How to Make Facebook Healthier in Two Easy Steps

By , Resident Facebook Fiddler

We've heard from many of our members recently that they aren't seeing SparkPeople in their Facebook feed as much as they used to. Many of you have wanted to know if we're posting less, or if we stopped posting all together.

Fear not, we are still posting on Facebook…it's just that Facebook keeps changing the algorithim they have in place that determines what you see in your feed. With each change it usually means you see less of our posts—even if you’ve signed up to follow us. This doesn't affect just us here at SparkPeople, but happens to all kinds of publishers and businesses on Facebook, and lately, it seems like they’ve stopped sharing our posts almost entirely.

There are a few things you can do to get sparked on Facebook—
either by sharing and interacting with our posts (this signals to Facebook that you want to see more from our page), or joining our Daily Motivation group to get inspired by other members (more on this below), but there's two other ways that are super effective and incredibly easy to do!

While Facebook gives you the right to have SparkPeople posts show in your feed, you can take two easy steps right now to make sure you see all of our posts, right when they’re posted. It takes just five seconds. Follow these instructions, and you will be notified every time we post. 

On Desktop:

  1. Go to
  2. Underneath our cover photo, click the dropdown arrow next to the "Follow" button.
  3. Under "Notifications," click on the edit button. (The "edit" button looks like a little pencil. If you look at the image below, we point it out.) Once you click on the edit button, you'll see a popup.
  4. On the popup, select the "Standard" option. 
  5. To take it a step further and ensure you’re seeing our content, under "In Your Newsfeed," check "See First." Now, you will see our posts when you open Facebook AND you will receive an alert whenever we post from the page.
  6. Celebrate. :)
If you're more of a visual person, this might help:

steps to get more sparkpeople on facebook via desktop

And then you'll see this popup:
select standard to see more of sparkpeople

On Mobile:

  1. Go to our Facebook page, either in a browser or on the Facebook app.
  2. Underneath the "Use App" button, tap the "Following" icon. You'll be taken to a new screen.
  3. Flip the button next to "Get Notifications" so that it turns blue.
  4. To take it a step further and ensure you’re seeing our content, under "In Your Newsfeed," check "See First." Now, you will see our posts when you open Facebook AND you will receive an alert whenever we post from the page.
  5. Party.
Again, if you're more of a visual person, this might help. To switch it up a little, I used our SparkRecipes facebook page for this example:

how to get more sparkrecipes on facebook via app

That's it! Super easy, wasn't it?

And if you read all the way to the bottom of this blog, I'll let you in on two other, almost-secret ways to use Facebook to help you reach your goals:
  1. Join our Facebook Group. We launched this group a few months ago (and wrote an awesome blog about why we did it.) The group is a great place to stop in for some motivation while you're browsing Facebook. We can't wait to see you there!
  2. Share, like and comment on our stories whenever you find something you really like...or would really like to discuss. We've written a little about this in the past, but it boils down to this: if Facebook sees that you like the articles we publish, they're more likely to show these articles to other Facebook users. It's an easy way to spread the spark and support us with our mission to help millions of people to live healthier, happier lives!

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MNABOY 6/9/2018
Thanks for the help! Report
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Thanks, wondered why I wasn't seeing Spark. Report
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Only family is facebook for me. Report
NASFKAB 5/10/2018
Great post but a bit beyond me but thank you Report
CECELW 5/9/2018
I do t do face book. To much non sense on there for me Report
BIKE4HEALTH 5/9/2018
I wont do Facebook. Dont trust them at all. I still like a good old phone call. I like the personal touch and can trust what happens this way. Report
2DAWN4 5/9/2018
Thanks for posting! Report
Also the link from "Join our Facebook Group. We launched this group..." opens in the same window, so you lose this article. Should open in a new window.
Hope you've enjoyed this html lesson ;-) jk Report
Most of the people I know are doing less and less on facebook, I used to look at it every day but now it is more like once or twice a month. If you can't see what you want to see on FB what is the point, it totally disinterests me now. Report
error in the link in this article where it says "On Desktop:
Go to https:// ."
First half of url (https:// ) goes to "Fabulous Beekman Boys" facebook page. Second half of url (parkpeople) goes to the Sparkpeople facebook page. Please fix. Report
RAPUNZEL53 5/8/2018
I mostly post from Sparkpeople. Report
AALLEY2 5/8/2018
Fear not, no worries, I am using less of facebook. Report
BIKE4HEALTH 5/8/2018
Good stuff...thanks Report
Oh, cool. I didn't know there was a group! Report
LIS193 5/8/2018
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ETCH12 5/8/2018
Great article for Facebook users. Report
97MONTY 5/8/2018
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THECOZE 5/8/2018
I had followed but didn't have it in 'see first'. I do have it now... yeah! Report
REDROBIN47 5/8/2018
Thanks for the info. Report
PICKIE98 5/8/2018
I am with AZMOMTWO. I do not belong to any social media. I actually talk to my friends and family. Life is too short. No security or safety issues here. Report
AZMOMXTWO 5/8/2018
no thank you I do not care for social media at all Report
RO2BENT 5/8/2018
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NEPTUNE1939 5/8/2018
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The link to the FB Spark page is not going to Spark page. Please check it out and get it fixed. Report
Good advice. Report
TCANNO 5/8/2018
Don't like the way FB operate Report
-POOKIE- 5/8/2018
1: delete it from your life
2: never look back... Report
Very helpful! Report
2DAWN4 5/8/2018
ThaThanks for the rtilce!nks Report
Step 1: Log out. Step 2: delete the app; block the website. Healthiest Facebook ever. Report
RHOOK20047 5/6/2018
Good information. Report
USMAWIFE 5/6/2018
great information Report
THICK611 5/6/2018
I appreciate the pictorial directions. I'm some what tech challenged. Report
JUNETTA2002 5/6/2018
Thanks for sharing. Report
I would say - stay off of it. Report
ZRIE014 5/6/2018
helpful Report
EO4WELLNESS 5/5/2018
Interesting. I didn't realize there was a facebook group. Report
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