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Motivational Quote - Our lives are a sum total of the choices we have made.

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When you sit back and look over the decisions you’ve made in your life, are you happy with the route you’ve taken? If you’re not…today is the day to make a change. The choices we make tell us the path our lives will take. So, the next time you make a decision, think about this first. Will this decision lead you on the path you want to go on? Take some time before the weekend to think about your life. Set some new goals that will lead you to your dreams.

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11/2/2016 8:04:13 PM

MAXIEG3's SparkPage
Wow! It's time for more good choices!!!


6/20/2015 4:36:14 AM

STEELER71's SparkPage

I'm hoping the choices I've made so far in my life haven't been all that bad and that I will continue to make wise choices in my life.


1/27/2014 10:50:01 AM

DSHONEYC's SparkPage
Ain't it the Truth...let's make good decisions today!


1/27/2014 9:42:55 AM

choosing right choices relys on stopping to think first! I have learned this from experience over the years of trial and error! Good quotes like Wayne Dyer's improve our chances at making right choices.


9/4/2012 9:27:01 PM

MAYBER's SparkPage
The choices I have made tell of the path my life has taken
Not that am done making choices just pleased with the choice made so far
Am closer to the end than to the beginning
Have lived a good life
One day at a time


9/4/2012 6:07:53 PM

REEGEE257's SparkPage
Another quote from Wayne Dyer: "When you correct your mind, everything else falls into place. Attitude counts a lot! Yay us! We choose to Sparkle. ~ReeGee


9/4/2012 11:46:55 AM

I love this quote! Some of us who had "not so nice" childhoods cannot use that as an excuse when we're adults. We all have choices, it's up to us to make the right ones. I choose to be a happy, productive,and loving person. You get back what you put out. Thanks to Wayne for sharing!


9/4/2012 8:22:05 AM

This quote reminds me of an article I read about karma. I realized that where I am in life is about all the actions/decisions I've made up until now. And today, as I make better and better choices, my life is going to be better and better! It's all up to my actions!


9/4/2012 5:52:58 AM

What a truth! Very inspirational!

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