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The folks at SKINNY COW™ have been B-U-S-Y! In addition to finalizing the cities for the "Perfect Cup" events, they also launched some new products. We have the scoop on both!

New for 2011, SKINNY COW™ has a new line of "Single Serving Cups": Fudge Brownie, Dulce De Leche, Strawberry Cheesecake, Cookies and Cream, Caramel Cone! Like all SKINNY COW™ products, they're high in taste, low in fat and calories!

They say: "Creamy, low-fat deliciousness comes in a host of Skinny forms, from luscious cups and cones to sumptuous sandwiches and truffle bars. Calories? Who gives a lick about calories? Skinny means treating yourself as often as you like."

Each cup has 150-170 calories, 1-3 grams of fat, and 4 grams of fiber. Yum!!!

Be sure to give the NEW SKINNY COW™ Single Serving Cups a try, and set a delicious tone for 2011.

You know we're big fans of SKINNY COW™ ice cream snacks around here, and you are too, judging from the awesome response to last year's Perfect Cup events. Those events are back, and the dailySpark has the scoop!

Perfect Cup Events
Eight out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size cup. SKINNY COW™ has launched delicious ice cream Cups, and wants to help every woman find her perfect cups! Last year, SKINNY COW™ hosted two fun events that let girlfriends enjoy a fun afternoon of indulgence, with low-fat sweet SKINNY COW™ snacks and bra fittings. Get ready for more bra fittings, more ice cream tastings, and lots more Skinny-licious surprises that’ll perk you right up! This summer, SKINNY COW™ is going on the ultimate road trip – hosting bra and ice cream parties in six U.S. cities: New York, Boston, Providence, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Houston!


The verdict’s in! Skinny Cow fans have selected their top six cities for the popular Perfect Cup Events—and we hope you ladies are just as excited as Skinny Cow is. This year Skinny Cow is going all out with free bras and bra fittings, lots of yummy ice cream samples--and of course a ton of sweet Skinny surprises!

Grab your best gal pals and make your reservation now, in New York, Boston, Providence, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Houston!

(Click here for more details!)

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What is your favorite SKINNY COW™ snack?

The SKINNY COW™ is a trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A., Vevey, Switzerland.

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I went to one of these when it was hosted in Chicago. It was a fun time to say the least. The staff working were great. Food, drinks, raffles, great goodie bags (coupon for a free bra too), proper bra fitting and bra fitting tips. There was music, and a photo area, a display of bras over the years. Registration was easy but I did see some people just signed up and registered as well. While you are there you you sample six varieties of thier skinny cow ice cream. Obviously if you subscribe to SP, that's definitely not recommended. Very enjoyable girls gathering! Report
I tried the skinny cow chocolate brownie ice cream cup and I didn't like it at all. It tasted "off" and very artificial.

I also have tried the truffle bars and I did like them.

I have tried ALL of the Skinny Cow Ice Cream products; my favorite Skinny Cow Ice Cream Cup is Caramel Cone and the runner up is the Dulce Leche.

If you want a TRULY FANTASTIC tasting ice cream sandwich, TRY the Skinny Cow Chocolate-Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Skinny Cow line IMPROVES with every single product it offers. Report
I took my daughter and daughter in law to the Perfect Cup Promotion in Chicago. It was awesome! We had a great time, it was well run and in a beautiful venue. I went to Macy's and got my free bra which was on sale for $36.00

Looking forward to the next one. Report
I recently just got back from America where I tried the skinny cow ice cream and I LOVE it! it taste like normal ice cream and the sandwich ones were sooooo yummy! I live in New Zealand and we don't have them =( I think they should send some here!!!! Report
WOW! Skinny Cow sounds like a dream-come-true sort of treat! I am going to see if our markets have it around here. Wish me luck!!!! Report
I went to the Perfect Cup event in New York last year. It was well worth it, but I will not be attending again.

I love the mint truffle treats. Mint ice cream with a hint of chocolate. 100 calories (i think) and perfect! Report
I know how to select a great fitting bra. The secret is being able to make minor adjustments with a sewing machine to commercially made bras. Report
Love Skinny Cow! Great promotion. Report
I LOVE Skinny Cow!! :) I tried the lttle cups. My local Walmart had a special on them. They are great, Any of the Skinny Cow family of products. I agree they taste yummy and don't kill you in the caloires. They taste like ice cream.

