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Healthy Habits of the SparkPeople Coaches

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Wouldn’t it be great to be inside the mind of a health and fitness expert, even just for a little while? Now you can! Below, your favorite SparkPeople experts share the secrets of their healthy lifestyles. Just like you, they have to deal with temptation and work hard to fit healthy habits into their busy lives. Maybe there’s something they do that you can apply to your own life!

Dean Anderson: Behavioral Psychology Expert, Certified Personal Trainer
Chris Downie: Goal and Achievement Expert
Sara Hambidge: Physical Therapist
Becky Hand: Registered Dietitian, Licensed Nutritionist, M.Ed.
Tanya Jolliffe: Nutritionist
Jen Mueller: Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach
Nicole Nichols: Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer

My favorite healthy snacks:
DEAN: Non-fat yogurt with frozen blueberries
CHRIS: Fresh raspberries (mmm!), smoothies, nuts
SARA: Trail mix, almonds, granola bars
BECKY: My homemade granola
TANYA: Raisins and peanut butter (sometimes mixed together!)
JEN: Yogurt, Luna bars, cottage cheese
NICOLE: Apples with peanut butter, dried fruit and nuts, yogurt with berries

My favorite not-so-healthy indulgence:
DEAN: Adding a little Midnight Moo (Trader Joe’s organic, non-fat chocolate syrup) to my favorite snack
CHRIS: I enjoy chocolate regularly, but in small amounts- and Doritos!
SARA: Anything chocolate! I usually have a little everyday to treat myself and prevent overindulgence.
BECKY: Potato chips or ice cream
TANYA: Chocolate! I work really hard to avoid the daily temptation and try to limit to once or twice a week.
JEN: Desserts—especially soft-serve ice cream a few times a week
NICOLE: Twizzlers--my favorite candy ever!

My top 3 "go-to" meals:
DEAN: Cheerios (or Weetabix) with soy milk; Ezekiel sprouted grain tortilla with cashew butter and banana; soup (1 bag of frozen mixed veggies, frozen cut bell peppers, box of organic veggie broth, parmesan cheese and seasonings)
CHRIS: Salmon (or some other fish) and brown rice; Greek yogurt and fresh fruit for breakfast; whole wheat pasta and tomato sauce with veggies
SARA: Turkey meatballs on whole wheat pasta; grilled chicken and salad; broiled or grilled salmon
BECKY: Nachos (canned, mashed great northern beans + 1/4 cup salsa + 1 chopped tomato + 1/2 chopped green pepper. Spread on plate. Sprinkle with cheese. Microwave until hot and cheese melted. Serve with baked tortillas, glass of low-fat milk, and fruit); SparkPeople's Spinach Feta Personal Pizza recipe
TANYA: Tuna lunch kits, yogurt, and cheese sandwich
JEN: Amy's frozen meals; frozen veggies with salsa in a whole wheat tortilla; black beans and rice
NICOLE: Vegetable stir-fry with brown rice and peanut sauce; Mixed green salad dressed with fresh salsa and avocado; Scrambled egg burrito (whole wheat tortilla spread with refried beans and some cheese, topped with scrambled eggs and fresh salsa)
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