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Motivational Quote - If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living for the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.

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We often spend a lot of time ruminating on the past or agonizing over the future. Instead, take a deep breath and try to be present as much as possible. Don't let your past and future lives get in the way of the wonderful life you're living right now.

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8/6/2015 7:27:57 PM

JOANNEO5's SparkPage
Love this quote!


4/13/2015 3:15:22 PM

LYNDOGGE's SparkPage


3/9/2015 1:40:49 PM

BEPKPP's SparkPage
I love this!


12/29/2014 7:15:37 PM

JOANNS4's SparkPage
I really like this quote. It is a reminder to live for today. One day at a time.


12/26/2014 8:12:28 AM

It's almost freaky how just a few lines can sum up years and years of emotion. Great thought motivator.


11/5/2014 5:05:18 AM

STEELER71's SparkPage

This quote is so awe inspiring. It really makes you take stock of yourself. I love this quote.


10/9/2014 4:41:58 AM

STEELER71's SparkPage

This is the most wonderful quote. I'm taking one day at a time.


10/6/2014 3:06:33 PM

I really like this quote! Something to strive for.


8/12/2014 9:13:06 PM

FALL2013's SparkPage
This is so true.. believing it and mindful of the drift back to the old way of thinking will help me.


5/10/2014 7:55:48 PM

Trying so hard to do this!


3/24/2014 8:35:51 AM

I am normally a cheerful person because I choose to be cheerful rather than glum, but yesterday I was very sad. It was my mother's birthday, and she died almost three years ago.


3/5/2014 5:23:04 PM



11/23/2013 9:29:27 PM

This was a really meaningful comment to read. After having so many "failures" in the past and having to worry about worklife and finances, this comment really puts it into perspective for me. Thanks.


11/22/2013 8:19:21 PM

Are we not "allowed" to disagree with this and find this to be UNhealthy?

I'm not a fan of repression. If you're feeling sad....? Implied is, "stop it" (to be a better person). What the what??? What are reasons for sadness? Is sadness the same as grief? Is sadness BAD??? (a beloved pet or family member passed lost your job... a flood crushed your house....)

It's my belief that we have the opportunity for a range of human emotions, and in them, learn, love, heal, grow....or sure, yes, fall apart or succumb to a list of negative responses.

Sadness is not a "wrong" emotion. RAGE, rage is too much---it's a pumped up uncontrolled kind of anger that is unhealthy for the self and society. On the whole, there are not "bad emotions" and "good emotions". Humans have emotions and we choose healthy or unhealthy means to live with them, and the situations that brought the feelings about.

The whole thing is absurd.

Anxiety? It's not a great feeling, but contextually if one is ....about to give one's dissertation (all the work of ten+ years resting on a moment) *might*, in a normal and healthy way, in that present moment, feel quite anxious.

Define peace.

What if we're unsettled about something---not at peace---such that we ACT on it. My Aunt saw laborers in her company without proper footwear. She felt anxious about that---for their sake. *She told me*, "since I know something is wrong, I am responsible to do something about it." She bought them all steel-toed workboots.

meh. pity platitudes. this one got me riled up.


11/22/2013 2:48:50 AM

ZMADAME's SparkPage
This really struck a nerve with me

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