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The world can be a beautiful place, full of possibilities and life. You can feel invincible and in control. But it’s not always like that, is it? The world can also be a stressful, upsetting, confidence-crushing place. At times, it seems like even something as clear-cut as weight loss is harder than it really needs to be. Is it worth the trouble, you ask. Why am I banging my head against the wall? Is it really doing any good?

You’re darned right it is!

When life and your mind are full of troubles, when things seem out of control, you’ve got to take control of what you can. When confidence is low, that’s exactly when you need to be at your healthiest, your strongest, your most energetic. There’s no better time to create your own little corner of sanity and positive feeling. The best way you can do that is to stick with those small daily weight loss goals.

You can be the hammer, making things happen, or you can be the nail that sits there and gets pummeled over and over. If you’re starting to feel like a nail, it’s up to you to keep your program moving forward. Gather yourself together, draw a line in the sand and refuse to give in to the doubts and temptation to give in or quit.

You’ve probably heard this story before, but since you’re here, it’s worth retelling: A frog, hopping around the farm, minding his own business, fell right into a pail half-filled with cream. Swimming frantically, he found the sides too steep and too high. Determined not to give up, he continued to struggle. He kicked and squirmed, kicked and squirmed until at last his churning had turned the cream into a block of butter – allowing him to hop right out. He never gave up!

Here’s how your story and his intersect. If he only saw the hopelessness of his situation and started feeling sorry for himself, he would have sunk to the bottom. But instead he kept kicking. He kicked not because he knew it would help him escape, but because he was compelled to, he had no choice. He kicked because the alternative was no alternative at all.

From the frog’s point of view, all he was doing was treading water (or cream), doing what he could in a bad situation. If you keep kicking, even if it just seems like you’re treading water, you’re actually causing real change that will make a huge difference later on.

There will be good days; there will be bad days – sometimes several in a row. There will be lazy days and discouraging days. But there will also be days of revelation, days of making a breakthrough, days of being proud of who you are becoming, days of wanting to climb on top of your success and reach for the stars, because you just know that anything is possible.

These are the days that make it all worthwhile. These are the days that let you deal with those other, not-so-great days. Once you know those bad days will be there, it’s easier to accept them at face value and deal with them. But you have to keep kicking on those bad days to get to the good ones. If you’re not kicking, you’re sinking.

Don’t let the world or your own doubts take away one of the most positive things you have going for yourself – your determination to create a healthier, more energetic, more vibrant, more wonderful YOU.

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Member Comments

  • Thanks I needed this today.
  • Thanks I needed this today.
  • I have never heard that allegory of the frog before, but it's fabulous!!! Thank you, we all need this straight up reminder now & again.
  • Great article. Gives me the information that will help me BE THE FROG
    Very nice article. It seems like it came up right when I needed to read it. I need to keep fighting no matter what.
  • Wonderful article, beautifully written and filled with wisdom. We all know about the importance of motivation, but actually, the main thing is DOING IT ANYWAY. If we wait for motivation to knock at our door, we are likely to wait forever. And ever. Action is the first thing to pursue, without much thought or planning: rolling up our sleeves and going on!
    This is one of the most realistic and best Spark articles I have read. The wellness journey has been very much like this for me. It's never been about motivation. It has been about persistence. Just doing it, no matter how I feel. There are many days when I don't feel motivated, but it doesn't get tin the way of my goal.
    t I can either sit around feeling sorry for myself feeling like a victim, or, I can change my attitude and not give up. We all have set backs, and mishaps along the way, but is it worth it to quit? Is it worth it to stop trying? It is like that quote that says "If you aim for nothing you are sure to hit it." But if a person tries, does their best, doesn't beat themselves up when they over indulge or forget to exercise. but picks themselves back up to become stronger, they will get closer and closer to their goal. Baby steps and the right mindset make all the difference when it comes to each individual journey. Great article!! One I will save to my favorites each time I need this reminder.
  • I want to do laughter Yoga. I like the Zumba in water idea, too. Good stuff.
    What a motivational article! Thanks for sharing and the analogy is brilliant
  • Just what i needed to hear right now. I've come this far, I can't give up now. I have a lot of obstacles and hurtles to get past, but i have to keep plugging along in the right direction. I'm on pain medicine that increases my appetite, extremely high pain level, being overweight adds to the pain. But what I've been doing right lately is having a positive attitude by being grateful to God for every little thing, calling out to him in my struggles, by doing this not giving place to depression. I have been diagnosed with clinical depression for many years and I've been starting to have a breakthrough. The positive affirmations daily on the spark America app help also. I track my food and activity daily even if i overeat. That's how i found out i ate more while taking the medicine. I have hope the medicine will get changed when i see the pain doctor Feb 5. For now i want to do the best i can exercising in ways i am capable even if it isn't much. I stay as active on sp a time permits.
  • Perfect article for where I am at emotionally. I will make it through this emotionally stressful time. I refuse to give up, I have made it through other stressful times in my life and I can make it through this one too.

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