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How well can you pay attention and focus during distraction?

This 60-second video will test your mind's awareness, focus and concentration. It's definitely worth checking out so you can find out how well you can pay attention when you are distracted. If you have trouble playing the video below, you can click here to view it on YouTube.

Important Note: Don't scroll down to read the text below the video until you've watched it or else you might ruin the test's accuracy and results!


This is a great video that really makes you think. The point is obvious, but here are a couple additional thoughts I wanted to share.

  1. For Drivers: Don't forget to look both ways AND check sidewalks at every intersection. As this video shows, it's easy to miss what you're not looking for. You can be perfectly aware of the other cars around you, but unless you're looking for pedestrians or cyclists, they can seemingly come out of nowhere, even though they're using the sidewalks or sharing the roadways with you. This is especially true if you are making a right-hand turn, which I've learned from experience as a driver and a runner/cyclist. How often do you also look before making a right-hand turn? Use this as a friendly reminder to look both ways—you never know if someone could be crossing the street on your right side if you're not looking. In addition, distracted driving is dangerous driving. It's hard enough to watch for automobiles, but looking for pedestrians while obeying traffic laws and talking on your cell phone or eating breakfast behind the wheel is an accident waiting to happen.
  2. For Pedestrians and Cyclists: Be hyper aware and run, walk or bike defensively. When I run or bike, I always assume that no drivers see me or look for me, and this awareness and caution has saved me from many close calls. Make sure you run or walk against traffic, especially if there are no sidewalks, so that you can see traffic coming your way. (The opposite is true for cyclists who must ride with the flow of traffic.) Watch for cars coming out of driveways, parking spots and at every stop sign or intersection. Making eye contact with a driver doesn't ensure that he or she really does see you or will yield to you either. Like I mentioned above, be especially aware at intersections. Many drivers to not use their turn signals or look both ways before turning, so watch out and obey the rules of traffic. And remember to make yourself as visible as possible, especially when it's dark out. Wear bright or light colors, reflective materials or a blinking safety light so that others can see you. If you bike when it's dark out, local law may require you to have a headlight and/or blinking light on your bicycle, but even if it doesn't, you should do so for your own safety.
If you've ever walked, ran, or biked on a road or sidewalk outside, you've probably had one or two close calls with automobiles. Perhaps you're a driver who almost struck a pedestrian or cyclist and felt your heart jump into your throat as you slammed on your breaks in the nick of time. I hate to admit it, but I have had a couple close calls as a driver myself, both of which reminded me that I need to pay more attention to the roads AND the sidewalks when I drive, just as I'd want people to do for me while I run.

Let's all use this as a reminder to keep the roads safe this winter! For more workout safety tips for outdoor exercisers, click here.

Have you ever had a close call as a driver, pedestrian or cyclist? Will this video help you think twice about driving distracted or being aware of your surroundings?

