100-Calorie Easter Treats

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10 Easter Treats You Can Eat for 100 Calories

Written by Natalie Nichols, Staff Writer

Don't let the Easter Bunny hop all over your healthy eating plans. These 10 treats will allow you to indulge--for 100 calories or less!

24 Small Jelly Beans

99 calories
0 g fat
19 g sugars

24 Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

98 calories
0 g fat
20 g sugars

Half of a Reese's Peanut Butter Egg

90 calories
5 g fat
8 g sugars

0.6 oz. Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny

(Slightly less than half of a 1.5 oz solid chocolate bunny)

95 calories
6 g fat
9 g sugars

3 Robin's Eggs

100 calories
4 g fat
15 g sugars

5 Jordan Almonds

90 calories
3 g fat
15 g sugars

6 Cadbury Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs

95 calories
4 g fat
14 g sugars

6 Gumdrops

100 calories
0 g fat
15 g sugars

0.6 oz. Solid White Chocolate Bunny

(Slightly less than half of a 1.5 oz solid chocolate bunny)

92 calories
6 g fat
10 g sugars

3 Marshmallow Peeps

98 calories
0 g fat
22 g sugars

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Member Comments on this Slideshow

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4/8/2014 3:40:13 PM

These are all so depressingly small for 100 calories :( thanks for the information tho. Rude awakener. Dang, and I loved Cadburry mini eggs. A hanful seems so small and innocent but it's 200 with no benefit. Definitely saving them for Easter themselves. And also 1 or 2 of the Reeses' eggs that day :)


4/8/2014 1:57:13 PM

After that I am now craving sugar!!!


4/8/2014 1:05:08 PM

MAINEALI's SparkPage
Okay, 24 jelly beans sounds descent but the rest are just dumb.


4/8/2014 12:35:52 PM

MCASKEY6's SparkPage
All this does is make me want to stay away from Easter Candy. I mean come on! Half a Reese's egg; what's the point?! Six gumdrops, that's just torture!


4/8/2014 12:03:32 PM

AMYRYLE's SparkPage
1/2 of a Reese's egg, not possible! I would definitely eat the whole thing and be tempted to reach for a second. However, recently I found an organic alternative to the Reese's pb cup. I think it is made by the Thomas company and it is a dark chocolate pb cup for only 90 calories, AND they are individually packaged so you don't feel the need to eat two. Love them! I fould them in the health market at my local HyVee grocery store.


4/8/2014 10:36:05 AM

A half of a chocolate egg will just tick me off!!!!


4/8/2014 8:15:38 AM

GI68801's SparkPage
Well it may only be 3 but at least Robins Eggs were in that list :-)


4/8/2014 6:24:18 AM

I could never just eat half of a reese's egg!


4/7/2014 6:15:14 PM

Peeps after they get stale.


4/7/2014 6:13:42 PM

Great info.


4/1/2014 11:10:14 AM

PHYLFISC's SparkPage


6/26/2011 10:49:01 PM

Yum...i love those jelly belly jelly beans...something to treat myself with :)


6/12/2011 10:56:24 PM

BOBIES60's SparkPage
good info for any time of the year...6 gum drops...yikes!!!!


6/3/2011 12:42:59 PM

DIANISHA3's SparkPage
Wow, interesting.


5/19/2011 5:29:32 PM

Since candy is mostly just sugar, we tend to avoid it. We are doing a low - not no - carb diet with just complex carbohydrates, so we don't eat candy any more.

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