Celery Could Help Retain Your Memory

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Celery is often wrongly touted as an example of a negative calorie food. People like to believe low calorie foods like celery take more calories to digest them than they contain so they have no influence on weight. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a negative calorie food. Although, celery does have a high water content, which makes it a great choice for juicing while also being low calorie and high in fiber, it is not calorie free. Although it may not be a negative calorie food, new research suggests it could be a memory super food.

Earlier this month I shared about an interview explaining how diet and exercise influence Alzheimer's disease risks. Now, according to a new study published in the Journal of Nutrition a specific component of celery may help reduce age-related brain inflammation.

Luteolin is a flavonoid that has been found to target and inhibit an enzyme referred to as TBK1. When TBK1 is inhibited, it prevents a specific biochemical signal from being activated. When the biochemical signal is inactive, it prevents the formation of gene production, which ultimately prevents inflammation that can cause cognitive aging. So eating foods rich in Luteolin may help protect cognitive memory from the typical decline of aging.

In addition to celery, Luteolin can also be found in thyme, green peppers, and chamomile tea. Other sources include carrots, peppermint, rosemary and oregano leaves. You may want to try one of these fun fall recipes to boost your celery and Luteolin intake to help promote memory retention.

Fresh Juice – Apple-Beet-Carrot-Celery

Leek & Celery Root Soup

Carrot Soup with Onion & Celery

Pomegranate & Celery

Broccoli and Celery Slaw

Do you eat celery? Did you think it had much nutritional value? What are your favorite ways to eat celery?

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Wow! I had no idea the importance of celery, before now. I'm impressed and glad I keep celery in the house for occasional use, but now I will use it much more. Thanks for all the info, My Spark Friends.

Debi Report
Juice celery whenever you have a headache, takes it right away. The crunch of raw celery is very satisfying and delicious. Eat it between meals as a hard chew and it gets your juices flowing and enables better digestion. To all who say they hate it, why not try it again. My experience has been very varied, some celery is absolutely delicious and other times the flavor is off. You might be surprised and like it. Report
Did you know that if you have an upset stomach (aside from virus or flu) a few bites of celery will make it disappear. My Dad used to give me a stick to chew on when my tummy was upset. It has always worked for me. My husband now asks for celery when his tummy is upset! Celery is great as snack or chopped in almost every dish! Report
I love raw celery... cooked no.. raw yes. I take it for a morning snack at least twice a week with a tbsp of Almond Butter mixed with a tbsp of ground flaxseed. Yum-O!

j Report
I have never liked celery. Not in soup not as a snack, I just do not like the taste at all! Im going to try it with salsa though. Maybe the salsa will hide the celery flavor for me. Wish me luck!!! I will need it. Report
I like celery dipped in salsa. It is a real good low cal treat. Report
I love celery....the taste, the texture, the satisfaction factor.

But I am now allergic to it. I had to be rushed to emergency because of an anaphalactic reaction.

Sigh.... Report
I'm a great fan of celery. Just can't cut it for soup, stew, salad, or anything without eating some. I enjoy it plain! Report
I like it raw with peanut butter or cream cheese. I also put it in tuna salad etc.
I've started eating a lot of carrots on sandwiches, yummy with mayo and turkey sandwiches..
I just love celery, I usually eat it raw with a houmous dip or guacamole or in a homemade soup but I love GNUATTITUDE's idea - I am SO going to try that. Thanks x
I chop celery and English cucumber and mix it raspberry vinagrette and use it as a veggie sandwich filling. I love the crunch. Report
For those who aren't too keen on celery as a crunchy stick, try putting a couple of sticks in a soup that is going to be blended. I make a lentil soup using celery, carrot, onion, red lentils, and parsley, and puree it for a delicious soup.

I also chop celery and plain boil it sometimes, or add chopped chunks to casseroles.