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Didn't care about the passes. LOL Report
Got the passing amounts correct, but I to missed the bear. This is a great article and very imformative. You should always be the one watching out. You can only control that and not the acts of other people. We have to protect ourselves because we can't count on others to do the right thing. Be safe! Report
I missed the bear - however as a motorcyclist, I am aware of everything around me when I drive. Do I miss things, I am sure that I do but I do feel that I am more aware of my surroundings and what is out there than this test would indicate. Report
like most I got the passes and missed the bear. but while driving I am aware of all that is going on around me....unless my husband is driving then I miss stuff because I am seeing things on the side that I never sit on. Report
ok...I saw the bear but missed the passes....what does that say about me? ;-) LOL!! my brain went into a frenzy trying to keep up with them and I just watched him......haha! Report
Great video! I got 13 passes, but totally missed the moonwalking bear. Report
Wow...I was so excited to have counted 13 passes and then when they asked about the "moonwalking bear"...I shouted, "what?" and sure was there~! Great video and great message~ Report
I have had a couple close calls while running or riding my bike. It is kind of scary out there.
There have also been times when I don't look both ways. I guess I could be considered a hypocrite. Report
That's a great example--I caught all the passes, but never saw the bear. There have been times that I've arrived home from work (a 30-40 minute drive) and I've wondered how I got there, which means I wasn't fully aware of my environment. It happens more often than we know. Report
When walking my 2 large dogs in the morning, I wear a really ugly bright yellow coat, white hat and blinking lights on my arms---still have cars almost hit me. Report
There have been several times I have been with a friend of mine walking downtown and almost been hit. It's scary because there is a school right in the middle of downtown with kids everywhere, and so many distracted drivers. Good video though makes you think. Report
I missed the bear! Report
I got the passes correct, but missed the bear, even the second time after I was looking -- the video is a little dark on my monitor at work, so it looked like the bear was one of the black-shirted players and was just moving around to get the ball. It was only when he moved away from the pack that I could make out the ears. Luckily I don't wear sunglasses unless its bright out & don't have tinted windows, so hopefully I won't miss any dark figures on the street. But this shows the importance of wearing at least something light colored if walking in the dark, or even on a gloomy day. Report
I missed 1 pass and didn't see the bear. My son was hit by a car as he crossed the street at a busy intersection near our home. The driver was so intent on watching oncoming traffic on his left he neglected to look to his right as he turned right on the red light. My son was lucky ... only a fractured knee. The kicker is the driver didn't even stop... Report
Great one!
Yes, I've almost been hit- and almost hit, both.... as a walker, I assume the worst of people, even here in California, the land of pedestrian rules... Report
I also want to add, those who are walking, running or biking should also take responsiblity for road awareness. There are joggers in my town who run on the road, in the middle and seriously, they run direct into me and refuse to move. I have to either stop (if there is traffic) and wait until they go around me or go into the next lane to avoid hitting them. Its uncalled for. There are sidewalks, there is a major park in the middle of town with a walk/running track and there is the side of the road. Yet they believe they have the right to go down the middle of roads and we are to avoid them. Or those that jaywalk, don't look, walk right across traffic and if you don't stop, they slam your car with their fists or stand there in the middle while traffic moves around them. Especially frustrating are those that are literally 2 feet from the crosswalk and yet, refuse to walk up to that area. Instead they jump out in front of you and give that "you are a bad driver" look. Safety on the roads go both ways. Report
Yes I saw the bear and was bored within moments of the video - that's me. I see the trees and not the forest, typical ADHD. ;) I get the point. I always stop before turning right and look, when at an intersection. There was one time I didn't do this and was very lucky. It was a quiet Sunday, beautiful out and no one was in town. It was completely dead. I pulled up to the intersection, talked with my little buddy in the passenger's seat, did a quick look and started to move. I looked up, slammed on my brakes and at the same time, a neighbour banged on my hood and laughed. He came over and asked what my problem was, not enough coffee? I wasn't even really moving, so there was no harm. I must have apologized a dozen times while he and his wife laughed at me. It was so silly, no one else around literally and I couldn't see them at all. Yet when its busy, I see everything. Shows that its not always when its busy that things happen, it can happen anytime, even when its really quiet with no distractions. Report
I've personally almost been hit by drivers making a right turn without looking on more than one occasion. I've also experienced aggressive drivers who start to pull through an intersection when I'm directly in front of their cars. I've seen drivers pull out over the crosswalk not look right before turning, many also do not use their turn signal. Now that I'm the driver I always look right and left before making any turn and I look for pedestrians before entering a crosswalk. As important as it is to be aware when you're walking/cycling, I think it's much more likely for a driver to be guilty of being distracted. Cars have radios, GPS, passengers, cell phones and many other distractions and you're also traveling much faster than if you were walking or riding a bike. Drivers need to remember to be aware of pedestrians and cyclists, they have the right of way, however the best long-term solution is to make significant changes to the roadways in the US: add sidewalks and bike lanes, reduce speed limits and make the penalties for breaking them higher, and add pedestrian signals and crosswalks. Report
I counted 12 passes and missed the bear. Good Blog, interesting comments. I agree with someone else's comment that this applies to motorcycles as well. I have noticed a huge increase in bikers and mopeds and cyclists in the past couple years and I've seen lots of near misses. I saw one "ham" on his crotch rocket come screaming up behind me on the freeway in my rearview mirror. I watched him move into the lefthand lane to go around me and another vehicle and by the time he came abreast of me, he was up on his back wheel riding at better than 70 mph - he went for about a mile doing his wheelie and while I enjoyed the show, my heart was beating pretty fast worried about whether or not I was going to witness or even be a part of an accident due to his horseplay. I kept wondering if the other drivers in front of me would see him and how they would react. Report
This confirmed it, I have trouble see all the details sometimes. Counted 11 and did not see the bear. Will need to pay closer attention - especially when driving!!! Report
My close call was me trying to get back on the street from a parking lot. The parking lot had a wall surrounding it so you kind of had to edge forward to look both ways down the street. Just as I was edging forward, two women jogging fast came right out from the wall. Fortunately the leader raised her hand so I saw her just in time. I don't suppose I would have flattened them but I sure would have knocked them over--and I was barely going at all. I was a little surprised by how they took for granted that I would see them and stop before it was too late. I also heard another car honk at them as they passed me so I wonder how many risks they're taking in an effort not to slow down. But I think about my own walking around town and there have been times I've darn near stepped out in front of traffic not even thinking. So both drivers and pedestrians need to stay alert! Report
I didn't see all the passes (I counted 12) and I completely missed the bear! OMG!! point well taken. Thank you! Report
I am a frequent city driver and city pedestrian, and am always hyper vigilant. People pay so little attention to what they should be while on our streets. Safety should be a joint effort between drivers and pedestrians. I won't go into my horror stories about near misses, because of someone's cell phone, texting, or just not looking before they leap, except for one: a woman holding an enfant walked right by my rear bumper When I was half way out in the street, still moving; she was walking down the middle of the street, even though there are sidewalks on both sides. I'm talking about times, I have been doing the right thing, and someone or some thing cuts me off. Fortunately, I have good reflexes.

