Is Wheaties FUEL the New Breakfast for Champions?

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The familiar orange box and 'breakfast of champions' slogan has been an American icon for generations. For many athletes, being featured on the box is a goal and dream come true when it happens. In 1921, Wheaties was discovered by accident and because of wise marketing decisions, an association with sports started a decade later. Since that time, Wheaties has been associated with many accomplished athletes such as Mary Lou Retton and Michael Jordan as well as other well-known icons such as Ronald Regan, The Lone Ranger, and Mickey Mouse. The tie with sports and fitness has helped Wheaties remained 'The Breakfast of Champions'.

Now there is a new cereal, 'By Champions, For Champions'. Will Wheaties FUEL with its distinctive black box accomplish the same iconic status? Is it something you should consider including in your healthy diet?

Performance Nutrition Expert, Dr. John Ivy worked with five of the world's leading athletes to create a cereal that in their opinion has the best balance of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals to boost athletic energy, endurance and performance. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you decide if this new cereal is necessary or worth inclusion in your healthy lifestyle.

Male focus - With professional athletes such as Quarterback Peyton Manning and all around baseball great Albert Pujols helping create and market this new cereal, marketing focus indicates this could be a cereal by men, for men.

Focus on whole grains - This is not new and is an ongoing focus with the regular formulation of Wheaties as well. Wheaties FUEL uses whole grain wheat just like the regular formation but also includes rice flour, whole grain oats, and corn bran as well. It is important to note that a larger serving size provides more grains from FUEL but in equal serving sizes, it does provide 10 grams more total carbohydrate however some of that is from additional sugar.

Excellent source of fiber - There is more fiber in the new FUEL formulation compared to an equal serving size of the regular formulation but not significantly with the new formulation providing 3.75 grams in a three-fourths cup serving compared to only 3 grams in the regular formulation.

Focus on five specific B-vitamins - Many products are fortified with B vitamins, cereals being some of the most common. Because you don't always see the 'B' designation, you might not realize that common cereal fortifiers include B vitamins such as thiamin (B-1), riboflavin (B-2), niacin (B-3), and folic acid (B-9). Wheaties FUEL is fortified with thiamin, riboflavin, Niacin, vitamin B-6 and B-12 just like the regular formulation of Wheaties but just at a slightly higher level. Since FUEL is intended for men, it does not have the folic acid fortification of the standard cereal.

The Bottom Line

The Breakfast of Champions has just taken it up a notch with the introduction of the new Wheaties FUEL. The marketing intent and focus appears to be male in nature. The cereal itself seems to be a combination of Wheaties and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. This is where the cautions come in to play. FUEL contains about 10 grams more sugar per serving than regular Wheaties and 4 grams more per serving than Cinnamon Toast Crunch according to Mr While it does provide fiber, it isn't at a level of significance from regular Wheaties when you look at it on a per serving basis. In a one cup serving of FUEL, you get 100% of five B-vitamins, however, woman of reproductive age should take note that folic acid is not one of them.

Taste reviews have been very positive so if you think Wheaties are ok but lack flavor, Wheaties FUEL may just provide what you are looking for. However, if you are fine with the regular old 'breakfast of champions', unless you find FUEL on sale, you might want to stick with the gold standard. Because of the larger serving size of FUEL (1 cup serving) compared to regular Wheaties (3/4 cup serving), you get half as many servings from FUEL as you would from the same size box of regular Wheaties. With a typical box selling for about $4, that may influence your choice as well.

Had you seen any of the ads for FUEL or heard about the new Wheaties cereal? What do you think about this new direction for the breakfast of champions?

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I have seen the box around the store and thought it sounded pretty good. But unless they come out with a female focused version I won't be trying it. I enjoy my nice warm bowl of oatmeal in the morning and it's so interesting that so many other people do too! Report
I think it is pretty good. I like yogurt and granola, but granola can be so high in fat and calories. I like Kashi Go Lean, but it can be expensive. This was relatively in expensive, tastes good, and was more nutritious that other options. Report
Despite Joliffe pointing out that this product has more sugar than the other, way down the bottom of the post, this reads as a blatant advertorial. I don't mind the ads all over spark people - someone has to pay for it - but if ads are going to slip into areas that supposedly give nutritional advice, there is going to be a problem.

