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Motivational Quote - The future comes one day at a time.

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So many times we get caught up in planning for the big picture, the final result that is months, even years away. But are we losing out on today? It great to have long term goals, but under these long term goals must lay medium and short term goals as well. Big things don’t just happen overnight. They are built up over time. Tomorrow holds no guarantees, so make the best use of today as you know how. This might mean starting small, with some detail that may seem unimportant. But these minor details can build up to the main event, the big goal and dream that you are working towards.

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8/8/2013 2:04:55 AM

how true.


8/6/2012 10:02:11 AM

PATRUCK42's SparkPage
When I started this journey I just wanted to get fit. It would be easy to say "I'm too old." After all, I just turned 70 in April 2012..WOW! 70, I can't believe it. However, my Mother is 94! & I'm looking at at least 24 more years. My Mother is still alert & oriented, follows politics, votes in elections, reads the Bible, goes to plays (with difficulty, tho). My long term goal is to outlive my Mother, HOWEVER, I want to enjoy the journey. My camera phone is at my side at all times. I take pictures everyday of different things to enjoy the journey.

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