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Motivational Quote - Your stomach shouldn’t be a waste basket.

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Nutrition is extremely important if you are hoping to perform well. It is no surprise that a proper diet is linked to better performance. Have you ever heard the saying you are what you eat? Think about that. If you put trash into your body and are inconsistent with proper nutrition, you might lose sleep, have a lack of energy, get depressed more easily, and the list could go on and on.

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6/19/2017 1:02:58 PM

Love this comment, you are definitely what you eat. I don't care what anyone says, have you ever sat back and really look at people and what they eat? Next time, when you are eating at a restaurant, picnic, park, etc, just look and observe. You can learn a lot about a person by simply looking at what they are eating. This is one way I avoid waste basket in my stomach. It makes me what to eat healthy.


6/26/2013 10:13:51 AM

you are what you eat!


4/27/2012 4:44:58 PM

nice. perfect way to put it.


3/6/2012 6:52:25 PM

WATCHINW8's SparkPage


3/5/2012 9:44:25 PM

MAYBER's SparkPage
you are what you eat
one day at a time


3/5/2012 8:57:38 PM

7356WILMA's SparkPage
So True!


3/5/2012 10:14:32 AM

JOYFULMN's SparkPage
Good thinking.


3/5/2012 10:07:43 AM

REGSHAR's SparkPage
We try to feed our minds, our emotions, our spirit- what happens to our body?
We eat for taste and sometimes forget what our body needs. It is good to stop and take note of what we are feeding our body.

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