Burn It Off: How Much Jumping to Undo a Bagel with Cream Cheese?

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Most mornings, you make time to prepare and enjoy a healthy breakfast. Oatmeal, an egg white omelet, whole grain cereal and fruit-infused smoothies make regular appearances at your breakfast table. But when you're running late, breakfast is often the first thing to go. On those hectic mornings, it's often easier to hit the drive-thru, gas station or coffee shop, feeling famished and ready to give in to temping pastries and or muffins. You try to make a good choice by selecting a whole grain bagel with reduced fat cream cheese while at Panera Bread (or Atlanta Bread Company in some regions). Did you make the right choice or will you pay for it later? Just how much damage will one bagel with cream choose do? Find out how long you'd have to jump on a mini trampoline to burn off this doughy breakfast.

Panera Bread bakes fresh breads, bagels and sweet pastries each day. While they taste delicious, they are often larger than a standard serving size, which adds calories and fat to a seemingly healthy meal. According to Panera's Nutrition Guide (you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this is a PDF document), the Whole Grain Bagel contains 350 calories and 3 grams of fat, while the 2-oz portion of reduced fat cream cheese adds 130 calories and 12 grams of fat, bringing this breakfast-on-the-run to 480 calories and 15 grams of fat.

According to SparkPeople.com's Fitness Tracker, a 150-pound woman who jumps on a trampoline burns 4 calories per minute. To burn off this chewy breakfast, you'd have to "rebound" non-stop for 2 hours! While jumping on a trampoline is a fun activity, that's a bit much for a bagel, don't you think?

You could save fat and calories on your bagel breakfast by watching your portions. A standard bagel serving is just 3 inches wide and contains 150 calories—not 4.5 oz like this one. And who needs a whopping 2 ounces of cream cheese? Just use enough to taste and you'll drastically cut calories and fat from your bagel breakfast. Better yet, cut that bagel in half and grab an apple or banana when you walk out the door.

Do you think a bagel with cream cheese is worth 2 hours of exercise? If not, tell us which breakfast foods are worth the calories to you!

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No, if I want a big breakfast I'd pick eggs, toast and fruit. Report
No way, I would rather eat something much more nutritious and have less calories to burn!! Report
i try to have just a half if i eat one Report
man o man. i love a bagel with cream cheese. however, i rarely eat bagels because i know how bad they are for you. but seriously, a white, plain bagel with cream cheese smeared on thick... mmmmmm

too bad i've given up white bread and the only thing i use cream cheese for is to add a little flavor to cooked spinach. take one package of frozen spinach, heat it up and add a little cream cheese. good stuff. Report
That's disgusting!! Who would have thought cotton candy has less calories?? Report
I don't grab the ones from anywhere but my fridge! I get those tiny little bagels that are 70 cals and very low in fat and then I grab 1 tablespoon or less of whipped Philadelphia cream cheese for 120cal I believe and I am good to go with eating one of those with a banana! Report
Sad as it is (I LOVE bagels and cream cheese) I've pretty much given them up a couple of years ago. Just can't justify the calories, AND I"m always hungry an hour later. Not enough protein, I guess. So now, bagels are like a once a year treat. Report
NO, way I don't think a bagel with cream cheese is worth 2 hours of any exercise, this Blog will make me think twice in the future. Thanks for the information. Report
I prefer cereal with coffee, and I love the cereal dry so I can eat it with my fingers. I developed the habit several years ago when I was looking for a way to get rid of donuts and other sweet things that went so well with my coffee. Report
Dag, I just had one this morning!! My fav is an everything bagel with low fat cream cheese, and that usually holds me until late afternoon. Next time I will definitely cut it in half and eat an apple with it. Report
If I don't have time for breakfast I'll grab a slice of toast with peanut butter on it on my way out the door. Report
I like whole wheat waffles with 1% cottage cheese and apple sauce. Healthy and light. Report
I agree with the other posters who said this article encourages yo-yo dieting, and self-punishing behavior. A bagel with cream cheese, peanut butter or butter or jelly a serving of fruit and a glass of juice or water is a fine, healthy, filling breakfast.

This exercise for 2 hours thing is bunk. Your body is going to take a long time to digest this meal. In doing so it will likely use most of what you ate before it turns to fat. You will also be much less tempted to reach for the snickers bar or cookies in the vending machine. Report
My favorites are: Total cereal with FF milk; OR 1/2 pkg. regular oatmeal sweetened with splenda and 1 tablespoon Hormel bacon bits and 1 slice wheat toast; or 1/2 100 cal. english muffin w/reduced fat peanut butter and drizzle of honey.

