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11 Healthy Dips and Spreads

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Dips and spreads are an outstanding way to spice up a party, dinner table or coffee table. The bold flavors, creamy textures, and endless choices draw family and friends together for fun and conversation. At the same time, they are typically loaded with hidden calories, abundant sodium and saturated fat that are too difficult to resist and track. To prove that dips and spreads can be fun and flavor rich, we’ve chosen the top dips and spreads from SparkRecipes that substitute unhealthy ingredients with nutritional alternatives. Each recipe can serve as a standalone dip or as a sandwich spread.

11 Dips and Spreads from

Did you know?
Serving size for dip=1 ounce/2 Tablespoons (about the size of a pair of dice)

A cheese ball has 100 calories and 7 g fat per serving.
French onion dip has 60 calories and 6 g fat per serving.

Start the night off right. Instead of rich, creamy and cheesy dips, put out a tray of raw vegetables, whole grain crackers and a lighter version of that favorite dip.

Chef Meg's Lemon Zucchini Dip

SP_Stepf's Skinny Cheese Fondue

Coach Nicole's Yummy Hummus

Roasted Eggplant Spread

Edamame & Feta Spread

Nancy's Easy Tzatziki 

Sweet potato Hummus

Spicy Garlic Yogurt dip/dressing

Butternut Squash Sundried Tomato Dip

Artichoke & Sun Dried Tomato Sandwich Spread & Dip

Honey mustard spread with tarragon

For more fun and healthy recipe ideas, visit  “Dips and Spreads on Add your favorite dip recipe so that we can add it to our cookbook.

What is your favorite dip or sandwich spread?

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Great Report
Thank You...…….. Report
some of these sounds good. Report
thanks. Report
Great ideas for the holidays! Report
Excellent ideas and alternatives. Report
Love the whole wheat carrot muffins! Report
Thank you. Report
Great list of light healthy food. Report
I have really started to love hummus. It grows on you. Report
Hummas and Baba Ghanoosh (eggplant-tahini dip) are two of my favorites... but just looking at the scope of dips & spreads recipes makes met think it would be fun to make an entire dinner based on dips and sauces!! Report
Thanks for all the TERRIFIC ideas. I know, it will help me when I'm looking for something to eat those RAW veggies with a tasty dip. Report
I make a dressing with coconut oil, curry, ACV, & mustard & a little goes a long way. Report
I like using hummus as a spread/dip. Report
I am going to try the eggplant dip today, my eggplants have started to come in now & I have been looking for new ways to use them. Report
I am going to use some at my party at the end of the month. It would be nice to find a few healthy dips to replace the old standbys. Who says you have to spend agonizing hours staring down the temptaion of junk food at every party you go to? Now I need to find a healthy yet yummy fruit dip. Report
Also, here is a honey mustard recipe that is delicious! I love eating it with sweet potato fries! I opt to use plain greek yogurt when making it.

It was submitted by SARAANIS and here is the link:

1 tbsp plain yogurt or greek yogurt
1 tsp mayo
1 tsp mustard
1 tsp honey Report
Here's a great alternative to ranch:
1 cup Fage Fat Free Greek Yogurt
6 tbls Sour Cream
1 packet Hidden Valley Fat Free Ranch Dip Mix

This was submitted by JESSSKYROSE and here's the link (it won't let me post the whole thing):

It's super yummy and it's always a hit with people that normally love ranch dip. It's potent so you don't need to overload your veggies with it. LOVE IT! I make it all the time. Give it a try! :) Report
Wow, some of these sound really yummy! I'm definitely going to try some of them and use them as a healthy snack between meals. I'm following Tosca Reno's clean eating diet and although I like eating 5 - 6 small meals a day, I can go a bit overboard with my portion sizes and eat too many calories, so this would be helpful. Thank you! Report