FDA Adds 41 Pills to Tainted Diet Drug List

By , SparkPeople Blogger
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has added 41 additional diet drugs to an alert about tainted diet pills.

The pills contain undeclared ingredients that might compromise health.

Some of the pills contain drugs that have been recalled in Europe, others have been known to cause seizures, heart attack or stroke, and others contain suspected carcinogens.

Find more information about the drug recalls here.

And for more information about the hype behind diet pills, check out this SparkPeople article.

Have you taken--or would you take--diet pills?

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GEORGE815 12/18/2017
tough to read about all these circumstances with these drugs. Report
The doctor put me on a prescription weight loss medication that would help to rapidly speed weight loss and thought it may help me get pregnant. I took the pill for one week and felt like I was having an out-of-body experience. I was very jittery, couldn't eat much because the jitters made me feel sick and started acted odd enough that it made me stop!! Yes, I lost around 10-12 pounds in a week, but I don't think that I have ever felt so bad. I have heard of other folks having fantastic results with little to no side-effects. I wouldn't take them again, but I feel that anyone thinking of taking any type of a pill (even OTC or herbal) should work with their doctor. Report
Back when I was in college my local mall was selling a product called Fat Predator. I lost a lot of weight, however the side effects were so bad. The program consisted of taking a pill about 2 or three times a day. Once the bottle was empty you had to take two days off and then move on to the next bottle or level. I believe there were maybe 3 or 4 levels of the pills. Each one stronger then the last. I was totally hooked. My mood swings were just awful, my heart raced all the time. I could hardly sleep but I was never tired or hungry. Yet when I took the two days off in between all I wanted to do was eat and sleep. I was basically on spped and caffeine, and the migranes I suffered from the withdrawal were so bad. One day at work I had the worst migrane I had to have a family member pick me up and take me to the dr. I could not even open my eyes without crying. Lesson learned. The dr. gave me some meds and had me sleep it off in her office. I never admitted to taking the pills because I was so embarassed by the danger I put myself in. It feels good to talk about the experience with others and that stuff is no longer on the market, that I know of, at least it is not being sold at the mall anymore. Report
I'm going to admit that I did try one drug store weight loss pill back when I was like 19. Xenadrine EFX I'm pretty sure....anywho, that stuff was insane. It was an expensive laxative and I didn't have any extra energy. I was being a dumb kid with a lack of the proper knowledge about weight loss. Nowadays I can't really understand how people believe these commercials. A pill to take all your problems away? Yeah right. Report
I was prescribed Redux and Fen-Phen by a previous physician back in the day. Both were not covered by my insurance and I turned them down when I went to pick them up from the pharmacist (extremely expensive). I now consider that was a blessing in disguise. I've decided the good old fashioned way of losing weight is the only way for me: a positive lifestyle overhaul complete with exercise and good nutrition. Report


