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Motivational Quote - My gym time is about spending quality time with ME!

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Stop dreading the gym and start viewing it as your own personal sanctuary. Use your workout as an opportunity to reflect and take time for yourself: After all, how much time do you really get for yourself during the day, between work, family responsibilities, and social obligations? Treat yourself right with a good workout today!

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1/22/2015 10:47:45 AM

Yes Love this, I have been taking care of my children and grandchildren for most of my adult life and I really need this!!! Time to think about me and not every one else!!!


11/18/2014 4:51:01 AM

STEELER71's SparkPage

This is when I think about all kinds of things and enjoy my workout.


11/13/2014 10:03:39 AM

MRSCGE122's SparkPage
My thoughts exactly! and i love taking care of me. For me, the mental benefit outweighs the physical.


11/13/2014 8:23:50 AM

great quote...words to live by


11/13/2014 3:53:34 AM

Love the quote


5/20/2014 5:03:36 AM

STEELER71's SparkPage

This is what it's all about. Awesome quote.


8/7/2013 9:55:46 AM

MAYBER's SparkPage
One day at a time


5/9/2013 9:12:14 AM

SDTOHIO's SparkPage
I love this! My work out time is my get up and get the day started time or my get rid of the stress at the end of the day time.


11/5/2012 11:45:29 AM

I never thought about it like that but its true! My gym time is that time I take for me. To clear my mind, to work on my body and just work on me.


10/23/2012 1:01:33 PM

Wow - it's tough isn't it - just learning to think about - just yourself............. hmmm hard concept for me. The kids and my hubby have been a priority for so long - feel selfish taking me time - but enough is enough - I'm going to start!!!!!!

Yes Logould - you are worth it - and so am I!!!!!


8/29/2012 7:57:14 PM

LJR4HEALTH's SparkPage
Amen it is all about spending quality time with ME!


8/13/2012 5:12:38 PM

LOGOULD's SparkPage
I have gotten into the bad habit of allowing other people or things to take the place of my gym (workout) time. This stops NOW! Printing this out and pinning it up inside my car.
I AM WORTH IT!!! The world won't stop revolving if I spend 10 mins, 30 mins or an hour at the gym on my way home for work. This time is for ME.....AND I DESERVE IT!

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