How Much Sugar is in Your Favorite Fruit?

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Fresh fruit boasts a high amount of fiber, water, and a slew of other vitamins and minerals--but it can also come with a good amount of sugar. Even though fruit contains only natural sugars and is a healthy choice in moderation, it's a good idea to watch how much sugar you're taking in regardless of where it comes from. Have you ever wondered just how much of the sweet stuff is found in nature's candy? If you were to choose the fruit with the least amount of naturally-occurring sugar, which would be your best bet: Bananas, apples, or oranges?
The Winner: Oranges!
Per 100 grams of edible fruit, juicy oranges contain 9.35 grams of natural sugars. Apples are a close second at 10.39 grams, and bananas weigh in at 12.23 grams. Want to know how some of your other favorite fruits stack up? Check out the chart below!

Fruit (100 grams of edible portion) Sugar Grams (4 grams = ~1 tsp)
Raspberries 4.42
Strawberries 4.66
Blackberries 4.88
Papaya 5.90
Watermelon 6.20
Grapefruit (pink) 6.89
Cantaloupe melon 7.86
Honeydew melon 8.12
Peaches 8.39
Kiwi 8.99
Apricots 9.24
Pineapple 9.26
Oranges 9.35
Pears 9.80
Plums 9.92
Blueberries 9.96
Apples 10.39
Bananas 12.23
Cherries (sweet) 12.82
Mango 14.80
Grapes 16.25
Figs 16.26
Pomegranate 16.57
Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture

One last note about fruit and sugar: Don't let those numbers scare you too much! Keep in mind that all fruit is great for you in moderation, just like any other food. Plus, a piece of fruit is always a better choice than a candy bar that's packed with processed sugars and additives. Aim to enjoy 2-3 servings of fruit per day to reap the sweet benefits of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants!

What's your favorite fruit? Do you monitor your sugar intake, even from natural sugars?

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It just tracks them as calories under carbs. The other categories are protein and fat. So while at least with fruit sugars you are getting vitamins, minerals and fiber, obviously a better source of sugar than say cookies or candy, you do still need to take into account those calories. Report
"Do you monitor your sugar intake, even from natural sugars?"
I would if SparkPeople let me track sugar like I can track lots of other nutrients. Report
I have two kiwifruit every day, it is one of the highest in fiber and vitamin C. I also have sultanas with my porridge and a glass of pineapple juice. Of, course too much fruit never killed anyone, but if you're serious about losing weight, you do need to take into account the sugar and carbs. Report
Every food on the face of this earth has an article on it stating that it's 'bad' in some way or another. The last thing you have to worry about is eating too many fruits and veggies. Doctors have made it very clear that it's really hard to eat too much fruit. Unless your doctor has told you to watch your sugar content, you do NOT need to worry about the sugar in fruit. Period. Report
Blueberries have a high sugar content, yet isn't this one of the best - if not the best fruit - that acts as a natural anti-oxidant? I'll stick with my blueberries. Report
Grapes, blueberries and clementines are my favorite. But they must be all on the sweet side. I do regulate how many I eat but I still am not as concerned about them as I am cakes, cookies, ice cream etc etc.

Susan Report
Apple is my favorite, I try to make sure I get 3 servings of fruit each day and log it. I read the labels and try to keep sugars low, but I'm not tracking. Report
yes I have been watching my fruit intake but sp does not count fructose Report
very necessary information.i ll work on it every time when i choose fruits for my menu.thanks for this.. Report
I'm printing this information and putting it in my nutrition notebook. Thanks, Report
This is good information. Fruit, like any other food, should be eaten in moderation. Thanks for sharing! Report
I don't think much about the sugars in the fruits. I love them all. Report
there is a BBIIGG difference on how the sugars in fresh fruits compared to sugar, and high/fructose/ syrup affect your body Fresh fruit is a natural UNPROCESSED sugar where as any other form of sweeteners are very acidic forming in your body. These "processed" sweeteners also make you want to eat more whereas the natural sugars satisfy your bodies craving for sweets. This article is misleading. Carbs from processed sugars whether it be beet, cane, high fructose affect ones blood sugars much more than natural carbs. Report
It's always good to know what's in the foods we eat, but I've never heard of anyone becoming overweight or unhealthy from eating too many bananas! Report
Great article Melinda! I am amazed at the comments on here (and many other blogs) from people who seem to "get it" yet get hung up on something taken out of context and take the blogger to task on it. READ TO COMPREHEND, PEOPLE!! Report
I like these educational blogs. Thanks for sharing. Report
I feel this information is good. However may discourage some with "I might as well eat a candy bar", leading to hopelessness and failure. Report
Everything in moderation. Fruit has so many more health benefits. Report
I enjoy almost all fruits. This is good information. Report
still going to enjoy the bananas and oranges but good info Report
Now I know why I like mangos so much!
I eat oranges all the time for my fruit intake. Is this trying to tell me that oranges are not a very good choice? Report friend and favorite Blueberry!! ??? 9.96 I'll have to swap fruits 1 day a week. Report
Thank you for this article. We all know, now, the impact of sugar on our lives and yet when choosing between fruits and vegetables so often fruit is where we run. Okay, it is fruit and natural sugars (at least as far as we know given the amount of GMO products out there) however it is still sugar and often a lot higher than we think.

