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Motivational Quote - Weight gain doesn't happen overnight. Neither does weight loss.

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Just like gaining weight took time, losing weight will also take time. Set realistic weight-loss goals, be patient with yourself and celebrate every small victory you have along the way.

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7/14/2014 11:51:19 AM

K_SABLE's SparkPage
Absolutely and that is why I will not sign on to do any of the "quick fix" programs out here!


6/10/2014 4:56:27 AM

STEELER71's SparkPage

Second time for this one. Fabulous quote.


5/30/2014 11:39:42 AM

JOYFUL1977's SparkPage


4/27/2014 9:38:18 PM

DANN87's SparkPage
this is so true, this has been going on now for 35 years lol


4/1/2014 9:02:57 PM

DIANEHB1's SparkPage
This statement is certainly true! It has finally sunk in that it will take commitment and
motivation to see me to a healthier and less heavy me.


3/11/2014 5:42:37 AM

STEELER71's SparkPage

This quote aims straight for the heart. It really is an eye opener. Love it.


10/5/2013 1:09:24 PM

I love this quote, but just wish it wasn't true. I wish I could just lose weight fast. I know it won't happen and will keep trying to lose the weight for myself first.


9/8/2013 8:16:21 AM

i need to post this on every wall in my house. i am such an impatient person but i know this is nothing but truth


8/16/2013 3:27:59 PM

NURSEMATE49's SparkPage
This is so, so True~ I love this quote!


6/25/2013 8:09:24 AM

WOW I was so discouraged yesterday. My husband told me this and he was so right. Saving this one. Heck putting it on my conputer wallpaper to remind me. This is a process! I will succeed!!!


5/29/2013 10:20:49 AM

This is really important, and something I struggle to remind myself everyday.


5/23/2013 11:42:32 AM

I need to remember this one...


3/4/2013 6:22:34 AM

I Like It! Saving this one.


1/4/2013 5:45:46 PM

Gosh, it is so true, but so hard to remember. When I was gaining weight, I never got on the scale so I didn't "see" it (never mind the mirror), but now that I am working on losing it, I use the scale as a constant measuring stick. Have got to keep this in mind.


1/3/2013 11:43:35 AM

1935MARY's SparkPage
I say this to myself all the time. I didn't go to sleep skinny and wake up fat. I slowly put on weight and I will slowly lose it.

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