10 Snacks Under 100 Calories

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10 Snacks Under 100 Calories

Your taste buds won't know that these snacks all weigh in at 100 calories or less!

Movie Night Necessity

Sprinkle a tablespoon of parmesan cheese over 2 cups of air-popped popcorn: 85 calories

Italian Delicacy

Chop an ounce of low-fat mozzarella cheese and 6 fresh basil leaves, then eat with a cup of cherry tomatoes: 100 calories

Filling and Fiber-Rich

Fill 5 ribs of celery with one tablespoon of peanut butter: 100 calories

Morning Perk

Enjoy an 8-ounce skim milk latte: 85 calories

Protein-Packed Pleasure

Wrap 1.5 ounces of low-sodium turkey deli meat around one small sliced apple: 100 calories

Berry-riffic Boost

Mix 1/4 cup of low-fat vanilla yogurt with 1/2 a cup of blueberries and raspberries: 90 calories

Midday Munchies

Top half a medium apple with a 1-ounce slice of low-fat extra sharp cheddar cheese: 90 calories

Sweet and Savory

Top 2 ounces of low-fat cottage cheese with one medium peach, sliced: 80 calories

Irresistible Luxury

Top 8 ounces of sugar-free hot chocolate with 2 tablespoons of fat-free whipped topping: 95 calories

Chocolate with a Conscience

Top 4 ounces of sugar-free chocolate pudding (made with skim milk) with 2 tablespoons of fat-free whipped topping: 75 calories

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8/24/2009 6:42:22 PM

These all look fabulous especially the chocolate and I can't beleive its under 100 calories, yummmmmmeeeeee


7/10/2009 4:07:57 PM

Seeing how good healthy food looks really makes me feel better about eating healthy. There is a misconception that healthy food doesn't taste as good as unhealthy food.


6/4/2009 3:26:38 PM

DEVAJO's SparkPage
Some of these look really good I will have to try a few


5/28/2009 1:17:17 PM

great ideas


5/19/2009 4:15:49 PM

MBAB1985's SparkPage
great 100 cals snack


4/1/2009 8:08:22 PM

FIG8GAL's SparkPage
Mmmm.. make mine a skim milk latte!


3/25/2009 9:22:15 PM

I must be doing my math wrong on slide #4.

5 med. celery stalks is 32 cal and 2 TBSP of Jiff peanut better (which is actually on the low side for cal as far as peanut butter brands go) has 95 cal. So that is 127cal at a minimum. Sorry if I am a number cruncher.



3/13/2009 3:31:37 PM

NCNTADA's SparkPage
I love the chocolate pudding cups. My boyfriend likes to have a snack after dinner and I now find myself looking for snacks too (bad habit for me) we tried the chocolate pudding cups this week, which I feel quite guiltless in eating. What a simple pleasure.


3/7/2009 3:46:00 AM

NOTEGRL1's SparkPage
i love these ideas. im going to add some to my diet.


3/5/2009 3:45:10 PM

I'm SO CLOSE to going over my calories for the day (it's not even 4:00).
So one of these is going to have to be dinner! :-)


2/26/2009 2:13:55 AM

JENNY712's SparkPage
Good Job!


2/19/2009 8:29:20 PM

AS83077's SparkPage
good ideas. i also like sugar free jello with cut up fruit and topped with fat free cool whip as a treat.


2/19/2009 3:31:11 PM

Nice job, I love these ideas!


2/4/2009 6:13:57 AM

ANNEIA's SparkPage
the mozz snack, shows fresh mozzerella, are the calories different? from the aged. love fresh but don't know the calorie count.


1/17/2009 1:47:41 AM

MRSSLIM120's SparkPage
Congratulations Lessie! Boy was I excited and very incouraged when I read your success story on People Magazine. Thanks for mentioning the great SparkPeople to me. I have been searching for a group or someone to talk to about my weight loss journey. Thanks again!

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