I'd love to see a similar article looking at the sugar in vegetables. Sugar is not an industry invention and it's everywhere. Knowing where it is would be a great help. Report
Very helpful Report
This article was quite informative. I enjoy eating frequently most of these fruits and it gives me a point of reference. Report
Those of us with diabetes and pre-diabetes and insulin resistance must all be very careful of how much fruit we eat and in what form (fresh, frozen, dried, canned, etc). This list will help me make good, better, best choices! Thanks! Report
1 piece of fruit per day is actually plenty. We should be eating more veggies and less fruit. Report
Interesting with some of the sugar content and I agree that moderation is key. With Weight Watchers having fruits as no points, I wonder if using fruits as fill in for sugar snacks can be the downfall of some members? I agree - fruit doesn't make you fat BUT have to wonder if you eat more than 3-5 servings a day substituting it for sugar laden snacks, can it hold you back from losing ? Report
I haven't met a fruit that I don't like. Sometimes I get the frozen kind when they are off season, but most of the time we have apples, bananas,and oranges. Report
Just love an orange for a quick refreshing go to snack. A great treat! Report
Thanks for all the information. I also was surprised about some of the findings. Larksongrutth; I believe the orange alone will not raise the blood sugar that quickly, but the concentrated juice from them will. Report
I eat grapes the most because of all the fruits on the list they are generally the cheapest and available year round. But maybe it's my sweet tooth which makes them my favourite. I actually love mango and papaya but they can be pricey. Report
I'm reading Richard Bernstein MD's "The Diabetes Diet" and learning so much about blood sugar. I don't have diabetes but I do have Insulin Resistance as all obese do according to him. He never eats fruits because he says they effect blood sugar. He's been a Type 1 diabetic since age 12 and is 78 now. He has lectures on YouTube that are very helpful. I still have 1/2 a grapefruit daily, but I cut out the bananas. If you read Richard Johnson MD's "The Sugar Fix" you also learn a lot. Report
I always worry that articles like this will scare people off from eating fruit. Unless you're diabetic, eat your dang fruit and don't worry about the sugar factor. How many people can honestly say they got fat by eating too much fruit? Report
Fruits add to our daily intake of natural vitamins and fiber. Report
Good information to have, but I would still choose fruit over sugary snacks. Report
I love all fruits, and agree that eating fruit is 'way better than eating a chocolate chip cookie, a muffin (even bran!), or baked goods of any kind. That said, I try for three a day, and sometimes eat as many as five. My excess weight did not come from eating fruit. It came from portions that were too large, from making peanut butter my snack of choice, and from skimping on the exercise. P.S. My favorite fruit is probably mango, with oranges, apples and raspberries right up there on the list. Report
I am not diabetic but I started monitoring my carbs to break plateaus and began to realize how many carbs were in fruit. I don't use any processed sugars, so to satisfy my craving for sweet, I eat fruit. 3 pieces of fruit can easily add up to 70 carbs a day. Better than starches, but it still adds up. Report
I love all summer fruits, peaches, apricots, grapes, berries. But there's a lot more to fruit than sugar, there's fibre all sorts of vitamins and minerals that are different in every fruit. The recommended intake is supposed to be 3 serves, but I don't think that 5 serves would do too much harm Report
I love berries, apples, grapefruit, and, occasionally, pineapple and bananas. Report
Link isn't working: ''USDA Database for the Added Sugars Content of Selected Foods''

Oops, mangos are my fav...oh we'll, like they said...better than a candy bar... Pssssst blueberries are there... Report
I eat red or black grapes every day. that is my evening snack. I didn't see blueberries listed. I eat those too. I don't mind the sugar, everything in moderation. I don't eat candy, or any sweetened baked goods. Don't drink sugary drinks.
I do experience low sugar and an orange or orange juice is recommended for raising the sugar fast. Report
Strawberries are my favorite fruit. I normally try to not mix high sugar fruits but I thought oranges were higher sugar thean pomegranates. That really surprised me. I use to not eat bananas because of the sugar but I rather eat fruit than cake any day. Thanks for the information. Report
Thanks for this information. I was just wondering about this. I was suprised at the orange. I thought it had more sugar Report
Great info. I love fresh fruits. Report
My only dessert lately, has been frozen cherries, no sugar, nothing added, just cherries. Report
My mouth is watering just reading through that list of fruits. I must admit, some I have never tried, but love the apples, oranges, melons, and berries!! And bananas of course!! Report
Apples are my top pick! Report