cups and an inexpensive food scale are really important. Here's a tip, when you buy a snack food, portion it out into single servings, instead of digging into the bag to get a handful - or more. There are lots of small snack bags you can use. One brand even has measurements on it. Report
Great article; thanks! Report
Great reminder. I still weigh and measure most food at home and this is helpful for times away from home.
Portion size counts. Report
Excellent and filled with information. I have posted this link for my new member class because of its basics filled charts and clear instruction especially for a new member. Great. Thank you. Report