Excellent Examples for Expending Extra Easter Eggs!

By , SparkPeople Blogger
I know. My headline was a slightly cheesy (eggy?).

Still, are you up to your eyeballs with extra eggs? Does your egg cup runneth over?

If you've a dozen dolled-up eggs in the fridge, do you know what you're going to do with them? Egg salad and deviled eggs are tasty but mundane.

I've compiled an egg-cellent (sorry, last lame pun, I promise!) list of egg resources, with everything from recipes to egg carton decoders and even how to tell if you're eggs have gone bad.

Unscrambling the Claims of the Boastful Egg: Learn what the terms on your egg carton really mean.

All about Eggs: From omelets to eggs Benedict, shirred eggs to deviled eggs, learn how to cook eggs.

Egg safety: Learn more than you ever wanted to know about eggs and egg safety.

An Egg-cellent Quiz: Are you an egghead? Take the quiz and find out!

Are Eggs Healthy or Not? We Crack the Case!: We separate facts from myths in this informative article.

Omelets are an easy meal any time of year. Find plenty of new recipes.

Eggs for 100 Calories or Less: Find low-calorie egg recipes.

As promised, here are recipes to help you <a data-cke-saved-href="https://recipes.sparkpeople.com/recipes.asp?food=boiled+eggs&anyall=ALL&c1=0&c2=0&c3=0&c4=0&c5=0&calories=0&prep_time=0&total_time=0&titleall=all&sort=number_of_ratings" href="https://recipes.sparkpeople.com/recipes.asp?food=boiled+eggs&anyall=ALL&c1=0&c2=0&c3=0&c4=0&c5=0&calories=0&prep_time=0&total_time=0&titleall=all&sort=number_of_ratings" #topresults"="" target="_blank"> use up all those leftover hard-boiled Easter eggs!

In a week or so, this might be useful news! How can you tell when an egg has spoiled?

I've used up all my egg puns, but I hope this egg guide was helpful. Enjoy those eggs!
How will you use up all your leftover eggs?

