Jen's Goals for the New Year

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Happy New Year, everyone! Hopefully 2011 has gotten off to a great start, and you've been thinking about how to make this year even better than the last. I'm not a big fan of New Year's Resolutions. I think it's good to make positive changes in your life just because you think you should- not because the calendar says it's time to try again. But I've been thinking about what I want to accomplish this year, and hopefully I've come up with some goals that will help me become more of the person I'm always striving to be.

1. Simplify my life. I've never been someone who likes a lot of "stuff". I'm not a pack-rat, and I don't buy things just to buy them. (That's probably why I still have things in my closet from high school.) One of the most important things for me to teach my children is that things don't matter. What matters are the people in your life and the experiences you share, not the latest gadget or hottest fashion accessory. Whenever possible, I will set the example to help them learn this lesson. It's been hard for me to develop a plan for how I'm going to reach this goal, but it's a general way of living that I hope to embrace more this year.

2. Plant a garden and purchase locally. I've been talking about doing this for years, and finally decided that this Spring, my backyard garden is going to happen. I'm also committing to buying locally whenever possible, both for the environmental and health benefits.

3.Run a race with friends. I have a number of "running buddies" in various parts of the country. We've always talked about doing a race together, but just never formalized the plans. Running has become a solitary activity for me since having kids, and I miss the days when I used to run with friends. Even if it's just an in-town 10K, I plan to do a race with others this year.

4. Improve my posture. I blogged about my posture issues a while back. I still haven't developed a plan for how to improve it, but it's something I think about daily. I just need to commit to doing it, so it looks like the time is now!

As you can probably tell, I've created plans for some of my goals but others are still a work-in-progress. Develop a plan of action to ensure that you reach all of your goals for the coming year. It's never too late to make changes to your life- big or small- that will help you become the person you've always dreamed of being. Do what it takes to make this your best year yet!

What are some of your goals for this year? How are you going to achieve them?

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We indeed are all a work in progress! Thank you for sharing. Simplifying my life is something I strive for and continuing to work on. Report
For improving your posture I HIGHLY recommend Iyengar yoga. I got such compliments from my physical therapist for my great posture which I completely credit to the 2 years of Iyengar yoga. Report
I like those goals and am going to follow suit with simplifying! Report
My goals are to find a good dermatologist to help with my skin issues, get 10 minutes of cardio everyday, and cut out soda. Report
Mine are declutter and simplify my house and life in general. Everything I get rid of will be tossed or donated to the clothing pantry. Work on consistency, and do well in college. Report
Gardening How To, is another good site to check our for Gardeners. I'm a lifetime Member. I get the Magazine now too, for life.
I just got back online after a 7 Month leave due to some Health issues with my hip/leg {see my blog}, but am glad to be back online and with SP. I missed you all so much.
I don't do Resolutions either, but I am going to do as I need too as time allows and keep praying for others as well as myself. Report
If you are planning to start gardening, do it in a manageable way. Go to for a great way to start gardening small, but sustainable and successful. Report
Love the live simply idea - I've been thinking along those lines as well. My family is currently living in a small rental while we look to purchase a home and it has really made all of our stuff that much more visible. So many things we don't even touch - I plan on going through a box/closet a week and donating/recycling whenever possible.
pick a date..let's race...half-marathon??? Report
Great blog!

I think the comment that had the most impact for me was "I think it's good to make positive changes in your life just because you think you should- not because the calendar says it's time to try again. But . . . hopefully I've come up with some goals that will help me become more of the person I'm always striving to be."

My main goal is to stay focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This involves many factors including proper nutrition, positive attitude, physical fitness, and overall appreciation of the life that is mine to live.

