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Motivational Quote - Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.

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The next time you want to "cheat" on your diet with a fattening treat, imagine how good your body and mind will feel after you've turned it down. It might taste good for a few minutes, but knowing you made the right choice will feel so much better in the long run.

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6/30/2015 5:04:23 AM

STEELER71's SparkPage

You know it. Those donuts look sooo good. but I know I can't have them and feel as good as I do.


1/14/2015 4:10:35 PM

BAMAJAM2's SparkPage
Those gooey donuts tastes mighty good to me-- but they are BAD, and they are not worth it-!! Not worth it--- at all.


1/4/2015 4:02:35 PM

healthy tastes great!


1/1/2015 10:21:44 AM

This is a great article. Very informative and helpful. I, personally, am not tempted by donuts, but if I want one, I will allocate it in my menu, while still eating 5 veggies and fruits in my diet!


11/28/2014 6:45:08 PM

Why are we showing me pictures of donuts???? I would like the picture on this ad to repesnt feeling healthy instead. I don't need to be seeing donuts on this site!


9/14/2014 9:58:42 AM

Taste good


8/24/2014 9:11:34 AM

JOY73YL's SparkPage
good advise


7/10/2014 3:45:54 AM

STEELER71's SparkPage

This couldn't be more true.


3/28/2014 11:25:58 AM

LIVE_2_KICK's SparkPage

I agree that food is supposed to taste good. I am a "foodie" and I love really good food.
I love sweets and I allow myself to eat them sometimes.
The key is remembering that 1 doughnut will always have less calories 2 doughnuts!


3/28/2014 7:07:14 AM



2/20/2014 12:31:31 PM

All I have to do is think off the knee replacements I'm gonna need pretty soon if I keep at the horrible eating habits. Unfortunately, the weight still sticks like glue... easy on, not so easy off.


2/9/2014 11:29:31 PM

Alisupport Hi, I'm Ali and I'm new, I am excited about Spark People and logged my food yesterday and again today, it's a little confusing for me using the food tracker, but I'm sure I'll figure it out. Is there any site anyone knows about that could help me better understand and figure out how to use the food tracker? I am also doing the Diabetic Challenge and the sleep group and the depression group and the heart health group. When I do something I do it all the way or not at all! I figure all these groups will work together and mesh to create a healthier me! Today, my starting weight is 231.6 and I want to get down to at least 180.
I am a 64 year old woman, happily married, with two, young adult daughters, one 22 and the other 26' and my husband will be 70 in September of this year and I will be 65 in June.
There, now you know much more about me, I would welcome any Spark Friends for any/all the groups I am a part of.


1/19/2014 9:07:37 AM

IMHISTORY1's SparkPage
I have mixed feelings about this. I know my weight loss is going to work this time because of the huge health benefits I have gained (not walking with a cane, going totally off insulin) so I really do believe that the health benefits are the thing that will keep me on track. However, food is meant to taste good for us to survive and I sure do believe food is one of life's most wonderful pleasures.


1/19/2014 8:28:41 AM

I've heard this as "nothing tastes as good as thin feels", but healthy is so much better.


1/14/2014 5:21:43 PM

Very true... but so hard to remember when sugary sweets are staring you in the face!

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