6 Exercises for a Better Butt

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What do Jennifer Lopez, Eva Mendes, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Biel all share in common? They are known to have the best butts in Hollywood--and they work quite hard to maintain them. While many of us may never achieve the same results (some of that shape is genetic), having stronger glutes can give our backsides a lift as well as help make us more efficient walkers and runners.

The Gluteus Maximus is the largest of the three major muscles that make up the glutes (AKA the bum). Strong glutes help us tackle the hills when walking or running, not to mention allowing us to climb the stairs with greater ease.

To make these exercises more effective, be sure to squeeze your glutes when performing these movements. And remember, diet and cardio-respiratory activities are just as important to help us all achieve a better back side.

One-and-a-Half Squat

Butt Blaster with Band

Rump Raiser

Dumbell Step Ups

Chair Squats

Standing Booty Kicks

Click here for Coach Nicole’s 5-Minute Booty Workout with Ball and here for Coach Nicole’s Butt Blasting Workout.

What is your favorite exercise for working your glutes? How often to you do these exercises?

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These are some great exercises Report
I would include deadlifts, hip thrusts (basically a bridge with your back on a bench), and fire hydrants. Report
We do dead lifts in the class that I take and I definitely think that it makes a difference. I have always had a flabby bottom but for the first time ever I am seeing a bit of firmness. Report
I love Gilad's 20 minute hip, butt and thigh workout in his Quick Fit System. It's short, but effective! I also feel that squats and stiff legged dead lifts help reshape the booty as well. ;-) I agree that putting your treadmill on an incline will help the booty as well! I also like the 15min Butts & Guts Kettlebell DVD as it does wonders! Intense, but I tell myself, it's only 15 minutes! ;-) Report
Butt blaster with band link isn't working - did anyone figure out what it's supposed to be? Report
I can do those booty kicks at work! Thanks! Report
This is encouraging, as I do not feel the glutes are my most needed area of work -- I need more help with my "apple" shape stomach! I've never worried about how big or small my butt is, and probably won't. But, the realization that this is a strengthening issue that affects my walking, stair climbing, and posture makes me look at this from a different viewpoint - my main goal is to be healthy, and this figures in. Report
I do squats, and my mini stepper at least 5 times a week Report
I like to incline the treadmill to work the glutes. Also tighten the butt while doin a pelvic bridge on the swiss ball. You end up looking great in your exercise pants! Report
I have done the but blaster chair squats & Standing booty Kicks in the past they areawesome exercises Report
The Ace Fitness site isn't loading today. Report
Thanks for these 6 moves I can do, a lot of exercises that are recommended for this area are usually to challenging or not good for my back but not these. I will be giving them a try. Keep up the great work1 Report
Thanks for the great blog! Report
omigosh Cass! I thought you were kidding.. Report
I enjoy the squats, they do work, your pants fit better, even your underwear fits better, or "looks" better............thanks! Report
I've been doing chair squats, but on the chair in the gym that you use to sit and do shoulder presses. It's a little closer to the floor than a regular chair, so you have to work harder at getting back up! Report
WOO HOO - Who doesn't want a better butt!!!
I will be giving some of these a try in between fall clean-up and shoveling snow during the winter months.

Nancy Report
Nancy, thanks for these exercises!!! I will try some soon!!! Report
The whole SELF workout looks good and there are videos to go along. May try this tomorrow when I do my lower body ST. Thanks for sharing these links! Report
I do squats and lunges, but nothing works your butt muscles like climbing stairs. That's a fabulous workout. Report
LOL Nanc - didn't seen Penny's name in that list! Report
I would just like to comment that these women would be known for their butts even if they did not work them. They have had to work them to keep them from growing out of control! I know at least Jennifer Lopez sized hers down some time ago and Kims is just genectically larger also. Though I don't think mine is perfect, my husband likes my smaller butt.I am sure I could benefit from these exercises, because a toned body is what I aspire to have. Report
I do squats, lateral squats, dumbell deadlifts, and backward dumbell lunges as well as walking hills around my neighborhood. I also like to swim in the summertime. Report
Swimming is really a good exercise for the butt. Report
I recently did Coach Nicole's butt blaster as my extra exercise for Boot Camp. It is great. I even felt it the next day.!

I've been doing squats with Leslie Sansone. Is that a butt exercise? Report
okay, I don't mean to dis some of the above hollywood stars, but why are they mentioned as always having nice booties? how come no one ever mentions serena and venus williams? or what about Ice cube's wife? why does everyone mention the ones with small, hard booties? theres nothing wrong with toning the bootie, but it doesn't need to HARD like a body builder. that not feminine. at all. and also, for firming the booty, some of the best exercises I've found for making a rounder booty are callanetics, and t-tapp, especialy diva derriere. its a lot more effective. trust me. and if you miss a workout, it won't go away right away. It would take months of inactivity to fall off. Report
needed to know this .. intresting . Report
What exercises can you recommend for doing in pool.

Had stroke all exercises at this time are done in pool 3 to 4 feet of water.

Plan to try the standing booty kick while holding to side of pool. Report
that's one problem I don't have run In the family Report
Wow, thanks Nancy!

I've been having problems isolating my glutes because my hamstrings keep on kicking in to do the work for them. My sports med doctor is trying to coach me through it, but apparently I need A LOT of practice. It's weird trying to consciously not engage a muscle you use all the time. But I'm gradually learning... Feeling the glutes burn helps :) Report
"curtsy lunge" well, you know what I mean if that's spelled wrong :) Report
Geez, I must be a sufferer of "big butt syndrome" but I'd rather have a curvy booty than a pancake bum! I think Kim has a wonderfully toned backside and I'm glad to see some new exercises to help mine! I have mainly been sticking to plain old squats and lunges. Report
Whoo! Love this! Thank you. Report
I am getting an error message when i try to link to the standing booty kicks. My mcafee site advisor will not let me load it.

I live in the Bay area, and hills are the norm. If I can get my back into some semblance of shape, walking the hills around here is enough to work the whole bum area! Report
Sorry to say..but the examples given.. especially Jennifer Lopez, all suffer from "Big Butt Syndrome" not a particularly good trait in my circle of friends..... Report
Since I live in a very hilly section of Pittsburgh, I run the hills. My butt is looking great and going back to its original position!! Report
I heard this on tv the other day. I guy said to this woman " You have tiny hiney syndrome". I can relate to that as I have a small butt. But I do squats to help with that. I need to do other things too. So I will be looking for something else. Report
I love doing my "Zone Pilates" workout. It has a section on the dvd just for "Sexy Buns, Legs & Thighs" :) I try to do it at least twice a week but I think I'm going to try to fit it in about 1-2 more day(s). Report
I've been using the Brazilian Butt Lift DVD and it really works.
thanks for the block will be doing these as well.

Thank goodness someone else mentioned pilates before I did. Pilates = Great for your butt.

Also, swimming. Report
I am very fortunate to live in a mountain range, so I hike mountain trails. Even walking in my own neighborhood is up and down - almost nothing is flat here. My bum has changed the most of any other body part - I am very proud of it! I don't even do any exercises, just walk up and down hills and my glute muscles have gotten very firm. I am lucky. Report
In pilates circuit class we carry 10 lbs dumbells in each hand and walk down 1 flight of stairs (10 steps) and then walk back UP, DOUBLE steps, so it's 10 steps down, 5 steps up. 2 sets, 3 minutes each, and at 1 1/2 minute, walk UP the stairs stepping your feet out wide. hurts so good! Report
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