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Picture yourself trying to travel from Texas to Maine as quickly as possible. Now imagine taking a turn towards California. You’re way off course, right? It’s very similar when you realize you want to start taking the healthy lifestyle path. Discovering that healthy lifestyle path quickly is difficult if you took turns early in life that led you away.

The great part is, no matter how far you’ve veered from the healthy lifestyle path, once you start moving towards it, you are moving forward! Often times, we want a do-over. If you find yourself west of Texas, unfortunately you still need to make up that ground.

Besides, there are probably reasons you strayed away from the healthy path that you need to resolve. Going down a path is a continuous journey, one that involves learning at each step of the way. We need those habits to help us along the way. Otherwise, we could just jump in a plane and fly to Maine in no time. Without those habits, we don’t know how to survive in Maine!

Working hard and getting to the “start” of the healthy lifestyle path might not produce the results that initially inspired you. Instead, it will produce results far more important – principles that will help you achieve anything you set your mind to and you are willing to work hard towards!

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Joe Downie Joe Downie
Joe, an exercise enthusiast, is a certified physical fitness instructor and high school soccer coach.

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