Personally I don't think that spark is trying to make people feel guilty about choosing a large bagel and cream cheese as much as they are trying to help people really take a look at our choices. If a bagel and cream cheese is your thing....then I say go ahead and have that....but we all must realize that whatever we choose to put into our mouths needs to be accounted for. Report
you wouldn't have to exercise that long to burn it off. Besides, you'd just have to eat a little bit less the rest of the day and when I eat a big breakfast, I do eat less later! Report
a bagel and cream cheese is much healthier than some other choices out there, okay so two hours of constant excercise to burn off, come on Spark, most people are gonna burn that sitting at a desk all day. Cant believe you are scaring people into not eating a bagel vs a donut! Report
I'm absolutely shocked to find out that I would have to exersice for 2 hours to burn off a bagel with cream cheese. Can u imagine how long you would have to exersice to burn off a sausage Mcmuffin from McDonalds....I dont even want to think about it....easier to just stay away from it. Report
Personally, I'm not a bagel eater. I would much prefer my cereal with banana. If I didn't have time in the morning to eat my regular breakfast, then I'd eat yogurt and fruit. I prefer all these over bagels anyway! Report
Bagels are wonderful but I'll eat that banana instead and drink my glass of water. Report
I'm with JRLRAW on this one, too. This article really bothers me because it promotes unhealthy ideas about food. Are there better breakfast choices out there? Sure, but the idea of punishing yourself for eating is ridiculous. And, if you were concerned about burning off the extra calories you ate if you had this for breakfast would be the difference between the calories in this meal and the calories in the meal you would have normally eaten (eggs or oatmeal or a smoothie or whatever), NOT the total number of calories in the meal. I'm disappointed to see Spark promoting these kinds of unhealthy thinking patterns. Report
JRLRAW said it just right: It's not correct to assume that every calorie eaten has to be "burned off" through exercise. It's that kind of self-punishing attitude that makes for yo-yo dieting; if you get mad at yourself for eating the "wrong" things, then work out too hard to "make up" for it, you can cause a lot of unnecessary bad feelings for yourself (not mention strains and pains that might cause you to give up on your exercise program). All things in moderation, folks. Report
Not worth it, even though I LOVE bagels and cream cheese. Thanks for the article! I didn't realize how long I would have to work out to work off that bagel. It really put things into perspective. Report
I often eat b-fast on the run, so I keep a stock of fiber one bars and eat that with an apple or banana. While I could make a healthier choice, this fills me until lunch time and I avoid the bagels. Also, I would rather splurge on a yummy cookie or ice cream than a bagel :) Report
This is just a once in a blue moon treat. Most of the time for me it is a slimfast and 2 servings of fruit. Report
That is one of my "favorite" breakfast meals. However, long ago, I switched to the Thomas Mini Bagels, and low-fat Cream Cheese. Add a banana or other fruit and you've got a good low-calorie breakfast.

It definitely wouldn't be worth the 2 hours and besides who has time to exercise for 2 hours for one bagel!

