Celebrate and Love the Most Important Person: You!

By , SparkPeople Blogger
By Beth Donovan (~INDYGIRL)

Valentine's Day is a day on which we celebrate love. Love has many definitions. There is security love, the feeling of being cared for and nurtured. Friendship love is the kind of bond you share with a very close friend where you can be totally open and comfortable in sharing your true self. Romantic love is the kind of love that makes your heart flutter and your knees go weak when you see the person of interest. There is my favorite, unconditional love, the kind of love that endures no matter what. Self-love treats oneself to all of the above. That is in no way a comprehensive list of the types of love, just a quick list for this blog.

Today I want to talk about self-love. This Valentine's Day, I want you to dress so fine that you make your own knees go weak. If you’re alone, I want you to find a close friend and make fabulous plans. If you don’t have a close friend, I want you to work on building relationships and make some plans to celebrate loving yourself. If you do have a love interest, I want you to feel wonderful and enjoy the day with your treasured someone.

First, the clothes. No matter if you are alone or if you have a date with a best friend or love interest, you may want a new outfit or lingerie depending. Clothing, especially lingerie can be hard to find in larger sizes. There are a few websites to go to for fantastic shopping in large sizes:

OneStopPlus.com: They carry sizes 12- 44W (Women’s to 6x). With many stores on one site, it is like a virtual plus size mall. They also carry lingerie.

Torrid.com: They carry size 12- 30/32W (Women’s to 5x). This is a trendier site that seems to cater to people in their teens and 20’s--and it does carry lingerie.

To do a search for even larger lingerie, type "large lingerie 6x" into your search engine. You will get some good selections. (Because of the nature of lingerie, I did not want to promote a particular site here because of the pictures involved.)

KingSizeDirect.com is great if you are a guy trying to look your best this Valentine's Day. (Need more tips on finding plus-size clothing? Read this blog post!)

Just because it’s Valentine's Day that's is no reason to blow your entire eating plan. Keep the self-love going. Try these great low-cal date and treat ideas:

  • Watch a movie with a fruit or veggie tray. (Think they are expensive? I used to until I realized I would spend that much on unhealthy fast food without batting an eye.) Try some T. Marzetti's Chocolate Fruit Dip or Chef Meg's Chocolate Fondue with your fruit. (Don’t forget to measure!)

  • Go to a park and play. The exercise is good and it’s kind of romantic. Take a low-cal picnic or cook something nice at home before or after.

  • Girls' night out! Get your single friend(s) together and go out someplace fun.

  • A dinner theater perhaps? Take your cell phone and snap a picture of your plate. Enter it in your tracker when you get home. Intermission is a great time to take a walk around the building.

  • Go to a movie and sneak in your own treats. I like to sneak things in that are healthy, but I wouldn’t normally buy for myself because of the cost. Take a long romantic walk after or a nice long bubble bath by candlelight--even if you're by yourself.

  • A romantic or friendly swim might be fun. My husband and I go on dates to the YMCA and swim. We kiss in the water and do our laps. It’s fun really. If you don’t have someone to swim with, a gym is a great place to meet friends.

Whatever you decide to do, have fun. The point of the day is love, not loathe. There can be no body hatred on Valentine's Day this year. This is the year to dress your body up, love it, appreciate it, admire it and be good to it. This is the year to share your heart with yourself, as well as others. Remember that as you go through the year and have fun discovering just how wonderful you truly are.

How will you love yourself today?

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I was going to buy myself some roses for Valentine's Day, but the cost was not in my budget. Later that day a neighbor knocked on my door and gave a 12 red roses. Life many times gives us surprises. Report
Thank you for this blog! Also, I have been to Torrid but not the other stores, I am gonna check it out! Report
I love this blog. I actually did a similar one one my spark page this morning. I am a big advocate of being good to yourself and I hope that many people took you up on this great advice! Report
I love my personality, but it is really hard to love the way I look, lots of days. I love that I do the best I can with exercise. I love my husband, and my home life, friends and family. I am happy with what I feel like after a good work out. Report
This was awesome! I am still trying to learn to love myself, but it is getting better, thanks to SparkPeople and all the resources it offers and ..... free!!!!! I love SparkPeople. Report
Thoughtful blog Beth!
I surprised my partner w flowers, night before.
On V day, he cleaned the gas range w/out prompting & we went to the Ymca together & ran on the treadmills side by side before a quick spa... He did not know it was v day & we don't celebrate it much in Australia.
So EVERY day is a chance to love me! Report
like. love.this. blog. thank. you. Report
I enjoyed the blog. However, my Valentine's day passed just as any other day... Report
I enjoyed the blog. However, my Valentine's day passed just as any other day... Report
I bought myself some pink carnations......I love them. Nice article. If we expect the people in our lives to love us uncondtionally why shouldn't we do the same for ourselves. Report
These are all great ideas! Went to the gym and spent 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer. Took a nice long hot shower after the gym. Bought my self some new gum that helps with my sugar cravings.Had a healthy lunch.Had a very light dinner with my teenager. Report
My day was definitely filled with love and self-care. I ran 4.33 miles before work, wore an adorable outfit that I loved, splurged on some lacy lingerie, made a delicious, healthy dinner with my husband, and got to feel special all day at work because flowers were sent to me there.

