Keep Your Resolutions with These 15 Health & Fitness Essentials

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After the countdown is over and the confetti has been swept up, millions of Americans hang up their party hats and switch to self-improvement mode. Whether your resolutions include eating healthier, exercising regularly, stretching more or finally kicking that bad habit once and for all, you can boost your chances of success with some tools made with that purpose in mind.  

Resolution: Eat Healthier Foods 

1. Meal Prep Containers: These handy LIFT containers can go from the freezer to the microwave to the dishwasher. Lightweight, stackable and compact, they make it easy-to-prepare, properly portioned, nutritious meals ahead of time.
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2. On-the-Go Salad Container: This two-level container keeps wet and dry ingredients separate and fresh, so you can easily assemble salads at the office or on the go.togosalad.png
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3. Ninja Professional Blender: This versatile countertop companion makes it easy to sneak more fruits and veggies into your diet. Use it to make healthy smoothies, blend ingredients into sauces and dips, and puree vegetables for soup.

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4. Plastic Freezer Jars: These meal-prep essentials have transparent lids so you can easily see the contents at a glance. The leak-proof construction is freezer- and dishwasher-friendly.

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Resolution: Exercise More

5. SparkPeople Mobile: With our food and exercise tracking app, logging your daily food intake and activity is a breeze.


6. Under Armour Women's Base Crew: We love how this lightweight base layer wicks away moisture while trapping in heat, keeping you comfortable during outdoor winter workouts.

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7. Saucony Guide Women's Running Shoes: The right pair of athletic shoes can make all the difference between inspiration and injury. These runners offer a mix of cushioned comfort and light stability.

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8. Fitbit Charge 2: This fitness wristband tracks your heart rate, steps, activity, calorie burn, sleep and more, motivating you to keep moving.

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Resolution: Reduce Stress and Relax

9. Meditation Book: Reap the life-enriching benefits of meditation in just minutes a day with 52 easy-to-follow lessons.

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10.  Essential Oils: Aromatherapy has been shown to lift the mood, boost energy and improve the health of mind, body and spirit. This set includes lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, lemongrass and sweet orange.

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11.HemingWeigh High-Density Yoga Mat: This double-sided, non-slip mat adds cushioned support during yoga, Pilates, stretching and floor exercises.

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Resolution: Get Organized

12. Spice Rack Stand: By keeping your spices organized and easily accessible, cooking will become easier, more flavorful and, hopefully, more frequent. This sturdy steel stand comes complete with bottles and labels so you can customize your spice collection.

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13.  Storage Canisters: Made from durable acrylic, these clear storage canisters are ideal for keeping quinoa, rice, granola and whole-grain pastas fresh and accessible.
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14. Gym Organizers: Keep resistance bands, jump ropes, jackets and gym bags off the floor and easily accessible with these super-strong magnetic wall hooks.

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15. Motivational Planner: Boost productivity, happiness and motivation by recording and monitoring your goals.

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What items do you rely on to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

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Clearly these items are not necessary for one to become fit...except for the shoes. Wearing a shoe specifically designed for the type of workouts you do can help prevent injury. I will add that my Charge 2 is amazing. The changes Fitbit made in this second generation heart rate tracker are solid. Knowing how hard my heart is working has been a pivotal piece in understanding how I burn calories and how my active minutes influence this. I have PCOS, which for me translates into an almost nonexistent metabolism. The data from my device has helped me understand what I need to do to nudge the scale down. My piece of equipment to add as a want, my game changer, my AppleTV...sorry Android users I don't know of an equivalent. The beauty of AppleTV is that it will project on my TV whatever is on my phone...a SparkTV workout, a workout from YouTube. This has made working out at home infinitely better...and easier. Report
I need a Ninja?!? really! and a FitBit? and of course only saucony shoes? Don't know about anyone else but I keep fit without most of the items you say are necessary. Report
Camelbak water bottle. Workouts are scheduled by the club weekly online by time and fitness instructor so I know what I will be doing, with whom and when. Report
Gee whiz, how did people in past decades get fit without all these gadgets and cutesy clothes?? Report
Currently relying on apps. I have my google fit app connected to SparkPeople so that automatically logs my walks, runs and steps and then I also have an app called HabitBull which I used to log my planned exercises, keep track of my water intake, daily stretches and even flossing. So far they are working :). I've ordered a cheap fitness tracker to try out and hopefully that will mean I won't have to carry my phone with me all the time.

I would like more storage containers especially stack-able ones for the pantry. Report
I definitely rely on my planner! I schedule my workouts for the week and track in it. I treat the workouts like an appointment so I don't miss them. Plus, writing it down helps me remember easier and stay more accountable. Planners for everyone!!! :) Report