Can You Lose Weight on the Jellybean Diet?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
I am so tired of hearing about silly diets such as this one we made up. I didn’t lose weight on the Jellybean Diet, and in fact, I’ve never even heard of it; although I would not be surprised if it exists.  Every day I hear about some new diet designed to help you quickly and easily lose weight so that you never have to worry about that number on the scale again.  If only it were that simple.  Weight loss is hard, and even though we know better, it’s still easy to get sucked into believing these claims.    
The latest diet making headlines is the “Starbucks Diet”, after Christine Hall claims she lost 85 pounds by eating only Starbucks foods for all of her meals.  She started each day with oatmeal and black coffee (145 calories), and then ate a Starbucks Bistro Box or Panini for lunch and dinner (estimated to be 220-460 calories each.)Hall says it was easy to count calories because the nutritional information is all on the packaging.  She says she feels better than she has in years, and the aches and pains she used to attribute to normal aging are now gone.   She’s not the first person to try this kind of diet.  Jared Fogle became a spokesperson for Subway after he lost hundreds of pounds on the “Subway Diet”. 
What’s wrong with diets like this if they make people feel better and help them lose weight?  Well, I would challenge that weight loss is only part of the equation.  You also need to consider the effect these diets have on your health.  Counting calories is a great concept, and something SparkPeople frequently recommends.  But it’s not just about calories, it’s also about the quality of the food you’re eating and the nutrients it provides.  Where are all of the fruits and vegetables?  How about enough servings dairy?  Is she getting enough fiber, calcium, iron or other essential nutrients?  Yes, she might be losing weight, but at what cost (both to her health, and her pocketbook?)      
Repeat after me:  DIETS DON’T WORK.  What works is developing a style of eating you can maintain for the rest of your life.  The problem with any “diet” is that most people can’t keep them going forever.  So as soon as you start eating normally again, the weight comes back.  People who have successfully lost weight and kept it off have made changes to their diet that they can live with forever.  It’s really that simple. 
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What do you think?  Is it better to lose the weight, no matter the method?  Or is it better to do it in a healthy way, even if that takes much longer? 

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SNUZYQ2 4/25/2021
All so true! Thank you for sharing! Report
PATRICIAAK 3/24/2021
:) Report
RAPUNZEL53 9/17/2020
Interesting Report
Real, long term change is healthy, real food eating and regular fun exercise. Report
Oh well...not a big jelly bean fan anyway so probably wouldn’t have tried it even if it had worked. Report
Had to read this one Report
Interesting Report
Thanks for the information. Report
I've done my share of fad diets. Yes, I lost weight, but usually gained it back and then some. In the end, it left me with 80 pounds to lose. Report
Better healthy than skinny. Thanks Report
Healthy and lots of fresh veggies! Report
Healthy whole foods are the way to go! Report
For a moment there I really envisioned myself finally losing weight because of jelly beans 😂😂😂 Report
Avoid the fad diets... Report
Diets seem to work as a temporary jump start to lose an initial "bit" of weight but NEVER work as a long term plan. People don't understand that for some reason. It all goes out the window as soon as you start eating regular foods. Report
Healthy beats it all. Report
I don't see how diets work in the long run-nobody is going to live on this forever Report
lifestyles work Report
I believe that there are really no DIETS! Most people want an easy way to shed weight, but aren't willing to work for it! If it seems like an easy diet, they try it and most probably don't lose any weight then are depressed about it! To lose weight, the ONLY sure way to lose and keep it off is to eat MINDFULLY in moderation and exercise. Sitting on the couch wishing you were outside walking, running or playing with the kids won't cut it! You MUST GET UP AND MOVE. Not planning what you are going to eat and tracking it, is yet another thing people aren't willing to do!! Anything is achievable if you want it badly enough and are willing to SACRIFICE for it! Report
If the diet, whatever extreme it may be, leaves you looking good, in a smaller size, that may be the needed incentive and as you transition from what got you slim to something more sustainable, you are probably doing it with a gut that takes less to feel full. Report
Who is Christine Hall? Hostess at a bowling alley? Report
You have to laugh at all the crazy fads Report
This is kind of funny Report
Lol - I'd have tried it once upon a time... Report
Diets can be temporary fixes, not healthy and convince you that you can do it. It doesn't teach you how to eat right nor exercise as it's a life style change. We can do it, SparkFriends. Keep pushing Report
I see a lot of people following fad diets. I've done my share of it. In the end, they left me fat because I always gained the weight back. the worst part is it left me at age 60 believing I could not lose weight and I was stuck being fat forever. A healthy lifestyle works, both in losing weight and maintaining the weight loss.
Gee. I'd be willing to try! Report
Its not enough diet - I believe in plan - changing food list. But Starbucks diet "inspired" me :D Report
Losing weight means changing your lifestyle, eating in moderation, drinking lots of fluid and exercising. There is no quick fix to losing. Everyone loses differently. If you don't LEARN HOW to eat, you will always, always, always gain it back and sometimes two or three fold! After all, doesn't DIET means....Did I Eat That??? :D SparkCheers, Report
WOW are you nuts? That has to be the funniest one I have heard of yet. I know losing weight takes time there is no quick fixes, I would rather the right way, even if it takes longer than loosing to fast and gaining it back a month later. Report
The Jellybean Diet is great, actually. You can eat all the fruit-flavored jellybeans you want, but for each one you eat, you accompany it with a serving of vegetables. Report
I've been overweight all my life and tried multiple diets ranging from diet pills to acupuncture. Truth is as stated above as soon as I came off them I gained the weight back. Now at the age of 44 I finally figured it out it's all about well balanced meals and some good old fashioned exercise which is finally allowing me to be fit and healthy. I'm down 37lbs in a little over a year and a half and feeling the best I've ever felt. Report
The answer of course is "both". There are very serious benefits to taking off the weight, but the weight needs to stay off or of course the benefits are lost. A "diet" won't work because it is by nature a short-term solution, but it can be a viable way to jump-start a healthy lifestyle and capitalize on early measurable gains. Report
I knew it had to be a catch. Perhaps those gourmet jelly beans will work :-) I lost the weight the healthy way and it took time but I still put half of it back on by revisiting my old ways in time of stress. However, I found that being self aware is key for getting back on track. I am a believer in people doing what works for them. Health and nutrition regarding weight loss is not a one size fit all deal. Report
If all people want is to lose weight, then fad diets work. If they want to MAINTAIN weight loss and become healthier people, then the idea of diets need to be erased! Report
Well the title does a great job of catching attention. Either you're going to think "hey maybe this will work" or like me you'll think "is sparkpeople really behind this?!" Either way you're getting people interested!

