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Motivational Quote - Doing nothing is easy. That's why so many people do it.

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If you really want to change your body and your health, the hard truth is that you will have to work for it. Where has doing nothing ever gotten you? Going through the motions and doing the bare minimum isn't going to give you the maximum results that you deserve. Put your all into your workouts and meal planning, and watch your hard work pay off! Start by tracking your food and exercise with SparkPeople's free Nutrition Tracker and free Fitness Tracker.

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8/29/2014 10:02:53 AM

A very true quote! LOL


5/13/2014 5:02:44 AM

STEELER71's SparkPage

So simple, but so true.


4/16/2014 11:37:50 PM

SOPHINEZ's SparkPage
So sime, so true!


4/8/2014 9:26:38 AM

Love this quote....very much true


3/27/2014 3:32:11 PM

HARTINGL52's SparkPage
This one is right on. That is why it is so hard. This is why it inspired me.


10/29/2013 4:56:35 AM

STEELER71's SparkPage

This one is right on the mark. Way to go.


2/2/2013 5:05:10 PM

Easy to do nothing..... I can relate.... it's one of the reasons I'm proud of myself and grateful for SP!


10/16/2012 10:26:12 AM

If it's hard, people don't want to do it.


9/14/2012 9:55:18 AM

So very true!

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