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I personally don't celebrate Easter, but when I crave eggs or need them for a recipe, I always end up buying too many and don't always know how to use them or even if they're still okay to use. Thanks for solving both dilemas for me at the same time! Report
I love eggs. I love them hard-boiled after a work out with a bit of salt! So...we don't have a problem using up the easter eggs! Thank you for some new ideas though. Report
OMG- I discovered a really cool way to get rid of all the hard boiled eggs here in Sweden- Make a 'mushroom garden' (there is a Swedish word for it, but I didn't catch it). On a bed of cooked spinach on a platter, cut off the bottom and top of your hard boiled eggs (peeled of course) and arrange them on the platter. Using the curved sides of tomatoes (not the flat slices) top the hard-boiled bases. Then top these with a little bit of onion to give them the cute little mushroom effect! These are ridiculously cute!!! Report
I thought this was an eggceptionally good egg article. Doesn't everybody use left over Easter eggs for devilled eggs or is that just the corny people from the midwest - like me? Report
I don't have leftover eggs, but our family loves eggs and I thank you for these links. Report
We reuse plastic eggs each year, so no extra eggs here! But egg recipes are good anyway. =) Report
I love boiled eggs. My kids even love them but they won't eat the yellow ball. LOL Report
I enjoy to process of finding uses for hard boiled eggs at Easter. This year I improvised at my daughter's request. She had me watch her boys while she and hubby went on a mini honeymoon. There was left over barbacued chicken and some left over rice in the frig To the cold rice we added saute'd onion, Fried rice seasoning, chicken meat, and eggs minced with a pastry cutter. There were a few peas, (my grandsons think they don't like veggies). It was a great dinner for all of us. Try it sometime. Report
I've been adding the hard boiled egg whites to my daily salad to give it a little more protein, yummy for my tummy and I get the benefit of the egg white without the downfall of the egg yolk. Report
I eat the whites only / in almost any food they are great. just 2 yokes a week if any. Report
I just eat them the way they are. I also like to add them to salads or put in chicken corn soup. Report
I love eggs sandwhiches, they are good but they have alot of cholesterol Report
I love eggs any way they are made. I enjoyed the information here too. Report
I love eggs, I have begun to use egg beaters, but usually add 1 whole egg to scrambled eggs and omelets. I have always liked egg salad sandwiches, I now use fat free or low fat Miracle Whip. Good protein and tasty. Sliced hard boiled egg in a salad is good too. Report
I love eggs! ♥
Thanks for another very informative post! :-) Report
Sliced hardboiled eggs and veggies on a ryecrisp or toast is good, too. Report
My Mom made deviled eggs out of pickled eggs, I don't know how they tasted because I don't like pickled eggs but they all got eaten. Report
Deviled with cayenne pepper!!!!! I wonder if you can make deviled eggs with pickled eggs??? I may have to try that!!! Report
There are no leftover hard boiled eggs here thank goodness! I did make egg salad a few days ago because I had a taste for it. Now I'm craving a scrambled egg sandwich with ketchup. Let's not bring up the subject of eggs again for a while please? I think the season has blown them out of proportion! Report
I think I have been told my cholesterol is high, so I really haven't had a chance to enjoy egg salad much. But while visiting Ethiopia, it was popular there to have 2 sliced boiled eggs on a french slice with a little mayo. I translated it at home with a small thin wheat cracker (like Wheatabix), and substituted the mayo for relish. It was quite good actually! Report
I like mine on spinach salad - or any other salad. Report
very useful article and I plan on checking out the recipes. Report
Thanks...Very informative! Report
pickeled, fried,or scrambled eggs are a quick and filling meal Report
I enjoyed your article very much. Report
YUM - thanks! We love eggs and eat them (a lot of them!) every week. Report
this puts a new spin on the old uses for eggs. Report
So many great pieces of information pulled together in this one article!! This is the best Egg article I have ever read. Once again, SparkPeople has outdone itself with its savy writers and staffers! Guess we'll have to get rid of all those beautifully-colored eggs that we made last weekend, just to be on the safe side.
Love eggs, especially the ones that come from the chickens at our barn. Nothing beats a fresh, free range chicken egg. Report
love eggs ! Report
good info Report
Great article (although a few too many puns). I especially liked the section about how to tell if an egg has spoiled. Thans for the info. Report
I didn't have eggs today, but I'll make some. Thanks for the article.
Those are egg-celent egg-samples for egg-spending egg-stra Easter eggs!
I eat boiled eggs almost daily for breakfast or lunch because they ARE a portable low-carb and satisfying edible. Love the blog--need new ideas always. And lighten up on the assonance/aliteration debate! It's a blog and that means first-draft thinking! Report
Great info, now I'm going to boil an egg for a snack! Report
I love eggs-I always have and this blog has a great number of egg references that I intend to view at some future date-Thanks. Report
I love deviled eggs. Report
thank you , now I learn a lot about eggs. Report
This is a great article. Thank You for the information on EGGS, this is good to know. My MOM best way to know if a egg was spoil was put the egg in some water and if the egg flow up to the top it is bad.

thanks for the cute article enjoyed it Report
Sadly out of 1 1/2 dozen eggs dyed yesterday only 2 our left. Hard boiles eggs never last in our house. Too good easy protein snack:) Report
What a fun article ! I LOVE eggs !
Come to the game room and play a game called sentences with alliteration. Report
gret article. thanks Report
Yay! We have chickens and right now they are laying constantly! Thanks for all the ideas.

To the previous posters:

She did use alliteration. Assonance and consonance are both examples of alliteration. Report
I don't do Easter, but it is good to know how to tell if my eggs are bad. Thanks Report
Cute article. Thanks for sharing! Report
Thanks for this information. I did not know how to tell if the egg was fresh. Great job on this aritcle. Report
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