Great article though, right to the point. Fad diets are just a waste of money, and while it may work for awhile for some people, most of the time you're still missing out on important nutrients and sacrificing your health anyway. Some of these diets are more unhealthy than being a bit overweight. If you want a long lasting change in weight, you have to make long lasting changes in your lifestyle. Report
If anything, I've learned that it's not about a short term "diet", rather it's a diet created for your lifetime - a "Lifestyle Change" - from SparkPeople.
*I* have a "diet" that I've been sticking to for the past 10 days or so --- I have homemade oatmeal (still tweaking my recipe) for breakfast, and for lunch I have an apple, an orange and a homemade "granola" bar (still tweaking that one, too). I'm getting my fresh fruits, I'm hitting protein and fiber and I feel satisfied. For dinner it's (mostly) sensible portions.
If there were some magic "diet" there wouldn't be any overweight or obese people! It's about dedication to your SELF and a love for your self. Decide: Are you WORTH it? Heck ya! Report
The funniest I ever heard of: "The Cabbage Seed Diet" (from the Weekly World News, c. 1986) - you put the seeds in your ears, and it pressed on nerves making you no longer hungry. Ummm... yeah. Report
My Starbucks diet would have to include a Caramel Frappachino to go along with that Bistro Box, at which point I've shot my calorie intake for the next two days. However if I walked to the nearest Starbucks (16 miles) maybe I could balance the exercise and the calories!!! LOL Report
It might work to have A jelly bean each day.
what a great article thank you for the perspective Report
That carton of Jelly Beans looks delish! But wait! I am a vegan and those JBs are made with gelatin (as are their cousins, marshmellows), and gelatin is made by boiling down the hooves and hides of dead animals, mostly horses and cows, that have been dragged off by the "knackers."

Knacker = A person who buys worn-out or old livestock and slaughters them to sell the meat, hides and hooves.


And are those artificial colors in those bright goodies, such as US Red No. 3?

Again, no thanks!

Plus, I must say, all the comments prior to mine here are so RIGHT ON! Report
I wanted to do the jelly bean diet!!!!!!!!!!!!grrrrr Report
Well put! Great Blog, thanks. Report
I think you should lose weight, in a healthy way. Jelly beans? I don't think so! I lost 24 lbs. and jelly beans, certainly weren't part of my diet.
I finally buckled down and started doing things the right way ... barring a few life altering situations, I have managed to put myself on a good track and I'm finding it easier and easier to stick to, esp at age 58. I started doing this about the fall of 2008. Had good results quickly but about a year and a half later, first my mom died, then I got laid off a couple months(7 months after returning home from clearing out her house), then I got back to work after a 2 month layoff (and depression BIG TIME - slept & ate for 2 months!!). Started back into getting on track, then my BF's father died and I had 8 straight months of extra work - again accompanied by overeating, which I realized was getting out of control by Thanksgiving - so actually 4 months of this lack of control. I got a handle on it again ... and dropped a LOT of weight and ramped up the exercise! I lost a total of 50 lbs fromn the beginning weight and still am working on 20 more. I quit my job on SEPT 9 and am preparing my household for a big move back to my homestate w/ my BF. My personal challenge to myself is to stay on track. I hadn't been feeling real good but NOW I am better and READY!!! So NO diets ... just sensible mix of exercise and food choices are the trick. It doesn't hurt to track your calories either. Report