25 Ways to Have a Single Celebration on Valentine's Day

By , Elizabeth Lowry, Staff Writer
If your Valentine's plans begin with a trip to the grocery for multiple pints of Ben & Jerry's finest and end with you staring at the empty cartons littering your coffee table and the season finale credits of Downton Abby rolling in the background, hear this: There's a better way. Rather than spending the day focusing on being single, why not throw all those negative feelings aside and use the day to celebrate you?
Not sure how to go about rejoicing in your solitude? Try some of these 25 ways in which you can try to make the best of a romantic holiday—no one else required.
1. Share the love. You might not have a significant other, but you can always send some love someone else's way. Consider sending a nice note to your mother or bringing flowers to a neighbor to brighten his or her day.
2. Eat the whole dessert. Go ahead--this time, you don't have to share.
3. Enjoy the great outdoors. Go for a long bike ride, walk or run. 
4. Treat yourself to a massage or a spa day.
5. Enjoy a meal for one at your favorite restaurant. Go during lunch if you want to avoid the onslaught of couples you are sure to encounter during dinner.   
6. See a movie or two- or spend the whole day at the theater—why not? You won't have anyone asking you questions the whole time, and you don't have to share the popcorn, either!
7. Take a drive. Destination: Anywhere. Go to a town you haven't visited before, see the sights, shop the shops and drink a nice glass of wine or hot chocolate by a fire at the end of the day.
8. Read that book you've always wanted to read.
9. Netflix binge! What better way to waste the day than catching up on four seasons of that hit show you've been meaning to watch.
10. Take a cooking class and finally master the art of beurre blanc.  
11. Go to a wine tasting and learn the difference between a pinot noir and a cabernet.
12. Is there an item you've been wanting to purchase but are afraid to splurge? Consider getting it if you are able. You've always wanted it, and today is as good a day as any other, right?
13. Is that half-painted bedroom, disorganized closet or overgrown landscaping driving you crazy? Why not try to tackle a project you've been putting off?
14. Discover a love you never knew you had. Have you been meaning to try spin classes or swimming? Do it! Consider trying a cooking or photography class—you never know what might ignite a spark in you.
15. Party! Gather up all your single friends, and, if you're really feeling the love, maybe some couples, and throw a party. It doesn't have to be Valentine-themed. Just enjoy yourself and your time with friends.
16. Write a letter the old-fashioned way. Dust off the stationery, find a nice pen and write a meaningful note to a long-lost (or best) friend or family member. In a couple of days, he or she will be so excited to receive non-junk mail.
17. Volunteer your time and energy to a local hospital, shelter or food bank. Your heart will be full when your day is done, plus helping others is a great way to share the love.
18. Run a race—there are lots of Valentine's Day-themed races all across the country. You never know who you might run in to as you crush that 5K.
19. Have a day out with younger members of your family. Take siblings/nephews/nieces/cousins out for a day of entertainment at the zoo, an amusement park or the movies. You'll enjoy how much fun they're having and their parents would probably appreciate the time alone, too.
20. Play with your pets. Don't have a pet? Go to your local animal shelter and ask if you can walk their dogs or help out in other ways. Fido thanks you!
21. Help out the environment. Weather permitting, give back to the environment by planting a tree. If that's not feasible, research starting up a recycling program at your office or local park. The earth will appreciate your generosity.  
22. Get flowers. Even if they aren't being delivered to your door, there's no reason you can't go get them yourself. Liven up your living space with the beautiful scent and scenery of a big bouquet.
23. Gather up some other single ladies (or guys) and have a secret cupid. Much like secret Santa, you would choose names and be one another's valentines. Gift giving duration and frequency are up to you.
24. Laugh a little—or a lot! Visit a comedy club to lift your spirits. Nothing helps you feel better about yourself than laughing along with a comedian and the crowd.  
25. Spend the day coloring. These adult-themed coloring books are great for relieving stress and rediscovering your inner child.
Have other ideas for spending single time on Valentine's Day? Share them in the comments.