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Motivational Quote - Do one thing today to make you feel proud of yourself.

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What have you done today to make you feel proud of yourself? It can be anything, big or small. Write it down or share it with a friend and feel good about what you've achieved! Get more motivational strategies here!

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9/26/2014 4:33:31 AM

STEELER71's SparkPage

I completed my exercise routine with minutes to spare.


8/29/2014 6:20:03 PM

I went for a run when I got home from work rather than collapse in a heap. Resisted alcohol on Friday to :-)


6/14/2014 4:57:49 AM

STEELER71's SparkPage

I resisted my favorite food for one week----potato chips.


3/17/2014 10:58:39 PM

I think staying positive from motivational statements is so important to continue the good work and success once you have been at this for awhile. At first, you are really motivated to succeed and will do anything to make that initial weight loss success.
After being in it for awhile, the enthusiasm wanes, and contouring and more motivation is required. That's one of the reasons I like SparkPeople so much, with the Community blogs and sharing with others, it's easier to stay enthused about your weight loss journey.


3/10/2014 12:03:22 PM

I started out by drinking green tea. And, since I did wake up a bit late today I had no breakfast but, on my way to work I was already planning on what I would grab from the Café down stairs. I opted to stop at Subway and buy an egg, bacon, and cheese 6" whole wheat sub. Only added tomatoes and spinach and NO DRESSINGS at all. The YEAY! part is that I did not buy any chocolate chip cookies and to top it off when I pass the Café I was going to buy a doughnut for the sweet tooth but, they were nowhere near my eye sight therefore I did not ask if they had some (chances were they did) I just went up straight to my office with now sweets.


3/9/2014 11:40:35 PM

KMRJPR's SparkPage
Love this, simple and yet so true. I will incorporate this into my daily pep talks and mantras.


3/8/2014 10:16:19 AM

BEIRA04's SparkPage
i am proud that i ate the right things for breakfast..


1/16/2014 9:03:22 PM

DARLENEF51's SparkPage
We can all learn from this quote. I know I feel a lot better about myself when I do something good for myself, which does make me feel proud.


1/4/2014 7:37:37 PM

I've joined (actually rejoined) Sparkpeople! Feeling motivates


12/16/2013 9:23:51 PM

MOMMIEEE's SparkPage
Actually sat down for dinner... Always on the go and nibbling on the quickest meal found... Getting back on my planned schedule has been harder than eexpected...


12/16/2013 9:11:45 PM

MOMMIEEE's SparkPage
Actually sat down for dinner... Always on the go and nibbling on the quickest meal found... Getting back on my planned schedule has been harder than eexpected...


11/19/2013 1:32:28 AM

I love this quote and will have to remember it.


11/18/2013 9:05:02 PM

KMS2011's SparkPage
These are all very true. My son and I would also try to beat the elevator to the floor we needed. Just the other day I was looking at pictures of myself around this time last year and I couldn't believe that was me!


10/22/2013 2:59:49 PM

I find this very true! Just the little things, like smiling at someone and saying "hello!" or taking one flight of stairs or walking one block are enough to make me proud of myself! I used to be very hard on myself, it did me no good. Now, I know myself better and treat myself better! Everyone does something every day they should be proud of!


10/12/2013 5:55:27 PM

Right now I don't know how to to that.

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