Get Ready to Ride With This Spin Class Guide

By , SparkPeople Blogger
So you've heard about the body-boosting benefits of spin class—who wouldn't love to burn 500 calories in 45 minutes?—but the thought of climbing onto a bike in a room full of cycling connoisseurs makes you want to sprint toward the treadmill. Not so fast!

Spinning isn't as scary as it might seem, we promise. This handy guide answers all of your questions—what to wear, what to bring, what to expect—so you'll be ready to ride in no time. Learn it, print the graphic and share it with other would-be spinners.

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ROCKRS 3/7/2021
thanks Report
BIKE4HEALTH 1/28/2021
thanks Report
DIVAGLOW 12/15/2020
Thank you for this. Report
CECELW 11/15/2020
another article i've read a few times Report
MOINSDEMOI 11/13/2020
It is 2020, the year of Covid-19. I broke down and bought a spinning bike for my home gym. I also knew that I would need an instructor so I signed up on the Peloton app even though I am riding a Keiser bike. So far I have been pleasantly surprised riding from home.

Cherriet - I have been spinning for almost 20 years and I had to buy cycling shorts after being off the bike for 8 months due to Covid. Either the cycling shorts or a padded bike seat cover will help with the saddle soreness. It's easy to forget to remove the seat covers if you are spinning in a gym, which is why I went with the cycling shorts. Report
not sure if I am up for this but great information! Report
Once I smoke my last cigarette I will attempt to join a spin class. Down to my last 3. Report
I’ve been in spin class since November. I ain’t lying!! It’s tough! Tough!! BUT it’s absolutely very rewarding!! Report
thanks Report
I never got into spinning. Report
Crank it! Report
I have been to one spin class. I HATED it! Perhaps if I had this information it would have been better. The instructor catered to the cycle heads and ignored us beginners who never returned. Report
Thanks Report
I was able to buy a spinner bike for my basement gym, it is a true challenge when used correctly. Thank-you for the information. Report
Thank you Report
Thanks for sharing.... Report
I've yet to try a spin class. Report
thank you Report
Excellent information. Thanks for sharing. Report
Sounds fun, I haven't had the courage to go spinning so I am still out riding in the wild! Report
It does look like fun! Report
It sounds like fun! Report
Great fun Report
I love spinning! I’ve never worn padded shorts. The soreness does go away after a few classes. Great workout. Report
Thanks! for sharing article Report
Good article and I can only add, bring LOTS of water and the towel is a must. Haven't used the spin shoes and hasn't been a problem. have to remember to keep my heels down; first class I didn't do that and got a strain on the front of my ankle. And do what you can. Report
I agree, bike shorts with padding help! Report
Why is there no mention of padded biker shorts? Especially for some women. The LAST thing you want is to show up for a spin class, and not be comfortable to continue because your butt is so sore! I speak from experience. I'm really surprised the writer did not discuss this option. *scratching my head* Report
I ABSOLUTELY love Spinning. I've been Spinning for close to 8 years now and simply love it. We have 30 and 45 minute classes. I've been at other gyms where they have 60 min classes. My only advice if starting out for the first time get some bike shorts with padding in the backside area. You will be sore for the first few weeks. Eventually won't need the padded shorts. Go at your own pace. Sure try to keep up with the instructor but do what you can and what your body is telling you, you can do. I've lost 60+ pounds and I owe a lot of it to Spinning. Don't care for running and this is a great cardio substitute. Report
I typically avoid ANYTHING exercise bike related after having to "ride" as part of my physical therapy warmup post knee replacements. However, the challenge of a spin class just might be the thing to get me to change my mind. Regardless, the graphic and explanation of terms...a win! Report
I know we are only to comment, but can you manage spinning with a painful back? Report
Any tips to avoid the 'saddle soreness'. I have a VERY well-padded rear, but the seat hit me right on the bones. Report
Great article covers all the basics! Report
Tip: It's your ride. Yes the instructor says stand up or go fast, at various times. Knees not up to it? Go at your own pace. Not all instructors are the same! They each have their own music. It's your ride, enjoy it! Report