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Motivational Quote - Think highly of yourself because the world takes you at your own estimate.

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Take a minute and think about your self-esteem. Do you think highly of yourself? Are you always giving 110%? Do other people look up to your positive attitude? There are times in all of our lives when we could use a self-esteem boost. It is easy to get discouraged in our fast paced society. It is crucial for you to remember that you must always think highly of yourself because most people only see how you treat yourself. So, think about it. Are you giving a message to others that says, “I am successful, I give 110%, I like challenges, etc.”

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5/14/2017 7:31:50 PM

JRBMOMMY3's SparkPage
Whatever happens; Life goes on.


3/3/2012 6:00:27 PM

MAYBER's SparkPage
There are times in all of our lives when we could use a self-esteem boost.
Love yourself and you will One day at a time


3/3/2012 11:04:09 AM

ALADDIN11's SparkPage
It's also important to be honest with yourself. So, no under-estimation for yourself and a positive attitude - things go better if you insist... :)


3/3/2012 6:42:57 AM

I Love this quote!


3/3/2012 6:19:46 AM

DEEANN8's SparkPage
I'd love to save this one. I REALLY MISS the HEALTHY REFLECTIONS email. Saving a 'Best of' email would be pointless because several months down the road, I'd forget which item I saved it for. :-(


2/15/2012 7:13:54 PM

Put this quote above computer , in bathroom and bedroom and wall by kitchen table. As i work on the positive .


2/13/2012 9:56:04 PM

I will post this quote on my bathroom mirror and refrigerator to increase the frequency of actively thinking highly of myself. It WILL build my self-esteem as I become mindful of my positive thinking.

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