I definitely like it, but am not a celery crunch fan. :-) Report
Love to munch on it, and use it roasts (which I will be making more now that the weather is cooling off). Report
I like it, but it is NOT my favorite, but after reading this, I will be eating it at least 2-3x a week!!! Report
I like to eat celery with fat free ranch dressing Report
I'm not pregnant, but I love celery too. I like it plain and love it with peanut butter or peanut butter mixed with strawberries. Yummy. Report
I like my celery best with a spicy ceasar! Also, I like to use it spooning salsa and taking a bite of celery with salsa. Report
I love celery! One of my favorite ways to eat it is in chop salad, along with tomatoes, green onion, green pepper & parsley, mixed together with a smidgen of sugar, salt & 2 T. lemon juice. Report
I try to eat celery 3-4 times a week. I like it raw, dipped in my morning cottage cheese :) Report
I love celery. one of the few vegetables that I do like along with green peppers which is also in this list. I prefer both of them raw rather than cooked.
my mom used to make me celery stuffed with peanut butter for my lunchbox way back when I was in school. was a cheap and good food and we did not have Lunchables and all kinds of junk meals to take to school in those days. Report
Celery is a basic in many foods I cook. Report
I love celery, I cook with it and eat it raw, just love it. Report
My mama always said celery was 'brain food!' Especially the leaves...also, it raw celery BURNS more calories to chew than it contains. ;-) Report
I have always like eatting celery raw, peanut butter or lite soft cream cheese. Always use when cooking Report
Yuck, eating celery sticks on one of my first tries at losing weight years ago helped to make me hate even thinking of trying to lose weight, it tastes awful!!! Still tastes awful, plain, but I cook with it now and then. And the experts need to find out just how much of some "element" in a food is really needed before making announcements about some food item being "healthy", most of the time, they don't really know at all, they just "tout" and "spout" in order to add more confusion to the health news we are getting. Report
finally, a good reason to eat celery! Report
I agree, celery is great with peanut butter, also a little fat free cream cheese for a change of pace. I like to munch on it with a glass of tomato juice sometimes. It is great in all kinds of stirfry or veggie soup. It is also helpful to lower bp so I try to incorporate it as much as I can for hubby. Report
i like celery with peanut butter, it goes a long way for snacks. Report
Celery is great with peanut butter too... Report
Really good to know, Thank you. Report
Gonna try to remember to eat more celery ... Report
Thanks for posting this Report
I, of course, love it with dip! But laughing cow is great also!!
Go Celery! Report
I only eat celery with hot wings, lol. Report
Some how I don't even think a truck load a day would help this mind!! Report
No wonder I used to love it with peanut butter when I was a kid. I think I will buy it organic this time around...to eat it with peanut butter again. Report
Ok I'm buying it by the tons. Report
Love it w/just a sprinkle of salt! Report
I love celery with red pepper hummus. Will eat more of it now! Report
I love celery. Part of the attraction is the crunch factor. Report
thank you for the information.
i like celery, but it is stringy sometimes.
i guess i could put some peanut butter on it. Report
Thanks, LANUZIE, I am going to try that dip. I usually just crunch my crudites raw, which gets old real fast. I think I will also add some of those healthy herbs to the mix. Report
I will certainly be eating a lot more celery now. I tend to use it occasionally in cooking, and sometimes to hold salsa or dip as a chip alternative, but I really don't see why thinly sliced or shredded it couldn't be hidden in a multitude of dishes. By the way if none of you have discovered the trick of mixing one can of rotel tomato mix with a tub of skim or low fat cottage cheese and using as a dip for veggies, it is great. Report
that great. but too bad i'm allergic. Report
love celery to cook with and just to eat, glad one of my eating habits is healthy Report
celery with peanut butter or cheese stuffing Report
I've always liked celery, but never thought it had much food value, other than "roughage." I love it raw for the crunch & also in cooked foods- soups, stir-frys, stews. But I wonder if cooking reduces the Luteolin content? Will be buying some more at the store this weekend- if I can remember to do so! Report
I really enjoy some crunchy celery as a snack, with a low fat dip, in salads and in soups, stews and in pasta bake. And 'ants on a log' too!! Report
Now I wish I liked celery! Report
I hate celery...no wonder my memory is so bad, LOL! Report