Go Green – Be a Girlfriend to Mother Nature!

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By Debba Haupert, creator of GIRLFRIENDOLOGY.com – the online community for women focused on female friendship

Women are caretakers. We take care of our families, our jobs, our friends and, hopefully, ourselves. The one thing we often don’t have much time to focus on is taking care of Mother Nature. Earth Day--today!--is a great time to get back to nature and, since we can never get enough time with our girlfriends, it’s a perfect opportunity to make the world a better place – together!

Here are some ideas for you and your girlfriend to celebrate Earth Day and spend time together:

  • Be a tourist in your own town -- Take a bus downtown, explore a museum, make a bag lunch and watch the world wander by, or take a walking tour of downtown. You always see things better up close than in a car driving by.
  • Plant a tree to commemorate your friendship -- Won’t it be great years from now to sit under its branches and talk about your years of friendship?
  • Make a coffee cup wrap together -- Instead of always grabbing that to--go cardboard wrap for your coffee, get together and make one for each other. Collage photos, magazine cut--outs or stickers on a cardboard coffee wrap, then laminate it. Or use cardboard sample as a pattern and cut a couple out of felt fabric. Sew the layers together and decorate it to make a personalized coffee cup wrap.
  • Plant a garden together -- Go buy the plants/seeds together then spend the morning at her house and the afternoon at yours. Share gardening tips and enjoy the fruits----and vegetables----of your labor! And, while you’re at it, start a compost pile/bin. See who can create the most compost!
  • Do a walking tour of your own neighborhood -- Are there any roads or paths you haven’t explored? Walk them together. Don’t forget to pick up any trash on your walk to beautify the neighborhood. (Or, if you live in different neighborhoods, find one in the middle or on a bus route and explore!)
  • Join a food co-op together -- Can’t plant your own garden? Find local farmer co-ops and sign up for it with a girlfriend. Every week or so you’ll receive a bag of fresh veggies that you can share. It’s a great way to support local farmers and get wonderful produce!
  • Have a craft day and use all recycled materials -- Collage a box with magazine cut--outs for a gift box. Make greeting cards using junk mail. Decorate a can or bottle for an herb flowerpot. Create unique and fun home décor, wearables or gifts from uncommon, re--usable items. Get crafty on your own or get the kids involved. (There are lots of websites featuring recycled crafts for inspiration.)
  • Visit a park -- Find a park you've never been to before (preferably nearby so you can bike, walk or take public transportation). Walk the trails, and take a picnic and a camera to capture the day together.
  • Recycle some clothes -- Trade outfits, swap accessories or just share some scarves. It will be new to you and remind you of your best friend whenever you wear it! Or go ‘cheap shopping’ together and buy resale/consignment clothes together.
  • Get ‘eco-educated’ together -- It’s much more fun to learn together. Rent "An Inconvenient Truth" or do some research together on global warming and carbon footprints. Explore which manufacturers/retailers are eco-friendly. Check out sites on reducing waste, research local recycling guidelines to make sure you’re both aware. And cancel all those catalogs that you don’t need!
  • Go green grocery shopping together -- Go to the local farmers market and get fresh, healthy food – from nearby! For other items, go grocery shopping together and buy products from earth--friendly manufacturers and retailers and don’t forget your reusable shopping bags!
  • Volunteer together -- Find a local organization/group who is making your city (or world!) better. Volunteer with your girlfriend on Earth Day and, if possible, on an on-going basis.

    These are just a few ideas of ways to make our planet a better place together with your friends. To learn more about Earth Day and get some great ideas on what you can do help protect our planet, visit EarthDay.gov. Be a girlfriend to Mother Nature. Celebrate Earth Day with your girlfriends!

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    How will you celebrate Earth Day today?

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I do believe we are to be good stewards of the earth that God created. I am not doing this to preserve it forever, as I know the Bible says that one day there will be a NEW heaven and a NEW EARTH. Until then , I do my part, I recycle just abotu everything you can. I don't worry about plastics because I recycle all of them. I don't take bags to the store usually, and don't worry about it, as I recycle them! I recycle all my shopping receipts in my junk mail box. All envelopes get tossed in there. i waste so little, that I can put my garbage can out once a month if that much (during the winter) A few years ago, I actually got a check in the mail as a refund for this! Report
Am trying to do my part to be responsible to our planet. Purchased cloth grocery bags (even dating back to the '80's). It has always been a challenge to put the bags back in the car after using and then to REMEMBER to take them in with me to the store. Oh well! Most times everything goes right.

My pet peeve in using the cloth bags is that the clerks will roll their eyes at the hassle of using them and baggers seem to have never been taught how to bag items using these bags. Example: if I forget my bags and go to my local Publix grocery store, I come home with oodles of plastic bags (orange juice will be in it's OWN bag; quart of Silk in it's OWN bag: each meat in it's OWN bag). Now, let me tell you what happened yesterday ... the bagger put every bottle/carton I purchased into ONE bag yesterday and crammed everything else into the other bag. I had to manually seperate the items myself. For one thing, I couldn't lift the bag it was so heavy! Report
What great ideas!!!