This is my first visit to dailyspark and the first article I've read is an all out ad.
I won't be back. Report
I eat oatmeal and avoid all the expensive hype. Report
Never heard of it either. Doesn't sound to me like there is that much nutrition in it. Lots of hype. I think I prefer oatmeal with dried apricots! Report
Never have heard of it till now. I am like Sara- wholesome shredded wheat. I love it . Report
Just finished a bowl of this and I have to say I've eaten better cereals. Kashi are some of my favorites and this one just doesn't hold a candle to them. It's higher in calories for some odd reason. That's not to say that I won't eat this cereal from time to time, but if I'm going to eat a high calorie cereal; it's going to be an old favorite. Report
I remember seeing an ad on the back of my box of Wheaties for some kind of change coming so this must be what it was. It sounds ok but not any reason to chuck the old stuff. I actually really like plain ol' Wheaties, even dry. I forgot to take my box to school with me and now I'm sad :( Report
I've seen the ads, but I will stick with my Cheerios because of the lower sugar. Report
This is a new one for me. Why all the sugar I wonder? Probably a good marketing strategy though. I can see this being something my fiance would buy not taking into account the serving size difference when looking at the nutritional info. Report
This is the first I have heard of Wheaties Fuel, I guess I didn't realize they still made Wheaties! We used to eat them alot when I was growing up since I had two younger brothers who were complete jocks (none of the athletic abilities came to me). I always did like the taste of the original, would love to taste this new one. Report
I have not heard any advertisement about FUEL, but I have seen the black box in the grocery store and was wondering what it was about. I don't think the marketing of the cereal will tempt children more then it would adults, and therefore should not have been loaded with so much sugar and instead, been given more fiber by at least a couple grams. After reading the article, I am not impressed that FUEL contains the perfect balance of carbs/proteins/etc. I will stick with my Arrowhead Mills hot cereals and Kashi cereals. Report
I like my oatmeal with dried cranberries...keeps me going all morning :) Report
I don't eat most breakfast cereals so I probably wouldn't try this. However, there are so many cereals geared and marketed toward woman so I think Wheaties Fuel is a great idea. Report
I like Kashi GoLean! Report
I'll stick with my raisen bran! Report
I "grew up' on Wheaties. My Dad worked evenings and got home about 9 p.m.
My sister and I would wait up so we could have a bowl of Wheaties with him.
But, this was before they started adding so much to the "recipe". Don't think
I would try the new one. Report
I've never heard of the Fuel but I have never cared for the Wheaties. I also believe that it's alot of hype. There's better choices on the market for breakfast. Report
Not enough fiber for me. Report
I eat oatmeal. Although, I do also buy Kashi Go Lean. The only cereal I like that I trust the ingredients of. Report
I don't really want all the sugar they added.... sorry! Report
I saw it and bought a box but I haven't tried it yet. I'm anxious to see how good it is. =D Report
More sugar than a typical "sugary cereal"? No thanks. I haven't seen this in the store but i am usually too busy grabbing my usual Kashi Go Lean, Rice krispies, Oats, Shredded Wheat and/or Bran Flakes. Wheaties are too expensive for me. Report
It is a shame they had to add all this sugar. Report
Never heard of it and I'm not really interested in it. I already have my breakfast foods. Report
If a 3/4 cup serving of Wheaties has 3 grams of fiber,
and a 4/4 cup serving of FUEL has 3.75 grams of fiber,
then the original Wheaties formulation actually has *higher* fiber by volume. Report
No, I don't think I will try this Fuel cereal. I do like Wheaties, but very rarely buy them. I mostly eat oatmeal, with a bit of honey or fresh fruit atop. Report
My hubby loves Wheaties! I have to bulk up on them when they are on sale because they are a little pricey. I haven't seen any of the ads, but don't plan on trying it myself. Most days I eat a fiber rich english muffin with some honey and a glass of milk for breakfast or grab some yogurt--I have a sweet tooth! Report
