We Ate It: Kraft Live Active Peanut Butter Chewy Granola Bar

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In the world of functional foods, probiotics are hot, hot, hot. And for good reason. These little guys are the helpful bacteria that live in your gut and fight the bad guys. Probiotics help reduce the growth of harmful bacteria and promote a healthy digestive system.
Where can you get them? In fermented foods like yogurt, sauerkraut and kimchi, and now, as it turns out, granola bars. Yes. Granola bars.
Kraft's new LiveActive Chewy Granola Bars, which they call "the first-ever, non-refrigerated bar containing both a live probiotic culture and fiber," are supposed to help your digestive tract as they quell your hunger.
They come in three flavors: Blueberry Almond, Chocolate Raspberry and Peanut Butter.
We tried the Peanut Butter flavor. We liked them, but honestly our tasters didn't notice any difference in their digestive systems. (Maybe that's the point?)

Here's what we thought (they were gobbled up so quickly I didn't get a photo of the actual bar):

Not all granola bars are created equal! This one's better.

This tasty snack provides a combination of good taste (salty and sweet), nice texture (not too chewy or too hard) and some nutritious value (3g of protein and 4g of fiber)!

A great peanut butter bar. I liked it. I'd eat it again.

Probi-what-ics? Didn't notice anything "different," but I liked them.
Have you tried these bars? Would you? How do you get your probiotics?

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I tried to find the ingredients list online (the box went out with the recycling earlier this week) to no avail. I really wish companies made it easier to navigate the nutrition sections of their websites. What are they trying to hide? :-) Report
I currently have an Odwalla Bar for lunch (ALL natural ingredients).
I tried finding the ingredients list online, but no luck (maybe because it is a new product) so I will be comparing labels. I'd be looking namely for HFCS since that was just an issue brought up in blogs and SP emails. Report
These sound like a great once in a while treat. I'll keep eating my yogurt as part of my breakfast ... I'm such a creature of habit ... but these bars sound like a nice mid day snack. Report
They sound ok but due to medical reasons I have to keep my carbs low and I just don't think those bars are going to be worth 25 grams. Report

I love these bars. I hate yogurt and the only kind I'd been able to stomach has nearly 3 times the sugar than these bars. One trade off is they don't have HFCS like the Fiber One bars. I have to get the probiotics and have even tried Kefir. It's more tolerable, but still .....that aftertaste....ugh. Also, if you want really good probiotic granola bars try Attune brand bars. They have different flavors (all good that I've had so far) and they have chocolate ones too. The chocolate ones just taste like dark chocolate--not like fake tootsie roll kind of chocolate. They have 5x the cultures than yogurt. Report
If they are on sale and I have a coupon maybe I will try them, but I do enjoy my yogurt.....but nice to have a change....so with my budget I would have to do some trading......who knows? Report
No thank you. I'll stick to my organic plain lowfat yogurt and Fiber One with a banana. Report
I haven't tried these yet but I do know that the grocery chain that I work for carries them and I will be trying them in the very near future. Report
Gee, what about regular old acodophilis, or yogurt, or vinegar-water, or umeboshi plum vinegar on greens? IMO, processed foods are generally pretty lacking in some important ways (like, being able to be traced back to their plant origins) -- I know not everyone feels this way, but I just prefer to get my foods in less processed forms. My impression is that these bars might be a gimmick to sell a lot of something you could get in a better form elsewhere. Report
I know this isn't exactly about these bars but what I want to know is: is Activia or Danactiv really better than any other store brand yogurt at regulating your digestion or is that just hype too? Report
I have tired this and I loved them there are 3 different ones.
But wondered how much corn sryup is in them....

Kitt Report
I like this granola bar a lot!!!! Peanut butter is always at the top of my cravings list, so to find a low-calorie, high-fiber (that, if you follow WW, is only 2 points) PB granola bar is such a treat! I like one with an apple for my afternoon snack. Keeps me satisfied for a loooong time. Report
I'd be interested to know how much saturated and trans-fat is in them, and how much HFCS. It's processed food, after all, and Kraft doesn't have a reputation for producing healthy food.

I'm not keen on these snacks, and this one sound like a marketing gimmick to me. There are so many other healthy choices available -- fresh fruit with low-fat unsweetened yogurt, for example. Report
I have been noticing a lot of probiotic foods lately. Can you get too many of them? I just wonder if having too much can cause other effects. Report
What causes a large number of people who are overweight NOT to be able to reach their goals is NEGATIVITY.

Here we are offered an alternative snack (something to be used on occasion - not as a full diet) and without a single person taking a single bite, they abjure an offering of a tasty offering of a healthful snack.

For crying out loud. One ounce of potato chips has as many calories, nowhere near the fiber or protein and a level of fat that is almost obscene.

Being more positive might help you achieve more goals - even ones that don't have anything to do with weight loss or nutrition. Report
I got a free sample of this bar in the grocery store and it was actually very good. I am not a fan of peanut butter bars, so I was skeptical, but it was good. I think the cals are a little high and the protein is a little low, though. I am sticking to my Special K bars. They only have 90 cals, and when I want a sweet fix, I grab a Chex Mix chocolate bar. It's got 140 cals and tons of chocolate! Report
The yogurts work like dynamite on my system ;-) so I don't think I want to bother with these bars. Report
only 3 grams of protein? no thanks! The bars I buy have 10-12. Now that's worth it to me! Report
I'd like to try them but I've never seen them in my grocery stores. They're not even on the Kraft Foods website. Anyone know were I can find them? Report
I think I will stick to my Dannon Acitivia Yogurt because it only has 140 calories and comes in some yummy flavors! Hmmmmm...I did not know that Kimchi was a probiotic! I'll have to ask my mom to make us some! Report
At the Health Food Store you can buy the tablets, if you really feel you need them. Report
I have to check out a little more on them before I try them. Like others have said would like to see a list of all the ingredients. Thanks for letting us know they are out there though. Report
I have not tried them but would be willing to give them a try. Yogurt, as much as I love it, always gives me gas! Maybe this would be better. Report
The peanut butter bars are excellent with a banana!!! Report
I would really like to see the ingrident list when this kind of thing is blogged. I avoid added sugars and the total carb count doesn't make it for me. Also, how did they add these probiotics???? I think I'll stick to my organic, plain low-fat yogurts. Thank you. Report
I have tried the blueberry flavor and really enjoyed it. I usually buy Kashi granola bars but these are good for a change of pace. Report
Probiotic's is the new buzz word. Yogurt the real stuff always had it. So does lots of food naturally. Check the other list of ingredients probably has HFC in it. Have not seen them here in Canada yet. Report
sounds good - I'll give them a try Report
I've been eating Post's Live Active Mixed Berry Crunch & Active Lifestyle's Instant Oatmeals (I really really like the pecan & maple sugar). I have already noticed a difference since I usually have a lot of digestive issues. I will definitely be trying these Granola bars next, thanks for the heads up! Report
I have not tried these yet, but I will. I usually have probiotic's in my yogurt. Report
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