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Motivational Quote - Life isn't about finding yourself. It's about creating yourself.

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You have the power to make yourself into whatever you want to be. Each choice you make should help you take one more step toward your ideal self. What have you done today to create a better you? Start by tracking your food and fitness with SparkPeople's free Nutrition Tracker and free Fitness Tracker.

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1/25/2015 5:42:59 AM

STEELER71's SparkPage

At age 75 creating myself is a good thing. It never hurts to better one's self and I'm doing it.


11/9/2014 7:50:54 AM

GRACELYN8's SparkPage
This is the journey I am on.


9/10/2014 6:07:16 PM

NEWBIRTH2014's SparkPage
This is exactly why I became a member of SparkPeople to recreate myself at 53.


5/23/2014 10:00:11 AM

TERRI518's SparkPage
This is so true! Every day I wake up is a new day to create a better me. Each day my creation of me will become that unique painting of life.


3/23/2014 5:09:28 PM

Yes the lightbulb has come on
This SP


3/23/2014 4:57:11 AM

STEELER71's SparkPage

Words to live by !


1/8/2014 10:35:33 PM

hello, my name is stephanie and truly love this quote...


12/27/2013 1:23:05 PM

Love this qoute! Words to live by! :)


12/2/2013 9:38:01 PM

Yes..I'm creating myself to be healthier..and fitter..Great quote to follow!


11/27/2013 10:26:59 AM

MARYINFL2000's SparkPage
I love this! I have been feeling so beaten and overwhelmed by so many things and I so needed to see this today. I'm pretty new to this site and I wonder if there's a way to save to my page?? (I haven't done anything but the basics to my start page).


11/3/2013 7:29:00 AM

thank you. i needed to see this right at this moment...


11/1/2013 1:05:42 PM

YELLOWROSE2013's SparkPage
Thanks! Some of us need to be reminded.


10/20/2013 5:04:01 AM

145HEALTHY's SparkPage
I can relate to this statement.


10/3/2013 9:36:14 AM

JCD1127's SparkPage
I like this quote alot. This is a journey of creativity and change.


10/1/2013 7:04:56 AM

Interesting age 68, I feel like I am finding the true person I was born to be, rather than creating someone new. It may look like creating from the outside, but I feel it is stripping away years of learning that is not right for me.

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