10-Minute Arm Toning Workout

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About This Workout
Take the first step toward fitness and before you know it, you've formed a healthy habit. World-renowned fitness expert, Petra Kolber is best known for her creativity and common sense approach to fitness. In this full-length workout from her DVD "Step-by-Step Strength Training," she'll show you how to tone muscles, burn calories, and build stamina for a stronger, leaner body using dumbbells and a chair.
  • Length: 10 minutes
  • Equipment: Dumbbells, chair and mat (for cushioning)
  • Type of Workout: Strength training (toning) and stretching
  • Muscles Worked: Upper body (biceps, shoulders, upper back, triceps, chest)
  • Fitness Level: Beginner
  • Impact: None (low)
  • Safety Precautions: Use a weight that is appropriate for your fitness level, where you feel challenged but can maintain good form.
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