Not a single chocolate entered my home because a mouthful of milk chocolate truffles does NOT equal love in this house!!! Taking care of each other is what love is all about for us. Report
Good blog. We all do need to do for ourself. We are worth it! Report
I hug my cat, Mr. Wilks every day. Report
I love your suggestions. I thought you might be interested in how I'm learning to love myself - in fact here is my own blog about it:

"I will believe the truth about myself no matter how beautiful it is.”


I'd be interested to hear what you think about it. Thanks, CJ Report
Such a motivational blog. I love it! Thanks for sharing this with us! You rock! Report
This was good. Usually the one person we forget to love is ourselves. Thanks. Report
Thank you. These are motivating thoughts. New perspective!! Report
This is an awesome Blog! Thanks for the tips and Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Report
Love the person you see in the mirror. God loves you. Take good care of yourself so
you can be all He has planned for you to be. Report
Great ideas! Love it! Report
Another great blog, Beth! Thanks! Report
Good idea! We were going to a movie this evening but I suggested going swimming to the grump and he went humph!!!!!! Report
A very timely blog. Thanks for the awareness and sharing... Report
That is exactly how I'm celebrating Valentine's day today. I'm loving myself for the first time in my life. I picked out my outfit last night (something I never do). I stopped and bought me flowers - roses for my desk. Normally I'm always buying of everyone else. I even bought a box of unopen candy that was given to me for christmas to share at work.

My daughter wants to take me out to dinner tonight but I'll tell her no and go to the Y to get my workout on.

Happy Valentine's day everyone.

Thanks for the comments! We all need to remember we must love ourselves before we can really love others or be loved. Report
What a wonderful blog and way to remind EVERYONE that we are worthy of self-love!!

Happy Valentine's Day to you!!! Report
way to go! Report
How am I going to love myself today ? I'm wearing shiney new gym pants !! I decided that it was time to treat myself to some new gym clothes and I'm wearing them today !!

And yes, I'll be enjoying some chocolate during the day too... gotta have a little something sweet today.

I'm loving myself by giving myself a big goal! 20,000 steps! I didn't hit my target yesterday and there has been a lot of food all weekend! So, today, I aim high and stay on track, even with our special dinner tonight! (My hubby requested something I never make, lasagna!)

And then I plan on showing myself some love by taking a bubble bath while my little guy rests! Report
This blog just cements my ideas for the day, thanks! I am going to work out and plan to increase how LONG I work out today. Hubby and I have a dinner date planned and I already decided I was wearing a dress for a change! And pretty shoes, and perfume! Yay US! Report
Great blog and I love this part..."My husband and I go on dates to the YMCA and swim. We kiss in the water and do our laps."

A family that exercises together stays together! That is so sweet! Happy Valentines Day everyone. I'm loving me today too and that is why I'm making it a DVD day...not movie day but....EXERCISE DVD day! lol. I'll watch The Proposal after I exercise. I LOVE that movie! Report
I started today by sending out some Valentine e-cards to my family and I am going to love myself by buying some jewelry today - earrings. I love them! I really enjoyed this blog! Report
Oops, I meant a basketfull of chocolate for my co-workers. Wouldn't want to sabotage this great day. Report
Talk about a great pick-me-up. I've got a red shirt and red sweater that I will definitely be wearing today. Yes, I've got a long to-do list but I plan to stop by the Godiva shop and load up on a basketfull of chocolate (okay, dark raspberry chocolate for me.) And somewhere in this day I plan to do something totally out of the ordinary just for myself. Thanks so much. Report
Hi Beth! LOVE-ly blog!

Today I'm going to tan, walk on the treadmill, strength train, volunteer at grandson's kindgarten class for their Valentine's party, and stop and buy my hubby some flowers on my way home! Nice Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's to YOU, my SparkFriends! xoxoxo Report
I've had swimming on my to-do list for too long, and always wimp out b/c I just can't bring myself to get into a bathing suit! ( I know, I know...gotta work on the "self-love" thing.) I just may cross that off my list this evening by doing a few laps in the pool in my apt. building. Thanks for lighting my Spark today! :-) Report
The happier I am the happier my wonderful fiancé is. I shall spend some time making sure I am as ready for the day as possible and look forward to spending some time together with him later. Report
I hadn't given V- Day any thought, But spark that is a good idea ( love me more today ) I think I will do something for me today. I haven't dressed to inpress in a while. After my workout of course, I will do something special today. Thanks Report
What a great blog! Well my day is busy with biz, but later I can take time out and make myself a special lowfat meal, and call a friend and do something.
Thanks for posting! I really enjoyed this! Report
I'm going to love myself today by wearing red, going to my cardio sculpt class, having my blood pressure checked at my local library for free, clean up my kitchen, and plan a wonderful dinner for my hubby and me! Report