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Motivational Quote - A ship in the harbor is safe. But that’s not what ships are built for.

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Taking the easy way out is, well, easy. Human beings naturally want to stick with their normal, commonplace routines because they feel secure. But, by staying in the same routine, a person misses out on new opportunities. In 1975, a third-year student at Harvard University decided to, despite the comforts of attending an Ivy League school, drop out and pursue something else. The student’s name was Bill Gates. He saw an opportunity and acted upon it. While this does not mean every time you explore something new you will become a billionaire, its shows some of world’s geniuses even took a chance on their dreams. If you are waiting around for your goals or your dream to just fall into your lap, it could take awhile. It possibly could never happen. But your goals are likely out there, as long as you are willing to break from the norm and cast your ship down uncharted waters.

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