Especially the Mint flavored ice cream sandwiches. Report
Boo at nothing in Canada. Skinny Cow looks good, seen it at the stores, may have to try it sometime. Report
Got a ticket for Providence :) Haven't tried the single serving cups, but we get the ice cream sandwiches now and again. Report
I love Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. Vanilla is my favorite.. All pre-registered slots have been filled in Houston :(... Report
I am so looking forward to going on the 26th of June in NYC!!! Skinny Cow, here I come!!! Brining hubby with me - day out in NYC!!! Report
Love the fudge brownie!!! Anxious to try other flavors! Was tickled to see these little cups of deliciousness!!! Report
I love Skinny Cow. The Chocolate Truffle is my favorite. I also like the chocolate covered mint mini bars but they are hard to find. Report
I love the truffle bars!popeyetheturtle:im 100% in agreement with you!! Report
I tried to register and they aren't even listing the date though they say walk ins are OK Report
I finally found a place that doesn't charge an arm and a leg for Skinny Cow products--our local Walmart in Salina, KS. I got the fudge bars to start out with and they were out of this world with flavor. Best fudge bar I've ever tasted. Thanks Skinny Cow. I look forward to trying more products in the future.
I can't find them in my neck of the woods or where I shop Report
Ads are what make the site free... don't knock them! lol

Skinny Cow is the BEST!! The Heavenly Bars are to die for good!

I wish they were coming to St. Louis though!! Too hard to get to Chi-town. Report
I usually don't respond to web ads, because they're annoying, especially the invisible ads SP has sneaked in at the bottom of the screen, so they appear if you try to click on a SP link too far down. However, I did try Skinny Cow for the first time yesterday, and the caramel truffle bar was really good! Too bad for the folks who sneer at trying this product, but that's just more for the rest of us. Report
My favorite Skinny Cow Ice cream is the fudge bars. They are much better than the Weight watcher version of the same thing and usually they are cheaper.

The idea of single serving ice cream is great but I wonder at the cost vs buying it in a larger size and portioning your own serving? Report
Never tried any. Report
This notice was posted twice and both times, upon trying to register for the bra event in NYC, I was informed that reservations had already been filled. There is a note, however, that walk-ins are okay. That's nice. The location is given, but the date is a secret? That's doubly nice. We do so appreciate the gracious invitation. Report
I love the skinny cow heavenly crisp milk chocolate candy bars,they had a promotion at our store,and now i cant find them anywhere.Hope they get more soon.I budget in 1 every other day at 110 cal. each. Report
Thanks to Skinny Cow for the single serving sizes. I love their ice cream sandwiches. Report
Every time is Sold Out in the Houston venue ALREADY! Is there a possible waiting list? Report
I LOVE the caramel cone ice cream!!!! Yum, I hide them in my downstairs chest freezer so that no one else gobbles them up and for 1 treat ever few days portion control. Report
I LOVE the portion size of Skinny Cow. I can NOT bring home a tub of icecream as I would eat it all till gone. But with these, I LOVE the treat at night, just perfect and satisfying. Report
I love the Skinny Cow Truffles. They are my favorite. I just have to eat them in moderation. Report
I love the Cookies & Cream cups. Yum! The ice cream sandwiches and Cookies & Cream Truffle bars are great too. Report
I love skinny cow. They taste good and I have used them to make some different desserts with them. Haven't tried the single serving yet. Report
I Love Skinny Cow ice cream !! I'm especially fond of the caramel cone flavor. yum. Report
i love skinny cow and have to hide them or there gone.. the family also love them Report
There is nothing on the market cheaper in calories than 0.1% yogurt ice cream made at home.. I can make it fancy at hell and still beat Skinny cow! What's the fiber in dairy products, probably the stuff sparks people warned us to stay clear off because there is not fiber unless you add fruit.. Report
My girls talk about product all the time. Have eaten all varities when there but, no stores in my area handle Skinny Cow. Report
I am trying to cut out fake fiber, along with other artificial ingredients. These taste wonderful, but I'd rather eat smaller quantities of real foods. Report
I registered for the event a few weeks ago...I have loved Skinny Cow for years now...I have to agree with one blogger...they should make a sugar free line as well. I'm looking forward to this event...never been to one. Report
Love the Cookies and Cream Ice Cream sandwiches - problem is, so does everyone else in my family, LOL! Report
We love Skinny Cow in Canada too, there should be some events in major cities in Canada as well! Report
I love Skinny Cow products and so do my kids - 16 and 6! We love the ice cream cones best and lately, I've really enjoyed the mint and caramel ice cream bars. It's a nice treat to have over the summer when you want to relax with something yummy and keep in your calorie range. Report
No matter how you slice it, it is still Ice Cream.

Weight Watchers has a single serving Ice Cream bar that is delicious at 90 calories each.

To me, it seems the human body does better with natural foods, the less processed or refined is the better way. Report
I love Skinny Cow products also but my body finds them too high is sugar and they trigger insulin spikes. I would love it if Skinny Cow made a sugar free ice cream line as well. Report
I love Skinny Cow. It is the best low fat icecream I've tasted. The others have a weird texture. Skinny Cow taste no different than the regular version or maybe even better And the 1 cup servings are perfect for portion control.

Unfortunately the events are no where near me. I tried finding the date and times for New York to share with friends but no such luck there either. Hopefully they'll stop in Atlanta next year. Report
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