We are planting trees in honor of Earth Day from the National Arbor Association.
Trees are good for the planet! Report
fgfgf Report
I didn't celebrate in time, but I do take the shoes, clothes and other items that I no longer use and give them to my girlfriend who has 3 girls that love the gifts :)
I also recycle when I can and pass the word of recycling onto others Report
We recycle lots of stuff at our house. I found crochet instructions for a eco-friendly bag made entirely out of plastic grocery bags...still have to try that out.
I clean out and decorate tin cans, etc. glue on shelving paper or whatever I have handy. Years ago (maybe 10) I gave everyone homemade fudge in small decorated coffee cans...my brother-in-law still uses his! Report
On Earth Day, my son and I planted some seeds in pots to put on our back porch. But really, every day in our home is Earth Day. We recycle, use reusable shopping bags, drive as little as possible, eat organic, use earth-friendly products, wear consignment clothing, make gifts and cards out of used materials, etc., etc. God gave us this Earth to take care of! Report
Wonderful ideas! Thanks! Report
I worked in the garden yesterday and cleaned up the road near my home. Report
I sent reminder emails and cards to everyone, recycled some items through Freecycle, turned out all lights possible, planted a couple of new plants and cared for what I already have, made a card from scraps, used baking soda and lemons for cleaning for the first time and made a meatless meal for last night's dinner. Report
Earth day celebrated itself on me....there must have been a power glitch that fried out my electric register (of sorts ... too hard to explain briefly) so I drew NO electricity at work THEN when I came home ANOTHER power surge almost fried out my laptop PC. Believe me, if I'd had a choice, this would not be how I would've celebrated! Report
I turned all my things off, like lights and tv and whent for a walk. Report
Boy, those are some great ideas. I planter wild flower seeds and bulbs in my garden and picked up trash in the neighborhood park. Report
My kindergarteners have been learning about Earth Day and things we can do to help the Earth all week. I bought peat pots and flower and veggie seeds so each child could plant their own plant. Today we are going to write poems about how we can help the Earth. While reading a book on recycling to the kids, I learned something new- nearly 2/3 of landfill waste is paper and kitchen scraps! I compost my scraps and recycle paper. Report
In our vege stall, our customers bring their clean plastic bags to us and we recycle them by putting the next customers veges in the clean plastic bag. I also make lots & lots of sauces, all of the bottles we use are recycled ones from the local hotel which are sterilised and then when filled fitted with a new lock top to ensure that seals are unbroken & safe at point of purchase. Report
Lots of great ideas that can be done year round not just the one day. Thanks. Report
lots of good ideas - even for guys! Report
I honored our Earth today by helping out with an Earth Day recycling drive at my children's school, and picking up some bottles from the gutter during my walk today for recycling. It takes about 700 years for a plastic bottle to biodegrade in a landfill and about a million years for a glass bottle. Trash is not the legacy that I want to leave for my children, so I treat every day like it was Earth Day. Report
great ideas!! Report
I have never planted anything in my life, and a lady at school was passing out flower seeds today. I will plant my first flowers tomorow!!! Report
I have been recycling since 20 years ago. I take the trolley to the Dr. and then to the hospital. I walk downtown to catch the trolley and go to the bank. I will be walking to church since its downtown too. Report
I celebrated the day by taking the bus today and will be going for a long walk with the baby and dog after work! Report
I am thankful for our beautiful EARTH. How great to celebrate EARTH DAY during TAURUS. Report
Good article. Thanks! Report
I started my garden and taught my 4 year old granddaughter how to plant herbs and tomato plants today Report
Earth "day"? Well, it seems the earth needs humankind to stop messing it up--and not just speaking about today. Report
I'm celebrating by taking a hike, trail run and just enjoying nature! Report
Got trees for us all to plant it is going to be right at are fence so it will look nice
we have had a compost pile for years.. we also recycle so any little bit helps Report
Great ideas - thanks for sharing! (I love the rainwater barrel - I forgot about those!)

My 'girlfriend advice': Reduce, reuse, recycle and reconnect (with your girlfriends!)

Thanks - Debba - www.girlfriendology.com Report
This is the first year I'm excited about earth day. I planted an organic garden and started composting this year! Report
I forgot it was Earth Day! This article has some really good ideas. Report
I love that the grocery stores are starting to motivate customers to use reusable bags. Most of them in Phoenix are giving discounts off future grocery purchases when you reuse a bag. There's even a consignment clothing store I shop at that if you skip on a bag, they give you 5 cents to put in a charity bin on your way out. Report
I have a compost pile that I will put all of my garbage in today. Report
I went out this morning and watered my garden with the rain captured in my rain barrell. I also put my recycling in my bin to take to the recycling center. We are members of a locally grown community; we order each week and pick up fresh produce, organic too! We have been doing our part for years but it is never too late to learn some other way to help save our earth. I especially liked the idea of making our own "coffee to go cup huggers" out of cardboard.
Happy Earth Day Girls! Report
Young people really get into celebrating earth day. I was met at the door at work by a 16-year old who told me she was celebrating by dressing like a tree (in green and brown). Report
Thanks for the reminder, I too forgot it was Earth Day. As for celebrating, I think I will go through the last bookshelves of books I have and donate at least 90 percent to our local "Friends of the Library." (Not much but it's something constructive!) Report
I didn't know it was Earth Day! I think to celebrate it I'll try to eat the least processed foods I can today and recycle some plastic bags! Report
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