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Motivational Quote - To be nobody but yourself – in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else – means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.

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Take a look at your priorities and your goals. Where did they come from? Are they the products of soul-searching, self-analysis and careful planning? Or are they a reaction to pressures from other people? Did you find them within yourself or within the pages of a magazine? The answers to these questions are important because they tell you if the person you’re becoming is someone you want to be. Here’s another way to look at it: do you want it (whatever it is), or do you just think you should want it? It’s not easy to follow your own direction in life. But it’s more possible than you may think. Question everything. Everything in your life needs to justify why it’s there. If you can’t come up with a good reason that actually comes from YOU, maybe it doesn’t belong.

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10/12/2014 10:41:46 AM

Not a truer statement made! You cannot be someone you are not! Be happy with yourself, your accomplishments, your dreams, your wants...Be You!


10/12/2014 4:40:18 AM

It's actually spelled, ee cummings. He made a point to write in small case letters.


1/27/2013 6:59:18 AM

Great advice - I'm putting this up for my students!


1/27/2013 4:18:55 AM

This is what I am trying to do this year. I need to take a long hard look at ME


12/6/2012 7:23:42 PM

IOWADEB's SparkPage


11/30/2012 1:47:58 PM

good and varied comments


11/30/2012 11:29:52 AM

I have always been what was called a '" oddball" I have learned to accept i just dance to different music . I love it . I just want to be me!!!!


11/30/2012 6:51:21 AM

You cannot be someone else well, Only you can be you and do it well., The issue then becomes do you like who you are? If the answer is no only you can make changes and this has to begin in the way you think about outhers and then your response. One piece of direction is to begin each problem with what is good in this problem and look for ways to expand


6/27/2012 1:59:01 PM

MAYBER's SparkPage
follow your own direction in life
am so glad I am me
content and satisfied with my life
one day at a time


6/27/2012 1:20:47 PM

The questions listed in the Spark People Comments are a good exercise for all of us. We should question the reasons/motivation for everything we do including (but not limited to) our relationships w/family, the people we've chosen as friends, social activites we participate in, careers/jobs etc. In responding to these questions, we may be challenged to make changes that will lead to a more authentic life. If the choices we make are not based on our true desires, we will never live life to the fullest.


6/27/2012 12:34:52 PM

What a great quote. Although I think the world in its truest sense embraces us and the beauty all of us carry in our hearts. Its the world we create, the media world that floods us with nothing but thoughts of how we're all always lacking something. It took a long time but I have finally stopped looking up towards the next best thing and started looking around at everything I've been blessed with.


6/27/2012 12:10:49 PM

Interesting that you should use a quote from a poet and didn't honor HIS individuality by crediting him the way he signed everything (in small letters: e.e. cummings)


6/27/2012 10:25:21 AM

We all deal with the pressures of this world as members of the human race. Sometimes these pressures include problems within the family unit. Be the best person you can be, and make decisions that are right for you. Unless you learn to like yourself and to accept yourself as "OK" then you will never know inner peace. I believe my faith in God provides inner peace each day.


6/27/2012 8:30:41 AM

TBOGENER's SparkPage
My sister was always the one with "brains" and I was the one with "personality". I think in the long run my personality has done more for me then brains. Basically, I like who I am, and I like othe people. It is just that I tend to set to big of goals in to little time for me. Then when I don't achieve the goal is when I am hard on myself.


6/27/2012 2:53:51 AM

Unconditional love is a right of every child but so often parents fall short. They will try their best but just do not know how to be fair. They haven't had it themselves.
You must love yourself . Be just what you are and learn to like who you are. We all have something to contribute. You will find strength from somewhere. Tell them you are ok and if they do not like it tough. Just be the best you can.

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