I am of the 60's 70's crowd that did drugs to recieve visions, sleep, get things done, you name it I probably did it. I recieved Hep C during that period also. Have cleared the dragon for now and remain illegal drug free. I take vitimans, presription and just starteAlli in the month of Feb., but may not continue as it is just too costly.I have found that if my thyroid and B12 pills are taken every day I seem to do pretty good energy wise./ But no more zippers for me, they are too dangerous. Report
I loved my diet pills and continued to take them even when I wasn't serious about weight loss. Why? I'm always tired so the energy they gave me made me feel like a normal person...If you have normal energy then I don't see much point in taking them. I haven't taken any in over a year but I'm always tired. Report
I do take a diet pill that was prescribed by my doctor to aid me in my diet lifestyle change. I am not looking for a quick fix to loose weight! I am the kind of person who can eat all day long and don't get full. I also have a thyroid disorder and as a result I have no thyroid. So the phentermine gives me a little push towards the right direction. Report
I always found it funny how even with most pills I see advertised, it still says something along the lines of "when taken along with sensible eating and exercise." I just assumed that the diet pill was a placebo and is supposed to motivate you into eating healthy and exercising anyway. Report
So glad to know about the chips. I am on a salty kick right now, thanks!!!! Report
Yes, as a child the dr detrimned I was overweight this is in the 60's. I was given half of a little pink pill.. I was in 3rd grade. Loss weigh like crazy was running around like fast forward on a VCR. My mother found out they were giving me basically speed. LOL she had a fit & took me off.. Well I couldn't make it through the day without falling asleep back to the doctor & I had to be weaned off. So no diet pill for me after that LOL and that was in "63" Report
I was on Meridia in the past and it worked great until I stopped taking it. I have wasted a lot of money on over-the-counter diet pills that don't work. As much as I would like for it to be true, I do believe that there is NOT a magic pill out there. Diet and exercise are a must! Report
I took perscription pills and they worked but AS soon as I stopped the weight came back. I was also very moody. Report
I took an herbal product many years ago when I worked as a designer for a supplement company, and they did NOTHING. They were ginormous horse pills, too... hard to choke down. Since then, I have never even pondered trying any of them... now that I see this growing list expanding and expanding, I know I made the right decision! Report
i know someone who uses diet pill after diet pill.. right now they use lipo6 for women and i am impressed with her results but ill stick to what im doing!! =D
. i just want to know if thats one of the pills that are banned! eek!! Report
I have and think I suffered a stroke due to it Report
I didn't even know there WERE this many diet pills! If they've banned 41 MORE pills, how many are there total? Trying diet pills is bad enough for you; learning that some contain these dangerous components is frightening. Report
don't do diet pills
i've tried so many that i finally gave up and i am going to do things the right way.
i threw in the white flag. i surrender
No way - with so many now considered dangerous, it would be foolish to try them. Report
I also have taken some pills to try and help me lose weight, but nothing ever works. You have to be motivated and down right determined to be ready to lose weight. It takes hard work to do that and a pill is not going to do it for you. I know now that I can accomplish anything that I stick my mind too and a pill is not going to help me get to my goal. If that was that case there would be no obese person in this world and we would all be skinny Report
The reason I am overweight is that I have poor habits, no pill is going to change those. I also think that the potential danger of taking these pills is too high.
I would not take diet pills. Report
Yes, I have taken them multiple times over the years. Lots of OTC, phentermine prescribed by a doctor, and now I take ALLI. I got tired of
jitterness of the others types, (I took those about 10 years ago) Lost weight
but gained it back + some! ALLI seems to be working for me right now along
with SPARK. Report
Taken diet pills before and yes they worked...but gained every bit back because they don't teach you to change your lifestyle. If I can change my lifestle while on those pills why can't I do it OFF those pills??? They may help to get the weight off...but they can't help you live the right lifestyle. Besides, its MORE than just weight, its about overall health. I have been on diets all my life..even remembering being 5yo and my parents putting me on one of their crazy diets. I will not let the number on the scale rule my life anylonger. It is NOT about a number on a scale..its is about my health and fitness. The weight loss is kind of an extra benefit :) Report
hmmm wow I see so many people are against diet pills, it really does amaze me bcuz i know for a fact that everyone here has been at that point in their life where they have said "man I would do anything to get rid of this fat/excess weight" and for some diet pills DO work... I know that its just common sense to not knock something that you haven't tried but heard things about and then make an assumption about them.. I just think that if they were so dangerous then why am i still alive? and if I get the response of "you're a luck one" I'm going to throw a Sh%t fit Report
Far more than I would ever want to admit too! And as you can guess NONE of them worked! Sparkpeople, hard work, exercise and eating right WORKS!! I know........duh! :) Report
We have to remember,
"There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs." which certainly applies here. Report
Those "diet pills" are ones I've never heard of. Go to a responsible weight loss physician and get a prescription and work with him. Report
Too many to actually remembr the names.. Report
Never took diet pills and never would or will. So... the list is of no use to me. Even if tempted, my thoughts about people-using-others-for-monetary-ga
in would declare: "I'm not buying into any nonsense that makes someone else rich off my problems...while I'm watching my pennies". Report
I am taking phen under the supervision of a diet clinic. I'm followed up every two weeks for a weigh in and to have my blood pressure taken. The opportunity exists for me to discuss any problems with a doctor. So far my blood pressure has improved and I have lost nearly 35 lbs. The diet clinic gives me guidance on planning healthy meals. Taking powerful diet medications without medical supervision is just asking for trouble.
Over the counter diet supplements are far more dangerous. You don't know whats in them. You don't know how strong a dose of active ingredients are in them. I work in the operating room. Most people do not realize that taking some herbal supplements can cause excessive bleeding during surgery. Other herbal supplements can interact badly with anesthetics. You should always tell your surgeon and anesthesiologist if you are taking over the counter herbal remedies. Report
Here's a link to the current list and the FDA alert:
I've used Slim Quik for women before. It gave me a bit of a buzz from the caffeine and the mateine, but I didn't use it long enough to see results. It made me nervous. Report
Have you ever looked at the "side affects" on any pill bottle?? Often times the side affects are worse than the actual problem.....