Thanks for these blogs - really enjoy them. Report
The bagel and cream cheese are not worth the calories. And your breakfast is all carbs and fat - I try to make sure I get a good protein balance with breakfast, that way I don't get hungry as fast, and it's better for me. My breakfast is my home made granola, soy milk, blueberries, and a banana. My splurge item is eggs, with buttered whole wheat toast, but I only do that occasionally. Report
I want food that will stay with me until the next meal. A bagel just doesn't do that for me. I love the blogs that compare exercise to a food item. It is a great way to put your food choices into perspective. Thanks! Report
Boy, if I'm really jonesing for something decadent like that it is worth it! But certainly not just to stick in my mouth without thinking. I know I can't deny myself everything so I carefully pick my calorie splurges! Report
Not worth it unless our bodies are working like our moms & dads were...50 years ago!! Corn or white flour tortillas were a staple food in my family's home when I was growing up, but I saw that my parents were doing lots of activites to keep food in the house & the house & yard cleaned, besides walking & taking the bus downtown. I'm not used to eating a bagel or cream cheese...it's a nice treat as a culture thing, but if it's THAT fattening--I can continue to live without it at home or work. Report
I say the half bagel and light on the cream cheese is so worth it and the fruit is the icing on the cake!!!! I don't believe in depriving myself of any food that I really like. That would not work for me! Moderation is the key!!!!! Report
A Weight Watcher's "POINT" is 50 calories, so a 3-Point Bagel would be 150 calories. Report
Sarah Lee used to have the toaster size bagels and I used to eat half with 1 tbsp of cream cheese and it was perfect. Sometimes I'd cook up a thin slice of canadian bacon for an added punch. On weight watchers that would have been a three point breakfast and totally yummy! Report
I guess I would have to say either a french toast or choco chip pancakes!!! I just get a craving and its over! Report
I agree it's not worth it, however, I don't eat eggs and hate the texture of oatmeal. I always find trouble finding a breakfast food that packs a punch. How do you get the right amount of protein out of a breakfast cereal or yogurt and fruit? Plus one that will last you til a snack or lunch?! I do love my bread, that's why an occasional lapse to a bagel is always possible. I usually a mini bagel, whole wheat, no cream cheese. Have you ever tried the laughing cow on a bagel? Delic' Report
I'll be honest, the bagel is COMPLETELY worth it. Bread is definitely my weakness and a toasted bagel with cream cheese is just about the best snack ever. Report
I like to eat bagels and lite cream cheese. But I am not eating the whole bagel only a half with about 1.5 TBSP of cream cheese. Mine arwe also not the huge bagels they are the normal size or even the mini bagels. Report
I've been trying really hard to have really yummy stuff that is worth the calories. Too often, that pastry or bagel looks great, but just doesn't taste that great. Lately, I've been having irish style oatmeal in the morning. Takes 30 minutes to cook, but I made a few servings and put some in the freezer. It's good, filling and doesn't send my blood sugar crashing like instant oatmeal does. Report
My favorite breakfast is an English muffin (Thomas multi-grain light), 1 T reduced-fat peanut butter, and a banana. A great source for fiber. Report
I add a pat of butter and touch of honey to my oatmeal. It's worth it to me! Report
my favorite breakfast is a cup of 0% greek yogurt with 1/2 cup of Kashi Go Lean Crunch sprinkled on top. MMMMM! Report
I have been doing this a lot lately with "treats". I picked up one of my kid's chocolate chip cookies and glanced at the calorie content as I was popping it into my mouth. It was 160 calories for one cookie. That is more than a mile and a half walk!!!! No thank you. That cookie went straight into the garbage can. I was not going to waste a mile and a half on one cookie. -no way! Report
so sad - i love an everything bagel something terrible! Report
President's Choice Blue Menu Cinnamon Raisin Bagel 160 cal with 1.5 g fat.
I had to close earlier comment to look it up in my nutrition. LOL
Rosie Report
I have a President's Choice Blue Menu Bagel (Cinnamon Raisin usually) and instead of cream cheese I add about a tablespoon of chia seed to a pot of no fat no sugar yogurt and after the chia thickens up I dip my bagel in the yogurt which will be as thick as cream cheese by then. I add an apple and either a boiled egg or a cheese string and this is my lunch at the office. If I am on the road I keep the cheese and apple for mid-afternoon.
Rosie Report
The last Bagel I ate pulled a cemented cap off my tooth. Costs me over $135 to replace it. Needless to say, NO MORE BAGELS for me.... Report
I was in a bagel eating kick for a while but then I was at a friends house who has a two year old and she was eating apple cinnamon cheerios. They smelled so good just plain I decided to buy them for breakfast one day and now they are my new breakfast. Usually I will have a bowl of cereal, a cup of tea and a serving of fruit. This is my new favorite.

On weekends I will have an omelette with veggies. Report
This jumping for two hours is a bit over the top. After all, who needs 2 oz. of cream cheese. I LOVE bagels, and I can eat two three at a sitting, without anything on them if they are fresh from the oven. But this is all about portion control isn't it. Nothing wrong with a bagel and craem cheese, just a HUGE bagel, and a double helping of cream cheese. Nothing wrong with it if you add an additional 200 to 300 calories of exercise to compensate. I agree with others, this is not in ADDITION to your breakfast, but INSTEAD of your normal breakfast.

HUGE portions are the problem, not the actual food choice. EVERYONE Have a bagel and eat up! But have a smaller sized one! Report
I don't eat bagels but I wanted to share the breakfast calories that are worth it to me is once or twice a week I go to a local restuarant with my mom, sister and daughter for breakfast(I love to go out for breakfast)I always have 2 eggs OE and whole wheat toast with a couple cups of decaf coffee = 441 cals. We chat and have a great time, we usually spend about an hour and a half, sometimes other family members join us - it is worth the calories. Report
Ment Which* BreakFast* My Spelling Stinks lol Report
I had a blueberry bagel this morning, nothing on it, that alone was 270 and half cup of skim milk wish was 45 calories. Total 315. I Say thats a great breafast. Your Breakfast Should be the second biggest meal of the day lunch third and Dinner 1st. Just Make Sure it doesnt go over your daily count. My Daily Count Is Between 1200-1400 Sumtimes I Have A Hard Time Getting 1200. Lol. Its Easy After Doing It FOr Little While. And starting Today Everyday Ill Be Doing 70+ Mins Of Exercising Report
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