And while I think bikes are a good thing on so many levels; it's rare to find a bicyclist in our city who obeys of laws that apply to them. Report
This really proves its point!!! Report
Love this ! Report
This is a lesson we teach our children when they are out riding. NEVER assume a car sees you. Always behave like it doesn't! Report
I've had my dog almost get hit by cars turning because the drivers are more interested in beating the light change than worrying about me crossing the crosswalk with my dog. I really don't know what to do about that, but it's definitely a safety issue. Report
I saw 13 passes and the bear. Report
That made me laugh,But a really great message. Is that a commercial? I got all the passes, but totally blanked on the bear. Report
Saw the bear, but it was so odd in the mix that I missed two of the passes Report
It also reminded me that I should get something reflective for when I walk after dark. Thank you Report
Counted 13 passes and missed the bear. I walk with a partner and suggest that you walk on same side of street when cars are approaching and of course, assume that they don't see you. Report
I almost got hit by a u-turning driver yesterday while riding my bike. Somehow I just KNEW the driver wasn't really focused on me--fortunately, I was focused on her and nothing bad happened.

Thanks for the reminder to all of us on BOTH sides of the wheel! Report
great thanks Report
Love this! I have a new "teen" driver in the family and I can't wait to show it to her.
Dig that "moon-walking bear"....HA! Report
Wow, VERY cool - made a very good point. I got the # of passes right but totally missed the bear. Report
I never even saw the bear at all! Thanks for the reminder. I will definitely pay more attention. My nephew was just run over by a pickup truck during Thanksgiving week when he was on his bike in Oklahoma. Fortunately, he survived with relatively minor injuries but what a scare! People really do need to pay special attention for things other than vehicles. Thanks again! Report
LOL! I was dutifully counting the passes until I noticed the bear and then I got distracted by that. Great reminder to pay attention! Report
I find that the bigger the SUV or pickup, the harder it is for the driver to see me on my bike. One older gentleman nearly started from a dead stop in a driveway while I was directly in front of him. He probably couldn't see more than my head in my helmet. You just have to watch. Report
I saw that someone in black was there and exited to the left, but I did not pay attention that they were wearing a bear suit. I have been out running and had people run through stop signs and almost hit me. I feel like I have to pay more attention to make up for the people around me who don't. Report
I got 13 passes but missed the bear Report
I have had a close call with both runners and cycles mechanical and not. I've also been in this situation as a pedestrian. I'll definately be more careful. Report
Wow that was good! That would be a good lesson regarding motorcyclists too. I have seen so many accidents and death regarding motorcycles that were not even seen. I think people get into this "zone" that mentally they are expecting only cars and trucks on the road but nothing smaller. IMHO Report
Great video! And a great point as well. I ride my bike a lot and the right hand turning car is the most dangerous. I did make eye contact with a woman once, who then hit my bike and kept driving, not even knowing she hit my back tire. Luckily, neither me nor my bike was injured. Report
I cannot tell a lie.....did not see the bear but did count the 13! WOW......I need to be more AWARE!!!! Report
I got the 13 passes, but MISSED the moon walking bear!!! Report
Great point made by the video. I was hit by a car and the only excuse he had was that he didn't see me. Always be careful!!!!! Report
I got the number of passes right, but totally missed the bear. Report
I was pulling my daughter in the bike trailer recently, in a school zone. At a stop sign a woman looked left right at me, and then pulled out right in front of me. The trailer broke loose, except for the safety hitch, and I came sliding to halt. Thankfully, it was a pretty controlled crash. The driver looked shocked, but she never stopped, just headed on her merry way. Defensive biking --take care of yourself, because some drivers just aren't paying attention. Report
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