Introducing 'The SparkPeople Blog'

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You might have noticed that something's different on your favorite healthy living blog this morning. As of today, the DailySpark is now The SparkPeople Blog. You'll get the same everyday tips on healthy living from the same SparkPeople's experts. It's just in a new place, with a slightly different, easier-to-remember name. And, yes, you'll still get your SparkPoints for reading.

The SparkPeople Blog now lives on, rather than on a separate website. Not to worry--you will still be able to find all your favorite DailySpark blog posts both via the SparkPeople Blog and any favorites you might have saved. And you'll continue to see SparkPeople Blog posts in our daily emails and elsewhere across the site.

We started the DailySpark in 2008, and a lot has changed since then. We've doubled the size of our editorial staff, drastically increased the amount of content we produce, and taken on new mediums--including two new books, several e-books, SparkPeople Radio, and social media. This shift allows us to continue to produce the same quantity of content but we aren't limited to the blog format. We're branching out and evolving with the times: expect more graphics, photos, slideshows, and videos in addition to our articles.

The SparkPeople Blog will house all SparkPeople announcements, including Success Stories in the news, our healthy links roundups, blog posts from our editorial and advertising partners, and site update notices, which we previously shared on our SP_STAFF SparkPage blog. We will no longer be sending out our DailySpark Digest emails.

As always, we're committed to bringing you smart, savvy stories to help you be your healthiest and happiest. Spark Cheers!

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Ok so I am not new to sparkpeople however with social media I decided to go the route of not having to remember which email I used to log in with and the password., so I decided to use my Facebook account. I first found sparkpeople when I was deployed to afghanistan in 2007 and I weighed 223 pounds. The bad thing there was I was restricted to what I could and when I could eat so it was not my normal society. I did really well with sparkpeople as I had the time to log all the things I did and ate. When I left Afghanistan I weighed 193 pounds and that was 6 months later. I am back at 223 and now more than ever I need to make sure I can find the time to do this right again. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in March and I am at a pretty severe level according to the doctors. I am active duty military and the chances of me not being in shape and making the grade as they call it will risk the opportunity for me to continue my military service. I plan on getting blood work done next week to test the major things in the body just so that I make sure all my levels are correct. I also plan starting a Navy program called ShipShape on August 8th to help me with these goals. I like making friends so don't be afraid to say hello. I volunteer with a non profit and have been since it started in 2008, it's name is
I can be reached email wise at
Mike Gordon Report
I'm new to but I've already lost 5 pounds! I'm so excited to have found such a website that won't cost me an arm and a leg. I am also excited to find chair workouts as I am in a wheelchair. Please keep up the great work you are doing! Morgan6062 Report
my fitness tracker says i am burning too many calories and i need to reset my goals. I went into my fitness needs and changed it to what i am really burning but it did not change my calorie goals as far as what i need to eat. I dont know what to do. Report
While you are making changes how about changing the wording at the bottom of a page. Making 'Back' be Newer and 'Read More Entries' be Older or Past would make more sense for moving from page to page.

I am also with some of the others regarding having read something only to get to the bottom and find points have already been earned! Report
SP said there was a glitch which they are trying to fix which marked a lot of blogs as read when actually they were not Report
I'm not able to get my SparkPoints for reading the article on some of the blogs...they are already marked as read. Report
The new format's ok, but the recycling isn't. Blogs are mostly useful because they are current. 3-year-old data is likely not very helpful (prices on the $20-food one) and the 10 cardio mistakes would, if valid, be more useful as an article.

The points thing? I agree with a pp, that if you are going to recycle, new points should probably be an option, but that's not a major issue for me the way keeping current is. Report
So if you are going to recycle old blogs as new ones, why not let those of us who were around to read them the first time get points? It's frustrating to find that I've already earned points for all the so called new blogs just posted. I guess I will have to stop visiting this "new" feature. Report
This is definitely a great change! Report
That familiar button is not showing up any more on either iPhone or PC Mozilla Firefox platform. I have used it for years and was looking for it and talked to Support staff and I guess I will make screen shots . Thanks Report
@Proverbs31julia: You can still save blogs to favorites. Click the button that says "save" with a heart and checkmark next to it. Report
The main thing I've noticed both with this "new" change and with the more recent "change" about the past month or so and that's the disappearance of the "Save To Favorites" button. It's all about liking on Facebook or G++ or Twittering etc but no where can I save it. It's also not consistent in showing the SparkPoint as "used" once I've clicked on it (either her on PC or on my iPhone Safari browser). I really miss having the "saved" button, so I can see at a glance that I have seen something before and have already earned the SparkPoints for it. It just helps me manage my time online better. Can you put the "Saved To Favorites" button back on??? Thanks!! Report
GREAT!!! I Welcome The Change! Each Day We GROW and CHANGE! Thanks for Keeping Us Informed and Giving Us Access To So Many Things To Help Our Journey Of A Lifetime!!! Love & Blessings! :))))))) Report
This makes a lot of sense, and should make navigating a little bit easier for sure. Thanks. Report