I think these are great goals; I am particularly interested in the posture one because bad posture has alwways been a problem for me. I amaware and work on it but posture, like weight, seems to be a battle I constantly wage.
I think building the consistency is the foundational goal for this year's goal of getting all the weight off and having a balanced body. I need variety, yet I'm adapting well to routine, so I'm going to meld this into weekly, if not daily consistency. Report
very practical!
You can totally do it! Report
Good goals. As usual, most of my goals were writing related but I also decided to do a different goal this year. I'm going to learn to walk in heels. I don't wear them often and it makes my feet hurt when I have to so I figured I'd practice at home. If I wear heels a couple times a week even for half an hour or so, then it might get easier. That is the plan at least. Report
Nice goals. Good luck at them. My goals are to go for that hike Dennis and I talked about. To get out of a really bad marriage. To get a part time job to go with my other part time job. And to finish my therapy work. Report
I love your goals, Jen, especially simplifying your life, better posture AND running with friends! Sounds like a PERFECT plan to me!!! Report
Great plan! Report
A garden is in my future...the park district in our area even offers a free course in late winter for planning a garden. Should be interesting! Report
Hi Jen, I think i want to borrow some of your goals. simplify life, garden, and i am going to dust off my bike and go for a ride. There is one thing u can do for your posture and its called T-Tapp. I have purchased a dvd from teresa tapp that does some back stretches that improve your spine. I have gained flexibility from doing the stretches and i stand taller. check it out! Report
Thought provoking post...
Inspiring Report
Great goals. I especially like the one about simplifying your life. Too much hustle, bustle and stress out there. Good job! Report
I too have to work on the better posture. My chiroprator said I am getting a slump so I am forever conscience of my posture which is difficult at work since I am bent over in a slumped position all the time while working. Thanks for sharing. Report
As a massage therapist I am always telling people that the way to change posture comes simply by being aware. Once you are aware of poor posture, when you feel yourself getting to that point, correct yourself. Once you start correcting yourself, you will notice more times poor posture comes into play, and you'll correct yourself again. After a while, it becomes natural to have better posture. We will always find ourselves in a poor posture from time to time, but as in weight loss, don't beat yourself up, straighten up and keep going. Times/things to watch: slouched shoulders and forward head posture; at the computer, at the desk, while standing, sitting on the couch, etc, etc. Report
To better your posture I would recommend a good chiropractor. Most chiropractors do posture analysis... you could have an abnormal curve in your spine or have weak muscles that are not holding your posture correctly. A chiropractor could really help you feel more "straight". If you need help finding a chiropractor send me a message and I can help find you one. Report
Simplify (already started organizing the house!), run more, plant a garden of all our favorite veggies, and I wanted to do roller derby, but the hubs says I'm too small now and I'll be killed!

Oh, and to start sewing again! Report
One of my main goals this year is to simplify my life. I have become a little bit of a pack rat and have passed that on to my child so I need to break that habit for both of our sakes. I also want to spend more time with friends. Report
What has improved my posture A LOT over the past year is doing yoga. Now I am also aware of how I'm standing and sitting so I can correct as needed. An added benefit is that I feel I appear leaner. Report
I have two New Year's resolutions. The first is to find a new job that challenges me and where I can be proud of what I do. The second is to run another half marathon. I felt wonderful last year when I was running and I want to get back to that place. This will help me stay on track with exercise, nutrition, drinking enough water and doing something for myself.

Good luck, everyone! Report
Goal this year is to get to the end of this weight loss 'journey' and then to maintain a more comfortable weight.

I'm with you on the simplicity goal. That's a continuing goal for me. My motto for that is "Use it or lose it." So I worked on cleaning up my knitting stash this past year with good success and started the New Year with a clean, simplified house. Report
I'm thinking about taking a night school class to learn Spanish. I'm going to check the local adult education courses to see what's available. I'd also like to learn to play guitar. One of my co-workers moonlights in a band as a guitarist and he said he'd teach me a few chords.

We'll see how the year goes... Report
I have one New Year's Resolution this year: to spend more time with my cat. He gets lonely while I'm in grad school so I want to make an effort to spend time with him daily. I will do this by scheduling a small amount of time every day on my calendar so that we can have a consistent routine.

The fact that this was my only New Year's Resolution (I used to make about 20) tells me that I'm growing a lot more comfortable with myself. Of course I'll continue to work on other goals throughout the year, including my weight-loss and fitness goals, but overall I'm pretty happy with where I'm at. Report
I plan to get off sugar and soda and so far this year, I am OFF.
I plan to eat less in volume and make healthier choices.
I plan to MOVE in stead of sit like I have been doing. My couch has a deep indent where I've been slumped for waaaaay to long!
I like YOUR ideas and you have thought them through so I think you've invested in them. Let's both just follow through! Report
Posture is one of mine too! I saw a picture of myself sitting with my niece and nephew and I was thinking, "Oh no no no, I will NOT have a hunched over back for the rest of my life!" It's hard to keep reminding myself about it, but I put up little notes and things.. hopefully slowly my posture will improve over the year. :) Report
When I began to create goals, I started small and built upon them weekly. Goals have become an important part of my life.
Your goals are great, Good Luck. Report
A simple life - that's a great goal. Thanks for sharing Report
if you figure out that posture thing share it please. at 61 i have poor posture and don't have a plan or even know how to start a plan for posture. Report
I too decided to call them goals this year and not resolutions. I choose 7 goals - one for 7 areas in my life. My goal is to implement some aspect of the goals so that my the end of the year I have made progress in each area - even if the progress is small. I want attainable and sustainable changes. 2012 will come in a year and I can continue on this journey. I don't have to do it all at once! Report
I'm walking / jogging 1000 miles this year (at 3 miles per day, its very doable). The rest of my goals (weightloss and fitness) should be a natural consequence of this first goal :-) Report
Very doable -- Good Luck! Report
Love the simplicity; attainable & worthwhile. Spark on! Report
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