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Learn how to make the most of common household items, like hair dryers, dryer sheets and toothpicks, when you watch our 5 Ways video series! Each week we will feature a different item, which you most likely have lying around the house, and show you five new uses for it—surprising even the most savvy homemaker. For instance, did you know the absorbent powders in sidewalk chalk can soak up stains on clothing? Or that dryer sheets can calm frizzy-hair flyaways? Today, tune in to our latest installment, in which WomansDay.com Assistant Editor Brynn Mannino demonstrates five new ways to put lemons to use as a cleaning product, deodorizer and more!

Tips from the Video:
  1. Deodorize yourself. Use a gutted lemon as an all-natural deodorant for your armpits and feet.
  2. Soothe sunburn. Apply lemon juice to the affected area. It will help your skin recover more quickly from a mild sunburn.
  3. Pre-treat stains. Squeeze lemon juice on an ink stain, let sit overnight, then launder as usual. Repeat as necessary before drying.
  4. Polish copper pots. Make a thick paste of lemon juice and salt (suggested ratio: half lemon to 2 tbsp of salt), and rub it on copper to remove oxidation. Rinse well before drying completely.
  5. Clean the microwave. Mix 3 tbsp of lemon juice and 1 1/2 cups of water in a microwave safe bowl; nuke on high for 5 to 10 minutes, allowing the steam to condense on the inner walls of the oven. Thanks to the acids found in lemon juice, food and grease will wipe away easily, leaving only a fresh scent in your microwave.

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Do you ever use lemons or lemon juice around the house?

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I bounce back and forth between Lemon's and baking soda for deodorant. Lemon can get a bit acidic after awhile. But it's an amazing deodorant for those who worry about sweating! Thanks Report
We use lemons in a natural flea repellant for our dog!

for anyone that wants to know how to make it here it is:

You take one lemon slice it very thin then put it into a bowl and pour 2 pints almost boiling water on it. cover it and let it steep over night. the next day squeeze the execs juice from the lemon slices and throw them away, then pour the liquid into a spray bottle and spray it on the dog! (we spray about 1 to 2 times a week)
It is a great natural flea repellant for dogs, for those of you (like me) who do not like using toxic/ chemical flea repellant on your animals. Report
I especially like the one about cleaning the microwave! Report
Thanks for the info. Report
this is pretty interesting...going to try out the microwave one Report
Very interesting! And most helpful! Report
gr8 ideas!! Report
These are very good tips. I do the lemon water in the morning and sometimes I add 1 TB of apple cider vinegar to the lemon water. Report
I hope I can use all of these ideas, however, I am allergic to citrus, and lemon the worst. Report
When our trees are full of lemons here in the Valley I squeeze lemons and freeze the juice in ice cube trays. I put the frozen cubes in a gallon freezer ziploc I can pull them out as needed for a variety of uses. Report
I like to put a slice of lemon into a cup of hot water. The scent is refreshing! Makes a nice break from tea. Report
I buy organic Lemon Juice and I use it in my Water daily as I don't like the taste of plain water. Report
Nope, just for cooking! Great tips! Report
I use the lemon in my sink/disposal too!! Report
1/2 cup in your white clothes in your laundry does better than bleach to whiten them. Report
Love the microwave idea, and I just happen to have a few lemons at home that need to be used! Report
I like the one about using it as a deoderant. Gonna have to try that one. I've been trying different replacers for my favorite deoderant because it has cancer causing chemicals in it. Report
Just tried #5: cleaning the microwave with steam and lemon juice- WONDERFUL! It didn't get all of the tough spots, but it got about 85% of it. And my microwave does smell lemony fresh :D Report
These are new uses to me. Thanks for sharing! Report
I use lemon juice on a cotton pad with a bit of sugar as an exfoliant on my face. I gently rub it on my face in a circular motion. It lightens dark scars and brightens up my face. I do this once every 2 weeks! Report
I use lemon juice for cleaning my sink and disposal, I always cut the lemon peel after zesting it in to smaller pieces and run them in the disposal just briefly. They sit there and permeate my kitchen with lemon scent. I love it. Report
I never knew there were so many good uses for lemons. I was pleasantly surprised to gain this knowledge! I will have to try the one for sunburn! Report
If you have been cutting up fish and have the odour on your hands rub over with a lemon and the odour will go Report
FYI: She said 3 1/2 Tbsp of lemon juice. I'm going to try this tip tomorrow. Report
thanks for the great tips Report
Wonderful ... I never knew these. Thanks! Report
I love these gems. Many thanks! ...AND I will use that lemon wisely! Report
Please remember that the essential oils from lemons can cause a photosynthetic reaction on your skin. If you do put lemon on your skin, make sure that area is not exposed to the sun light! These are great tips though. Report
Wow, this is great information, thanks! Report
Regarding #5: If you ever burn something in your microwave and want the smell to go away. Use lemon juice, cinnamon sticks, and cloves in a bowl. Heat the mixture in the microwave and all a sudden your kitchen will smell amazing!! Report
My son and I start everyday with drinking 1/2 of a lemon sqeezed in to a small amout of water. It's made a huge improvement with our stuffy morning noses. Over the weekend my son was at a sleepover, and didn't have his lemon water yesterday morning...this morning he's so stuffy, he sounds like he did before we started this lemon therapy. The extra acid in our digestive system keeps the mucus down and we feel 100% better since starting. I even had my SIL give it a try over Thanksgiving. For the 4 days we were there she didn't have to take any medicine to clear up her morning congestion, just drank lemon & water! WE LOVE LEMONS! Report
Great uses for a lemon!!! Thanks!! Report
Thanks for this information. Very informative. Report
This has been interesting information, Thank you for sharing. Report
I love helpful hints like this. No chemicals to clean with...yayyyy Report
hmm very good to know Report
Thanks for the info Report
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