How do I feel about it? About the same way I feel about 99% of the cereal out there. Why bother? Give me oatmeal, mixed grain hot cereal, etc. - anything where I know and can pronounce all the ingredients and monitor all the additives. Report
I have steel cut oatmeal most of the time for breakfast - at my bulk store, it only costs $0.67 a lb! It has great flavor, and I don't use sugar; either use stevia or other natural sweetner. Report
No, I've not heard of this cereal. I probably won't try it for the added sugar being a diabetic. Report
Sugar is the third ingredient on the list, along with honey, brown sugar syrup, and corn syrup as additional sweeteners. No, I won't be trying this any time soon... Report
I never believe the ads that come out, of course they make it sound wonderful because they want to sell the product. I am a label reader and really look for whole grains in cereal. Report
I prefer High Fiber Quaker oatmeal for breakfast with OJ and a banana...It gets me going in the afternoon. I've seen the ads...I don't think I'll be buying the Wheaties FUEL Report
Never had Wheaties before. I don't think I want to try either the original or this one. I'd try the original over this gimmicky version, though. Report
This is just yet another clever marketing scam. If you read the box closely there is 14 grams of sugar per serving and it is all refined processed sugar. Nothing natural or healthy about it! Stick with regular oats or organic. Report
Not for me either, does sound good, but I like the Fiber One Cereals also and my Cherrios! Report
I prefet high protein, high fiber cereal on the days I eat cold cereal. Report
I'll stick to my oatmeal and milk doesn't always agree with me anyway. I dont' use milk in my oatmeal Report
I still prefer "real" food for breakfast, like brown rice, oatmeal, or quinoa with fruit and soymilk. And we can eat this hot or cold. I usually add cinnamon for flavor, but never added sugar! Report
I haven't seen this in San Antonio; might try it once. Report
I'll stick with Fiber One brands and Post Raisin Bran Report
Had not heard of this 'new' cereal, but out of curiousity may try it; tend to love all cereals but in my cupboard tend to always have one of the kashi cereals; wheat chex, grapenuts and oatmeal..the plain kind. Report
I havent seen the ad yet.. BUT I use to love the regular Wheaties... I NOW eat my own home cooked oatmeal & LOVING it!!.. (NO SUGAR);-) Report
I have not seen ads for FUEL yet. And I probably won't purchase this product. I'll stick with my Kashi Go Lean for its high protein and fiber content, with low sugar. Report
why is the advertisment saying its made by men for men
that sounds bias.
I'll just stick to my Kelloggs Special K redberrys cereal.
which is for anybody.
I don't watch much television, I have not see commericals for the product. I think this might not be a good forum to ask about a cereal intended for athletes. SparkPeople has as great number of people who are consumed with a fear of sugar and calories.

For someone who is active the day-long, the cereal seems to be balanced. The black box is certain to draw the attention of young men who are concerned about image at the breakfast table. The color black does suggest raw power.

I do hope they do not dispose of the standard orange-box's been one of my favorites for too many years. Report
I thought the cereal was a little high in calories and especially sugar. If I see it on sale I might try it, but I'm pretty satisfied with other cereals like All-Bran, Grape Nuts, Kashi, etc. Report
I have found that Wheaties has a significant higher content of Sodium than some other cereals, so I have replaced Wheaties with Kashi Heart to Heart Honey Toasted Oat Cereal, Kashi GoLean High Protein & High Fiber Cereal , and Kashi Autumn Wheat. We alternate cold cereal with Old Fashioned Oatmeal October to April or as long as the cold weather lasts in PA. Report
Too much sugar and carbs for me. I don't generally eat processed cereals for that reason. Prefer old fashioned oats. Report
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