No thanks!! I will take the healthier approach.....NO PILLS are passing by these lips!!! Report
to shun weight loss drugs OTC or prescription w/o taking ones that are safe and doing the research and finding out what their actual purpose and effects can be/are is just misleading and judgmental for no apparent reason other than what you've "heard" people saying. the drug I took that made me loose the most weight that did give me a tad bit of jitteriness was Lean Tabs by Fizogen. I was 298lbs 6'1 when i started taking them. I worked out 4-6 days a week with a proper diet and supplementing protein and muscle gainers with the lean tabs, I went down to 230lbs and have plateaued there with the loss of fat and gain of muscle that has continued over the past few years. unfortunately the lean tabs are no longer sold due to the company downsizing and or going out of business. I just think that people should atleast figure out what drugs are safe, then do some research on the drug and its contents before judging/condemning it to be something horrible that its not.. That's just my opinion tho... Report
I have taken them in the past but they did not work for me.. My sister took phen phen in the late 80 early 90 they caused her to have a week heart she will be on heart meds the rest of her life.. the money that they gave to them was not near enough for there health to be gone Report
I have lost 62 lbs since June using phentermine as PART of my weight loss plan. It has worked for me. I could not have lost the weight without it; but I could not have lost the weight without a proper eating plan, exercise, journaling and water either. It's a part of my weight loss plan - not the whole weight loss plan. Report
I have taken so many so called diet pills......THEY DON'T WORK. I have never found one that made me loose so much as 1 lb. The only thing that has worked for me is SPARK !!!!! Report
I take NO pills or other rememdies, natural (Hemlock is natural, but it kills people.) or not, unless my trusted physician, who doesn't throw medication at patients to placate them, prescribes it. And, of course, there's the danger that if one self-medicates, the medication could interfere with doctor's prescriptions and cause problems. Report
I understand that diet pills may have their place, but personally I have not taken them, nor would I want to. For the most part, I like to avoid all prescription medications, but of course take the ones my doctor does prescribe.
I tried some diet pilss when I was in my twenties, they left me shaky and crawling the walls, I couldn,t sleep for 3 days and cleaned all night, nice to have such a clean house , but I would NEVER try one again.
If they really worked and were safe it might be worth it , what a racket, they are getting away with it to .
I have found a healthy lifestyle now and sticking to it.
Please don,t use that junk, so dangerous! Report
I've taken diet pills in the past, although I would never take them now. One of those I took was on the USA Today list: sibutramine, or Meridia. These pills gave me the feeling of more alertness and energy, but the terrible jitteriness and racing heartbeat were awful. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. Report
I have taken about 20 or 30 different diet pills some legal some illegal and some that were legal and then made illegal while i was on them, I have found that they can work and that if you do your research you can find one's that don't have horrible side effects and if taken with proper diet and exercise the "jittery feeling, restlessness, insomnia" and all of those other effects can be avoided. I still take diet pills with proper diet and exercise and I swear by the right ones. but I defiantly don't think its for everyone Report
I've tried tons of weight loss pills, some made my heart race, get all jittery, others had no effect on me whatsoever, but I think now that i'm getting older and so are my kids, I would NOT take a diet pill, I just like the fact about eating healthy, it shows my kids to eat healthy as well. Healthy eating and exercise is the only way. Report
Being a baby boomer and a flower child of the 60s, I've taken uppers, downers, LSD, smoked marajuana, opium, and probably a few others I don't even remember, but I've never taken diet pills. If growing up in the 1960s taught me anything it was that a high doesn't last for long when it is drug induced. The same thing applies to diet pills. Report
I took OTC diet pills in my 20's--young and foolish! I would never recommend them to anyone. Report
Several years ago, I took the metabolife/metabolite diet pills. I am not a caffeine drinker and those pills had my heart racing and I felt very jittery. I lost weight, but would never utilize diet pills after that experience. Report
I took prescription diet pills 30 years ago...they gave me bad headaches...did i lose weight...yes ....did i gain it back after....yes.... I think the way we are learning how to become healthy is the best way to drop weight.......the healthy way and probably the most permanent way.... if the only goal we have is shedding lbs....most likely we will be regaining..... Report
I took phen-fen and lost a lot of weight. Everything I read was that people wre taking way more than I was. I took the minimal amount, as I recall, and there days when I actually forgot to eat. My dr. had me get an EKG each time I went back. I would do it again if it were available. Report
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