Could Gratitude Be the Key to Weight Loss?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Did you ever stop to think how "More" centered the world is getting. It's getting pretty selfish. They say in addiction studies that when your brain says "I want more___," that is usually your addict talking. Think about it really. If food were a drug, and some do compare it to one, that would explain why we cannot stop eating MORE until something is gone. Personally, I listen to that voice, the "more" voice. If I hear it, I say "You're the addict! You WANT me to eat more." I then get away from the food as if it is toxic. Eating less becomes easier from that standpoint. I'm not here to argue food addiction with anyone. I'm just telling you a little trick that helps me.
More of everything is available and we seem to want it all.  I love this line from a Sheryl Crow song: "Happiness isn't getting what you want; it's wanting what you've got." 

I think if we were grateful for the blessing we do have in our lives, we would be more fulfilled and less "hungry."  We crave newer and better things and experiences, and there is nothing wrong with that sometimes.  It's when we can't have it and placate our boredom with food that we get in trouble.
Instead of feeding ourselves in times of boredom or in a fit or MOREdom, why don't we share or give?  Surely there is someone who would be delighted to have a dress from your closet or a pair of nice shoes that no longer fit well.  What about loading up the local food pantry with some of your more tempting snacks and getting them out of the house?  Those snacks could feed the hungry and take inches off your waist at the same time that way.  Do you have a friend going through a hard time?  Maybe giving her a small present or card would make her day.  The act of giving is very nurturing and gives us a good, warm feeling inside.  So if you were searching for that feeling with food, try a good deed instead.
The simple act of being grateful and in the moment helps many people with their wellness program.  Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not promised, and this moment is all we really have.  Live in it fully.  Don't fret about the cake you might encounter on Saturday or the restaurant you plan to go to on Friday until then.  Planning is good for some, while for others, it causes undue stress and binging.  The thought process being: "Well, I'm going to blow it all Friday and Saturday anyway, so I might as well…"  If that person lived in the moment, they would save themselves days of overeating.  Christmas and Thanksgiving would be one-day events, not an excuse to eat for a month and a half.
An attitude of gratitude and giving brings so much more to life.  There is a joy that you can feel no other way than when you make another person happy.  Even something as simple as a smile is a gift.  You never know who may have really needed it that day.  As you smile and think of ways to please others, your heart will grow lighter and I suspect your weight will too. 
A positive attitude of giving and gratitude has really helped me to lose weight, 151 pounds now.  If I try to give, the better I feel and the less I want to eat.  It is only when I get greedy and hear the "More" voice that I know I'm in trouble and to back off from whatever it is that I'm doing.   That's my red alert.   
Gratitude has led to a cause for me.  I feel that SparkPeople saved my life.  If you read my page, you will know why.  I want to prove now that second chances do happen with SparkPeople and that nobody should have to live in their bedroom because of super morbid obesity and chronic pain.  The more rallies I have, blogs I write, people I call, the more joy I find.  I have all of you out there in Sparkland to thank for the wonderful thoughts you send my way.
What do you do when you feel grateful or want to spread joy?