11 Halloween Treats Under 100 Calories

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Tempting Treats!

Scared of Halloween candy? Don't be! These Halloween treats are so low in calories that you'll think you're being tricked!

10 Whoppers (Malted Milk Balls)

100 calories
4 g fat
14 g sugars

2 Mini Size Snickers Bars

90 calories
4 g fat
12 g sugars

1 Piece of Taffy

55 calories
0.5 g fat
12 g sugars

1 Tootsie Roll Pop

60 calories
0 g fat
10 g sugars

2 Mini Size Reese's Cups

80 calories
5 g fat
10 g sugars

7 Gummi Bears

70 calories
0 g fat
11 g sugars

1 Fun Size 3 Musketeers Bar

70 calories
2 g fat
11 g sugars

11 Pieces of Candy Corn

70 calories
0 g fat
14 g sugars

2 Caramels

80 calories
2.25 g fat
8 g sugars

1 Fun Size Package of M & M's

100 calories
4.5 g fat
13 g sugars

1 Fun Size Almond Joy Bar

100 calories
5 g fat
19 g sugars

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Member Comments on this Slideshow

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12/4/2009 9:25:26 AM

At this point (I"M just geting started) Im afraid I could not stop at just one or even two. However I will store this information for a later date when I hope I can exercise self control:) Thanks for the info


11/25/2009 6:19:38 PM

thank you.


11/11/2009 10:52:36 PM

JEWEWLL51's SparkPage
Do appreciate someone taking the time to figure all of this out, thanks so much!!! It is valuable information for me :)


11/2/2009 4:09:21 PM

GRANDMO1's SparkPage
Thanks this was a lifesaver for Hallowe'en. I have saved it to my favourites for future reference ( a sweet tooth doesn't take a holiday).


11/1/2009 9:52:37 PM

I can't tell you how much this article helped me not to get freaked out, thanks


11/1/2009 6:00:14 PM

COOPERD44's SparkPage
This is good for my 9 year old with a SWEET TOOTH!


10/31/2009 11:31:07 PM

BRAVEONE92's SparkPage
The slide show was sure a trick, not a treat. I was not even hungry for sweets until I viewed all the delicious candies. Now what to do??? Yogurt, will have to do. ouch!! that hurts, there is no comparison between yogurt and candy.


10/31/2009 11:25:18 PM

Oh my gosh, I can not stand it. Too much candy around here, what to do? Well, I bet I am going to have to work out a couple more days this week, rather than just three.


10/31/2009 10:03:03 PM

Lots of treats here at our new home, we didn't know how many would show up, looks like very few. I also can't stop at one and will have to either throw the candy out tomorrow or find a shelter or some other place to drop it off, if I leave it here, it calls my name. I can't resist for long.


10/31/2009 9:35:17 PM

I tell you what, it is ha-a-a-ard to stop at one or two. I stopped at one dark chocolate piece but oh God I'm still jonesing for more. Going to have some yogurt now to try to stop the evil voices. BOO!


10/31/2009 8:50:27 PM

DN1111's SparkPage
None for me thank you. I drove a new vehicle in a Parade today. People threw candy out of the vehicles to the people (children) who line the street. I threw small chocolate bars our of the windows to and it didn't even cross my mind to keep one or two for myself. Yippy! I was such a good girl!!!!


10/31/2009 8:12:57 PM

ALASKAN's SparkPage
I have 3 neighbors and their children are in college. Never had a trick or treats eater in my area with me being in the country and my sons hardly ate their candy when they trick or treated. I always eat low calorie and sugarless treats. Being I am a diabetic and watch everything I eat and fix.


10/31/2009 8:07:16 PM

Although these look good, as a former binger before SP having to buy a bag of this candy to just it this little bit will be too tempting to eat more. This is very interesting to see how such litte quantity of candy is so many calories when in the past I would eat so much of this in a sitting, the calories must have been way way up there.


10/31/2009 8:03:19 PM

TUMYPACK's SparkPage


10/31/2009 7:57:44 PM

I'm tracking any candy that I eat so I still feel accountable and won't over indulge.

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